We know what we’re AGAINST but what are we FOR?

The cabal is dying so to hell with their creepy cowardly psyops! Let's just build something better!

Manifesto: for the human community of Earth

by Fabian Ubiquitus

To summarise very briefly:

We know what we are against. The time has come to state and promote and push and bring into being what we are FOR.

Once we agree broadly on what we are FOR, we, the human community of this planet, can summarise and clarify it in a manifesto and then unite to further its principles in a global movement built from the grass roots on up. Thus, through the natural process of broad agreement upon commonly-held ideals and pro-survival goals and the brotherhood that is native and natural to Man will grow a new global civilisation united in common purpose.

Such a process of growing a new civilisation from the grass roots based on agreement and common goals for the benefit of all of the human community is the exact opposite of what the globalists and their collaborators are trying to do. For the globalist and their collaborators are seeking to impose unity without agreement, based upon coercion, subterfuge and deception, upon force or the dumbing down or incapacitation of millions of human beings.

The globalist cabal is a parasitic operation. It produces no  vitality of its own but feeds off of the accomplishments of much more abler people. The goals and methodology of the globalists, lacking  purposes, ideals or ideas of value to the human race are therefore a nuisance and a hindrance to progress that should be removed from the road of our higher purpose, the creation of a vibrant civilisation founded on brotherhood and in recognition of our most valuable right: the right to help one another.

The following constitutes work in progress that will be developed over time and in the form written here is my first effort to devise a manifesto for a government designed and run for all the people. Said government itself will exist to serve the people by assisting the effort to grow a global civilisation.

It should be stressed that government is not envisaged as an end in itself and we should not make the mistake of making government the solution or part of the solution.

Human beings pose and resolve problems. The legitimate role of government is to remove from the environment those factors that inhibit or prevent the resolution of problems by human beings. Its purpose is thus to help or assist and if it does not do that, or if it itself becomes an inhibition or impediment to the rational resolution of survival problems it is useless and should be dispensed with.

For the sake of brevity here I will refer to a hypothetical entity known as The People’s Movement (TPM).

If elected by the people and granted a mandate to form a government, the representatives of TPM shall immediately introduce the following measures and reforms. At this stage these measures are listed in no particular order of importance.

  1. Immediately set up a judicial body manned by judges of the highest repute and integrity to review extant laws and rescind all laws that violate the nation’s constitution. (In the case of many nations this is a written constitution. In the case of nations such as the UK, the Constitution is unwritten and enshrined in Common Law and the mores and customs of the people and no less a valid safeguard of just and civilised governance.
  2. Immediately enshrine the UN declaration of human rights in constitutional law as an inviolable code of practice that protects and safeguards the rights of all (ALL) and the observance of which is incumbent upon all (ALL) with no exemptions whatsoever.
  3. Immediately cancel all (ALL) taxes without exemption but ESPECIALLY the income tax and similar taxes that penalise production. Replace all taxes with a single and simple purchase tax. This will form the government’s clearly visible source of revenue. It shall be its only source of revenue except one other source (see next item). The cancellation of all other sources of revenue  INCLUDES the cancelling of the use of things such as parking and speeding fines as a device for extracting revenue from the citizen. The use and application of parking and speedy fines and so forth shall be reviewed and revised so as to align with their true purpose of discouraging negligent or irresponsible conduct.
  4. Immediately cancel any and all surveillance and tracking of citizens by any entity whatsoever or for any purpose whatsoever. This includes snooping upon any person’s internet activity without their knowledge and/or compiling without their knowledge dossiers concerning their movements and habits. The principle here is that if you want to know what coffee a person drinks, what their voting habits are or where they go on their day off, try asking them by sending them a survey. No human being has the right to spy on or track any other human being. Where the police suspect a serious crime is in progress or being planned they must apply to a judge or for a warrant to surveille a suspect and be granted the warrant before any surveillance can take place.
  5. It shall be an inviolable principle that no person or group other than the police may seize, detain or incarcerate any person whatsoever. And such detaining by the police must not be done without a legal warrant. No warrant may be granted except where a recognised criminal act (see below) is involved. Similarly, no person may be incarcerated without trial or without the approval of a judge or magistrate. No other person than a judge, magistrate or jury shall gave the power to order the detention of anyone.
  6. No person may be administered any drug, food vaccine or treatment, intervention or therapy against their will for any reason whatsoever. The person administering the treatment must sign a declaration that they have advised the recipient of any risks or side effects or harm that might result from said treatment. Where it is considered the proposed recipient is in a confused or impaired state of mind that makes it impossible for them to give reasoned assent or dissent, the matter must be brought before a magistrate who will consider all representations from anyone with an interest in the case before making a decision on the person’s behalf. The magistrate may stipulate a reasonable time period after which the case must be reviewed.
  7. Immediately rescind the rights currently held by banking institutions to create the nation’s means of exchange (money) and get it into circulation by lending it to government, enterprise and private citizens at interest. Restore to government and solely to government the duty to create and get into circulation the nation’s money supply so that sufficient quantities of it circulate as to smoothly facilitate the process of exchange of goods and services between producer and consumer. The money created by government will be gotten into circulation by spending it through, for example, the provision of services, infrastructure and so forth. Exactly what the government spends it on is a matter for whatever was agreed between the incumbent government and its electors. Money thus created MUST be spent into the economy and NEVER loaned.
  8. It should be noted that the current power of the Big Bucks aristocracy known as the globalists rests upon and is empowered by this core fraud of banking cartels being able to create money and get into into circulation by lending it out at interest. This fraud also gives the banking cartels and their symbiotes the whip hand over national governments and has seriously harmed our civilisation. This reform will break the power of the globalists and restore the whip hand over government to the people where it belongs.
  9. To assist 7. above, set up an independent Agency whose sole function is to CALCULATE the economy’s need for new money so as to steer a course between too much money in circulation (inflation) or too little money in  circulation (recession), the yardstick of this being KEEPING THE PURCHASING POWER OF MONEY AS STABLE AS POSSIBLE. It is anticipated that on occasion such an agency may err in its calculations, especially in the early days whilst experience with the new system is being gained. Such errors are easily rectified. In the event of too much money being put into circulation resulting in a decline in money’s purchasing power (and a rise in prices), government  can remove excess money from circulation using the purchase tax or (preferably) by simply increasing production. In the event of too little money being put in to circulation the government can be instructed by the Agency to increase its creation of new money. The Agency only instructs the government on HOW MUCH money to create and get into circulation. The government decides on HOW it will get it into circulation  according to its mandate. Similarly, it  shall be ILLEGAL for any government agency or department whatsoever to interfere with the workings of the Agency and its calculations. This new money shall thus form a source of revenue that can in full or in part offset the need for revenue raised by the purchase tax. The level of purchase tax will become a clear measure of the government’s performance. Any government wishing to increase its revenue thus will find its best method of doing so will be to INCREASE PRODUCTION.
  10. Please note also that this reform will bring us a system of  money based not on debt, nor upon precious metals (where undue power will accrue to whoever owns or controls the world’s gold etc) but upon PRODUCTION Production is the correct basis for any money system.
  11. Alongside these monetary reforms we will also cancel all debts resulting from the above fraudulent system of money creation.
  12. The removal from the environment of the suppressive influence of crime is the most important and constructive role of government. We will enshrine in this in law and for perpetuity. If it focused on this and nothing else as its primary service to the people, we would have ourselves a very worthwhile government and a much improved scene. By “crime” is meant those harmful actions that can be clearly seen by common sense and common agreement to be crimes. Such actions include murder, rape, arson, embezzlement, fraud, poisoning people and so forth.
  13. It shall be a principle that if an honest person going about his business in good faith experiences the action of government as a hindrance, then government is doing something wrong. The only hindrance government should exert is upon the criminal and his or her carrying out of criminal acts and then only for as long as the criminal acts are engaged in.
  14. Formulate and adopt a simple enforceable code of conduct that clearly delineates and defines those activities commonly agreed and understood to be crimes and also delineates clear penalties for violation. The codes shall be applicable to EVERY SINGLE PERSON from the highest to the lowest with no exemptions or “special cases”. The code shall not inhibit the actions of an honest person going about their business. The code shall be also applicable to any and all citizens in their dealings with foreign citizens. For example, if the code forbids murdering someone it forbids murdering someone regardless of who the victim happens to be or where the victim happens to be when he is murdered. Thus the expectation of honest, decent conduct towards others extends not just to home citizens on home soil but to all members of the human community wherever a citizen of our nation happens to go.
  15. Establish the principle that there shall be  NO HIDDEN LINES OF COMMUNICATION  between government and any person or group. Any and all proposals, discussions, submissions, advice, recommendations and so forth from any person or group to government or any of its departments or agencies MUST henceforth be made in writing or recorded and such written submissions or recorded or videoed meetings, consultations and so forth MUST be published in full and unedited so that they can be easily viewed by any person whenever they wish.
  16. Establish the principle of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. The concept of collective or corporate responsibility will cancelled.The principle here is that any action by a company, corporation or group that results in a crime (see above) is committed by specific persons, decided upon by specific persons, approved, condoned or sanctioned by specific persons and those specific persons must be held accountable for what THEY did. By way of an example, if a pharmaceutical  corporation poisons people through the sale and use of an improperly tested drug, then the persons responsible for the crime are those who decided to do the deed or ordered others to do the deed. It is unacceptable that such persons can escape responsibility for the crimes by hiding behind a corporate entity. It is expected that once the principle of personal responsibility is established and enforced with NO EXEMPTIONS, organisations will take more care over the safety of their products and the veracity of their marketing claims and so on.
  17. Hold an full public inquiry into the safety and efficacy of phamaceutical drugs and vaccines, the veracity of claims made for and against them, the scientific rigor with which they are tested and their impact upon the overall health of the nation. The investigation shall include the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 and the role played by pharmaceutical companies and their products (eg aspirin). It shall also include the general role played by Big Pharma upon medicine and health, its marginalisation or discrediting of alternative remedies  and what can or should be done to redress the balance so as to ensure better and less booby-trapped strategies for enhancing human health well being and longevity, Such an inquiry will leave no stone un-turned and will be empowered to interview anyone under oath, or examine any document or record it needs to in its effort to establish the full truth of the matter. Such an inquiry may at its discretion submit to the legal system recommendations for prosecution (see above)
  18. Similarly hold a full public inquiry into 5G to establish the full truth of its safety or otherwise. The inquiry shall recommend prosecutions where negligence or false claims by any person have resulted in harm (see above).
  19. Set up a Scientific Claims Verification Inspectorate (SCVI) whose function shall be to monitor, investigate and verify as to scientific honesty and rigor any scientific claims made by any person or group. For example the safety testing of any drug will be examined to ensure that full scientific methodology was followed and no trickery, deceit or sloppy science was involved. Again, persecutions can be recommended where dishonest or careless “science” resulted in injury or death.
  20. A further inquiry will be conducted into the profession and practice of psychiatry to investigate its safety, results and validity and whether any its its practices (drugs ECT etc) result in harm, whether its diagnostic manual is truly scientific, whether its claims are backed by true science. Based on what is found the inquiry may recommend legal proceedings for any crimes committed and also recommend to the government whether to continue or discontinue the funding of psychiatry. The inquiry will also look into whether more workable, safer alternatives exist and recommend any so found. It will consider further the proposal to cease public funding of psychiatric interventions and obliging psychiatry compete (LEGALLY – some psychiatric practices such as ECT fall under the definition of crimes such as causing actual bodily harm, assault, fraud etc) in the market place and flourish or fail according to its results.
  21. NOTE: all such investigatory or watchdog bodies or inquiries shall be set up so as to ensure NO INFLUENCE upon their proceedings and deliberations may be exerted by any person or group except through the submission of evidence. All submissions to such bodies to be in accordance with the principle of WRITTEN submission mentioned above.
  22. Governments shall be legally bound to honour the mandates upon which they were elected. A government’s mandate shall be considered a legal contact between it and the citizenry who elected it in good faith. If a government comes to power and then finds it cannot carry out its mandate or wishes to engage in measures not promised in its mandate it must call a new election so that its new mandate can be put to the people.
  23. The funding of political parties: It is evident that large corporations and financial interests, through the making of large donations to a political party can exert undue influence over that party simply through the promise of funds or the threat of withholding funds. In order to combat this undue and unfair influence over government by a handful of ultra-wealthy oligarchs, the following principle shall be enshrined in law. No party may receive any funds whatsoever from any source other than an INDIVIDUAL signed-up member of that party. The upper limit to how much each individual member may donate to his or her party in any one year shall be £1000. Thus a party with 500,000 members will still be able to raise up to £5oo million in donations.
  24. Establish the principle that any new law passed shall have a probationary period of one year whereupon its effects shall be re-assessed and the decision made in the Parliament as to whether to make it permanent or cancel it. No law can be passed in any case that was not part of or contradicted the mandate upon which the  government was elected.
  25. Establish the principle that no government may enter into a contract, agreement, treaty or similar with any foreign government or agency that is binding upon its people in perpetuity. All such treaties entered into must be subject to review every five years with the option to renew or cancel according to the will of the people and the government’s mandate.
  26. I mentioned above that the primary service a government can provide for the people is removing crime from the environment. It second major service is the provision of infrastructure – roads, power, public transport, sewage etc etc. The judicious provision of infrastructure is the best way a government can help boost production (along with keeping criminals off people’s backs) and this would be where most of government’s revenue (see above) would be invested. To achieve a prosperous and happy nation it is unlikely government will need to do much more than these two main functions.
  • Fabian  Ubiquitus 21.06.2020


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