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The hoax in a nutshell

June 13, 2021 0

by Steven Punter We were told many things, some people woke up to this after 2 weeks to flatten the curve. Some people awoke to it when Hancock was caught fudging the numbers that resulted […]


As the evidence becomes overwhelming . . .

June 12, 2021 0

by Kieron McFadden In this video, the excellent and highly recommended Anna Brees interviews the thoroughly decent Dr Roger Hodkinson. It contains several very important messages, particularly from the 32 minute mark. Another datum worthy […]


Heroes of the Evolution: NHS Doctor, Samuel White

June 10, 2021 0

Intro by Caratacus I do not recall a time when any health issue has prompted so many medical professionals to risk their careers and livelihoods to speak out against the government’s agenda – n0r indeed […]


Great propaganda tricks of today: repetition

June 7, 2021 0

by Fabian Ubiquitus It works on repetition Like any marketing campaign, the propagandising of the Covid Terror, the fabrication of the illusion of a global pandemic, works on repetition. At the basis of crude technologies […]


Degenerates use kids as lab rats

June 5, 2021 0

Intro by Caratacus The following featured article is from The Daily Expose. We would only add the following comments: What kind of scumbag volunteers their own child as a guinea pig to be injected with […]

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