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Good News from the war on Freedom

January 14, 2021 0

LibertyRising by Anonymous The following is a quote from an online newspaper today (The Sun, I think) which actually contains some good news that considerably undermines the government/BigPharma Covid Psyop. I’ve made some comments of […]


The Covid attack – update and analysis

January 12, 2021 0

by Steve Cook I was thinking this morning how my dad’s generation faced the Nazis. In my 69 years I’ve not seen this country and its people have to face so great an overt threat […]


Moderna and Pfizer “vaccine” lie exposed

January 11, 2021 0

Introduction by UKR  Editor The lies from the political stooges in government and their Big Pharma handlers just don’t stop! It is just one after another in their ongoing efforts to hoodwink the British people. […]


Medics shun dodgy vaccines

January 11, 2021 0

by Jon Davy This Financial Times article from 7th Jan is interesting: Vaccine scepticism among medics sparks alarm in Europe and US  You cannot trust what you read in the MSM an inch because it […]

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