Lies, damned lies and virtual genocide

April 26, 2021 1

by Jon Davy Words cannot express my disgust at the homicidal antics of this government. The relentless deceit and bare-faced lying without conscience or remorse are bad enough but the lying is only the tip […]


A nice little earner: the invention of diseases

March 30, 2021 0

Intro by Jon Davy The following article makes a fascinating read. The current destructive debacle of the Covid/Vaccine psychological warfare attack on the people of Earth has brought into view like never before this glaring […]


Fifty thousand red flags already as UK Eugenicide proceeds

March 7, 2021 0

Introduction by Fabian Ubiquitus It should be remembered that those who were predicting fatalities and long-term serious health problems arising from the Pfizer and Moderna experimental biochemical agents (fraudulently named “vaccines”, which they are not) […]


Who exactly is doing this to us?

March 4, 2021 1

Intro by Fabian Ubiquitus The day is coming when we, The People, will have to think outside the false narrative created by the corporate media and its many offshoots and branches. We will have to […]


Nurse whistleblower: we are murdering people

March 4, 2021 0

The following article is from Europe Reloaded ER Editor: We’re also linking here to Canadian journalist Rosemary Frei, who references a similar phenomenon about there being lots of unreported adverse reactions to the Covid vaccination among hospital staff.  […]

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