Behind the cover-up and spin, the stark reality.

    Intro by Fabian Ubiquitus The following is taken from the website of the honorable British Medical Journal here. The doctor who wrote it isn’t an “anti-vaxxer” (whatever that is exactly), a “conspiracy theorist” or “Covid [...]

    Dear Freedom Fighter . . .

    by The Masked Writer I count myself extremely lucky in that almost all my friends and family and indeed my neighbours and most of my clients have not bought into the Covid Terror psyop being [...]
  • Caratacus

    Growing a new civilisation

    Here is an interesting thing. In the past few weeks out of the five clients I have worked for, TWO have turned out to be very well informed and strongly motivated freedom fighters. Of those [...]

    Government hints that vaxes are useless

    by Watchdog The idiots running the mismanaged mess we laughingly call “government”  on behalf of the vaccine industry and banking cartels have produced another gem in their ongoing dedicated war on common sense. In so [...]

    All sorts of things nobody saw coming

    by Jon Davy So I keep hearing from the gov and other sources in and around the centre of operations of the ongoing attack on the country how “well researched and safety-checked” the vaccines and [...]

    The Covid Terror, motive

    by Kieron McFadden We are all in a position of trying to guess what the gov and its overlords are up to and what the end goal of their Covid Terror is. The reason for [...]

    The Take Down of Tyranny

    Intro by The Masked Writer I have taken the text and video featured below from the Website of The People’s Union of Britain. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU PAY IT A VISIT, TAKE A TOUR OF [...]

    Cherry picking the “science” to fit the agenda

    by Fabian Ubiquitus The PR platitude endlessly repeated by our government that it is “following the science” just isn’t true. Johnson and his fellow conspirators are simply cherry-picking which alleged experts to listen to and [...]

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