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Climate Change

How to salvage the energy shipwreck

September 18, 2022 0

Intro by Steve Cook The featured article below is from The Conservative Woman. It lays out concisely what MUST be done immediately to salvage the economy from the “energy crisis” shipwreck caused by decades of […]

Climate Change

Power for the People

September 8, 2022 0

by Steve Cook Klaus Schwab, speaking for the globalist elite via one of their front groups, the WEF, has spelled out the elite’s vision for the future, a vision that they want to impose on […]

Climate Change

On thin ice: the architects of mass deception

September 5, 2022 0

by Steve Cook At the turn of the century I was involved with monetary reform and the effort to expose the great banking scam that underlies virtually all of the economic difficulties we are having. […]


Man, the solver. Wave hello to the future!

September 4, 2022 0

Intro by Steve Cook What is coming to light as the UK sinks into the power-supply crisis is that the problems manifesting today were a long time in the making. By “in the making” I […]


Keep Calm and Grow your New Civilisation

August 24, 2022 0

Intro by Steve Cook I’m very pleased to forward this important message from the World Council  for Health. It is simple and to the point but conveys succinctly the right strategy for our way forward […]

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