Here’s a wild idea: mandatory drugs testing for our politicians and bureaucrats


by Steve Cook

I worked for several years in a drug rehab. During that time one of my posts was Withdrawal Specialist – getting people through drug withdrawal. So I can recognise when someone is off his ruddy face.

So it was a bit of a shock a few years later to be watching a film of the then Chancellor of the Exchequer sitting next to the then Prime Minister in Parliament and observing that the muppet was a high as a kite,  Here’s a video of the infamous event.

It is a very bad idea to let someone on psych meds drive a car or fly a plane, least of all a passenger aircraft. Why? (and just an aside, my experience was that psych meds were the toughest and most violent to withdraw from and street drugs like heroin or cocaine were mild in comparison.)

Notwithstanding the efforts of the pharmaceutical industry to make massive amounts of money drugging the entire population, including – for God’s sake – our kids, psych meds adversely affect reaction time, mood, empathy, impulse control, perception, clarity of thought and so on and so forth.

They can send some people totally, lethally off the deep end, which is why virtually every violent rampage was committed by someone on or withdrawing from psych meds and why the use of psych meds such as Captagon and so forth play such a key role in the so-called “radicalization” of people who become terrorists and the combatants on the battlefields in the Middle East are off their face on the stuff (which explains the completely deranged behaviour of the ISIS fighters).

And at present the equally demented conduct of Israeli troops carrying out the genocide of Palestinians looks very likely to be due to  the influence of psych meds that damage impulse control and empathy, among other “benefits” , given to soldiers to enhance their performance (mainly killing).

So if you want to play Russian Roulette with public safety, let someone on psych meds drive a car down a busy highway or fly an aircraft. Or put a gun in his hands and send him into Gaza.

But what about people at the helm of entire countries? Or with their finger on the button of a nuclear arsenal? Do you think it is a good idea to hand the power of life and death over millions of people to someone so bad off they have to be medicated in the first place? And especially when the medications they are given set in concrete the psychoses they have and make them worse off?

So how many of our “Very Best People” are on one form of medication another? Nobody knows. But given the inordinate stresses and pressures of their jobs (which for many include being blackmailed to support the globalist agenda) and the policy of the psychiatrists, the drugs’ peddlers,  for moving in close upon people in positions of power (through whom they push their ghastly Utopian nightmare on the rest of us) the number is likely to be high.

It is easy to imagine some Minister or other, buckling under terrible pressure and over-work would be an easy target for some psychiatrist to prescribe a psych med to “take the edge off” or “help him cope”. But once a man starts on the psych med route, it is downhill from there on out, with a gradual or rapid loss of his marbles. The derangements cause by these meds would explain the apparent lunacy, poor judgement or simply psychotic conduct of our politicians.

And of course there are the street drugs, particularly cocaine which is the drug of choice for the toffs and nobs and whose abuse is rife in the City and similar high crime areas..

I don’t know about you but I’d sleep better at night knowing that those at the helm of my country are of sound mind and not subtly or grossly off their face on drugs.

We could make the world a better and saner place by demanding a Drug-Free political elite divested of all insidious biochemical influences.

The regular mandatory drug-testing of those in positions of power and influence would be a wise move coupled with making it illegal for any politician or government bureaucrat to be using any street drug or psychotropic medication. Apart from anything else, do  we really want our country run by people so crippled mentally they have to resort to mind-altering drugs?

It would be interesting to note  which persons resist or object to the regular drug-testing of our MPs and government bureaucrats because it will help us identify the users and move them aside to where they can do no harm.



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