The Psychiatric Subversion of Israel

December 30, 2023 6

by Steve Cook The state of mind of many Israeli politicians and so forth and of many of their troops has proven to be quite shocking. I’ve included a few samples below.  Couple the almost […]


State of Blackmail – Government by Perverts?

December 30, 2023 3

By Watchdog In a recent article entitled, Secrets and Lies: Government by Blackmail we included a quote from L Ron Hubbard as long ago as January 1961 in which he exposed the evolution of government […]


Are the troops in Gaza being dosed with psych meds?

December 26, 2023 0

by Watchdog The deplorable behaviour of Israeli troops in Gaza  prompted this question: are Israeli troops being given psychiatric medication that increase aggression, block empathy and so forth. The use of psych meds to enhance […]

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