Subversives at work: the creation of a drugged-up brain-damaged society, in the guise of “mental health’

Psychiatry's war on sanity - the antidepressants offensive

The following article is from The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), the international human right watchdog that has been exposing psychiatric crimes against the People since 1969.

Masquerading as “science” or “medicine”, the control cult of psychiatry has done more than any other group to bring about a drugged-up society of brain-damaged citizenry and its subversive activities lie at the roots of most of our present societal ills.

Its alliance with the pharmaceutical crime  syndicate to push so-called antidepressants in om the  society ahs been one of its primsry methods of subversion.

ADHD prescriptions break from their moorings


In April, a post showed how the unscientific ADHD diagnosis was creating increased drug sales. In that post when reviewing the England-wide NHS prescription data for the full year of 2022, the following was noted:

Antidepressants marked their usual steady rise at 3.3%, which is not much different than the last 15 years. Drugs used in psychoses remained relatively flat. Drugs for hypnotics and anxiolytics even showed a small dip compared to 2021. The astonishing leap however is the 15% plus increase in psychiatric drugs prescribed for so-called ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’ (ADHD).

A more than 15% increase in prescriptions of drugs used for ADHD was stunning. The situation however is much worse.

In this post, the aim is to look at the prescribing trend from a different perspective. Instead of considering the year-on-year increase, figures for the past decade have been graphed to present how the prescription numbers are trending. Prescribing data from Q1 in 2012 has been compared to the data recently published for Q1 2023.

The red line in the graph above shows a trend that appears consistent up to around 2020, a year which was by all accounts anomalous. The visible uptick can be accepted for what it is. What happens next however, deserves attention. In 2021, there is a reversion to the long-term trend for a year, but from 2022, there is a clear and massive divergence.

Since 2012 and for almost 9 years, prescriptions for ADHD drugs remained fairly close to the long-term trend (within a 5% window). In 2022, that trend was broken with a 10% divergence, but in 2023 it disconnects from that trend completely. A 25% divergence from a steady long-term trend must signal a radical change in the consumer group.

How does this data align with statements in the media and from the Government that there is a massive ADHD diagnosis backlog? Consider this; there is a fundamental datum that pulls the rug out of from under any of the prescribing rhetoric that goes along with the diagnosis. The datum is ADHD was voted into existence in 1987. It didn’t arrive by way of physical testing to establish a physical abnormality. It arrived by way of a show of hands.

Then there is the myth of the chemical imbalance. Psychiatrists and other prescribers made claims that ADHD was caused by a chemical imbalance and that ADHD drugs had an effect on the so-called imbalance. Despite several requests to senior psychiatric authorities for evidence to support the idea of an imbalance, it took until July 2022 when researchers from University College London debunked the notion of such an imbalance.

There might be a backlog of psychiatric opinions, but there’s not a backlog of ADHD diagnoses. While it cannot be denied that some children and adolescents are boisterous, argumentative and disruptive, and that some adults could use a helping hand to organise and streamline their lives, the psychiatric narrative has been and continues to be entirely misleading and false. It however continues unabated.

When discussing psychiatric diagnoses and proposed treatment, being fully informed is paramount. It’s down to the many conscientious people to continue the challenge against the manufactured psychiatric label called ADHD. At the end of the day, it has a profit-driven agenda. Drug companies, in their unholy alliance with psychiatry, will work to maintain an uninformed public to maintain profit margins. But it’s being done at human expense.

Do your own homework. Be informed.


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