Urgent, important: the vaxadoodle progrom exposed

May 27, 2023 0

pogrom, definition:  noun  an organized massacre of helpless people (source) Truth be Told – an explosive speech by former global Head of Respiratory Diseases for Pfizer, Dr Mike Yeadon, given at a demonstration at Trafalgar Square, […]


Iatrocide: The Midazolam Murders

May 13, 2023 0

by Simon Lee, Science Officer for AnewUK Iatrocide – The act of killing a patient by medical treatment; iatro- +‎ -cide , from Greek iatros (healer) + Latin -cide (killing). Have you ever wondered why […]


Pseudovax genocide: death toll rising?

February 27, 2023 0

We present for your consideration the following article from The Expose, one of the outfits doing the job the mainstream media should be doing and would be doing had it not elected to become a […]

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