Reason and the resolution of problems of survival

Essay Seven in the series "Lighten the Load", a re-think of government

This is Essay Seven in the series Lighten the Load, a re-think of government. What should a government be and do? What should it definitely NOT be and do? Is it even necessary at all? If so, how much and why? How do we decide, against what criteria?

by Steve Cook


 We have now a useful understanding by which to establish helpful definitions for sanity and reason.

This work is not a treatise on the human mind and so how a person becomes insane is beyond its scope. We merely seek here a practicable way we can assess and evaluate the words and deeds of human beings.

For our purposes, a person (or group) is sane to the degree that he can by word or deed assist survival.

He is insane to the degree that his words and deeds impede survival.

A sane policy or action assists survival.

An insane policy or action impedes survival.

Common sense tells us that it is insane to seek to perish, to do or create something that harms our ability to survive.

Is that person sane? Well what is he doing? Is he surviving well? Are others around him surviving well? Is he creating or promoting pro-survival policies or actions? Is he getting other people into trouble? Is he creating order around him or disorder?

The test for sanity is observable actions and results.

One cannot assess on the basis of what a person says because an insane man can often make the most insane acts sound reasonable, simply through the agency of misrepresentation and lies.

Hitler, for example, had millions of decent German people thoroughly fooled into believing that he and his policies were the “answer to Germany’s problems.” Yet a look at what he DID and the RESULTS of his actions reveals millions of dead Germans and a Germany that could, given a sane man at the helm, have achieved so much, reduced to ruins.

REASON can be viewed as the process of identifying and solving problems of survival, identifying pro- or counter-survival factors and dealing with those factors so as to achieve continued or enhanced survival.

To the degree that sanity and reason are present, survival will be assisted; to the degree that they are absent, survival will be impeded.

The existence of any highly non-survival situation, such as war, tells us that those who are devising the policies and making the decisions haven’t used reason and are not sane on the subject.

The test is simple: is overall human survival helped or isn’t it?

Problems of survival can only be resolved with reason.

Try solving any problem (a leaky tap, a child’s poor school performance, a crime wave or global warming) without using reason. It can’t be done!

The resolution of any problem requires the correct identification of those factors that cause the problem to exist and then removing them so that the problem no longer exists and survival is assisted.

The faulty tap is handled by finding the damaged washer and replacing it with a sound washer. The child’s poor school performance is handled by finding and clearing up any words he has not understood. The crime wave is handled by obviating the psychiatric drugging of nations that underlies it. Global warming is handled by identifying and eradicating the criminal banking swindle that forces all commerce and trade to dysfunction upon a bogus money that is actually debt and renders economic systems unable to serve the needs of Man.

To “solve” a problem without reason fails to identify the cause of the problem’s existence. It thereby leaves that cause, and as a result the problem, in place, while the “solution” arrived at itself becomes another problem.

Threatening to sue the water company doesn’t handle the leaky tap. A clip round the ear doesn’t make the child a better student. Supplying everyone with burglar alarms and arming the police does nothing to address the causes of the crime wave, unless the cause happened to be “not enough burglar alarms” or “an insufficiently lethal police force.” Addressing global warming by restricting commerce through regulation and penalty doesn’t handle the underlying pressure upon businesses to over-produce with no thought of tomorrow’s consequences that stems from the aforementioned bogus money system.

Each “solution,” in failing to locate and handle causes, sets up additional problems that must then be solved and if they are not then solved with proper reason, their solutions will in turn become further problems. The mounting problems of nations derive from this continual failure to apply reason to problems.

In the presence of unreason, problems multiply. In other words, difficulties of survival increase.

Where un-resolved problems multiply, there exists a non-application of reason – and one or more “solvers” who are permanently or temporarily insane, and criminal, at least upon the area being addressed.

Our modern societies are a good example of this multiplication of problems arising from a failure or refusal to address problems with reason. That failure on the part of some, refusal on the part of others, to make a reasoned resolution of problems has at the bottom of it someone’s counter-survival intent.

An intractable “failure” to solve a problem or reverse a decline occurs because someone has an agendum that introduces counter-survival factors and does not want the problem resolved because resolution would involve the cancellation of his agendum.

Such a person is criminal as we have defined it here and he compounds his crime by taking steps to prevent the problem’s resolution.

The problems of mental health for example are not solved, and indeed become worse,  because in charge of mental health is a profession that makes profit out of insanity and has a vested interest in its continuation.


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