On Shocks, propaganda and steering the herd

How to get a People to demand their own mugging

How to get a People to demand their own mugging

by Steve Cook

From the beginning of this crisis there have been two contradictory messages at the heart of the Covid19 hysteria. This is explained in more detail in this article.

Just as Orwell describes in 1984, the exercise has succeeded, at least in part, in getting people to believe or try to assimilate two confllicting ideas at the same time.

The first message is “Be afraid. be very affraid!” and the contradictory message is, “There’s little or nothing to fear”.

We see this in government briefings in which the PM or Health Secretary delivers the fear message, whilst his Chief Medical Officer explains how your chances of dying from the virus are pretty small and if you are in reasonable health you have nothing to fear and so forth.

These are contradictions that make no sense unless viewed as components of a psyop.

Orwell’s books were inspired by an interest in and desire to alert the public about the evils of psychological warfare.

The result is to create a confusion in the public mind in which people become more manipulable. It also tends to divide the nation into two contending camps – part of the old “divide-and-rule” caper.

This reinforces my view of this whole thing as a psychological warfare caper.

Then of course I find out that in 1948, the psychiatrist G Brock Chisholm founded the psychiatric front group the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) and in the SAME YEAR the World  Health Organisation (WHO) – front group and propagandist for pharmaceutical interests – was founded, with the very same G Brock Chisholm as its first Director! That guy sure got around!

Chisholm’s friends and close colleagues included British army psychiatirst Brigadier JR Rees (who ran the operation) and psychiatrist William Sargent. These men were the leading minds of the Tavistock psychological warfare institute in London.

The Tavistock under Rees ran psychological warfare operations against Germany in WW2. They were the counterpart of the enemy’s psychological warfare maestro, Reich Minister for Propaganda, Josef Goebbels.

Much was learned about the black art of psychological warfare. What evolved was a crude but effective technology that was then used after the war as a tool for steering the herd on the home front. It has been in play ever since.

It is effective but only so long as the target population does not know what is being done and how it is being done.

By way of an example of this crude technology, see this infamous quote from the aforementioned William Sargent:

“Various types of belief can be implanted in many people, after brain function has been sufficiently disturbed by accidentally or deliberately induced fear, anger or excitement. Of the results caused by such disturbances, the most common one is temporarily impaired judgement and heightened suggestibility.  Its various group manifestations are sometimes classed under the heading of “herd instinct,” and appear most spectacularly in wartime, during severe epidemics, and in all similar periods of common danger, which increase anxiety and so individual and mass suggestibility.”- from Tavistock Institute psychiatrist Dr. William Sargant’s 1957 book, Battle for the Mind [emphases added]

At this very moment we have the roll out of the “severe epidemic” Sargent hoped for. While bad like any similar epidemic such as flu, it wasn’t quite scary enough to deliver the requiste shock. The UK government itself even downgraded it from a High Consequence Infectious Disease into a milder cagegory in March 2020.

Hence the media, false and confusing stats, credulous governments, subverted officials and agencies and so forth were mobilised to talk it up until it looked really really bad and everybody became convinced that they were living in some sort of apocalypse movie such as “Outbreak” or some such fiction. (Interestingly enough, many if us will find pictures in the back of our mind  from movies such as that and these pictures get tiggered whenever someone starts talking about scary epidemics).

So there we have the shock:  the virus, the lockdown, the sudden danger, the abrupt loss of our reassuring routines and collapse of our mild and usually pretty safe way of life.

When a psychological blow like that hits, people are a bit stunned, a little bit in shock and, as Sargent points out, more vulnerable to being steered and directed like a herd, more susceptible to propaganda and misinformation, less likely to be analytical about the information they are being fed and the orders they are being given.

(Ever noticed, for instance, how in the military the herdsmen known as sergeants and so forth are very very good at shouting?)

But after a short while the shock wears off. People come out of it and start looking more analytically at what they are being told. They start questioning it or even objecting to it. They start to resent be treated like cattle.

Into that mix though, one can throw conflicting information, more false but alarming stats, more “maybe’s” and uncertainties, more fear and confusion. Keep hitting them with this stuff, with the fear message.

Another point to bear in mind, by the way: hypnotism works by fixating attention. Fixate the subject’s attention and he becomes to some degree suggestible. Notice how in the current situation previous “threats” such as terrorism and “climate change” hardly get a mention. It is as if they suddenly vanished from public consciousness. The media is not pushing them, the globalist propaganda machine has switched to the “epidemic” scenario and they are indeed getting more results with it. They are pushing COVID19 and getting everybody’s attention so fixated on it, it might as well have been nailed there.

Human beings don’t like confusion. They like the anchor or orientation point of certainties. And when certainties are made scarce, they will tend to grab and hold onto whatever certainty is sent their way. If you have a tame media, you can deliver those certainties (they don’t have to be true, just have enough impact to convey certainty, much in the way a punch in the face delivers a certainty) in punchy sound-bites: virus! death! threat! (bang! bang! bang!)

Do all this thoroughly enough and you will have people demanding their own house arrest, more lockdowns, more crushing blows that will bring their country to its knees or hold out their arms for a vaccine so booby-trapped with toxins no-one in their right mind would touch it with a barge pole. They will essentially cooperate in their own mugging!

So what’s the solution to this?

Understanding. If people come to understand what is being done and can observe it happening in front of their eyes, they will become less the effect of it and many will become immune to it.

And the effort to befuddle people by hitting them with two conflicting realities that paralyse their efforts to reason can backfire. Chris Whitty, for instance, has given us the ammunition to unlock the conflict simply by focussing on the good and reassuring (and, fortunately, TRUE) news in his message.

So somebody says “Oh woe and thrice woe, the virus!  The danger! Yakety yakety yak!”

So we say,”Yes indeed, but fortunately the government has announced we really don’t have anything to worry about after all.”

So he says, “Nothing to worry about? But the deaths! The scary virus! The hospitals! The NHS! yak, yakety yak…”

So we say, ” Yes, I can see why you’re worried. I was worried too until the government’s own chief medical officer told us it is not very dangerous unless you’re 90 years old and even then most recover. Shame we had to lock the country down before the government admitted its mistake. You didn’t see the briefing? Oh, check it out. You’ll see him explain how we’re not really in much danger after all. And he should know, he’s the government’s Chief Medical Officer . . . ”


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