When governments go insane . . .

The French and US governments are certifiably insane.

Using the Nice atrocity committed by a French citizen of Tunisian origin as a justification for indiscriminately slaughtering even more innocent people in a completely different country (this time using planes and bombs tailor-made for the purpose instead of a truck) before a full investigation was done and all the facts of the case were known is the thinnest and most pathetic excuse I ever heard of.

How is this any better than what was done in Nice?

But there is HARDLY ANY connection betwen Syria and the Nice atrocity except that the perpetrator was originally from a completely different Muslim country. He wasn’t even a devout Muslim! He was a nominal Muslim with a history of violence, petty crime and wife beating.

He was off his head on psych meds (drugs KNOWN to cause violent rampages) it would make more sense, if you really have to slake your thirst for blowing people to bits, to bomb one or two big pharma premises – or at least arrest their CEOs as accessories to the Nice crime.

Some say the Nice atrocity was a false flag event created by intelligence services using a drugged-up patsy to stir up hatred against Muslims and justify the very “revenge” atrocity the French government was very quick to commit.

Others says the guy was a drugged-up terrorist patsy used to stir up hatred against Muslims and provoke the very response the French government was so quick to make. But the role of intelligence services in creating ISIS and sending them out to create as much mayhem as possible and thus justify more military slaughter in Syria is well known.

Personally at the moment I am of the opinion that this was neither. I see a very worked-up individual with a history of violence on psych meds that are KNOWN to destroy impulse control and set in concrete whatever psychosis or obsession an individual may have. I see a man who flipped into a full blown drug-induced murderous rampage. I see a government quick to use the event as a propaganda weapon. I see ISIS, getting hamnmered on the battlefield, very quick to “claim” the event as their own in an effort to appear like they are winning.

Every violent rampage in modern times has the presence of psych meds in the body and brain of the perpetratror as the common denominator. So I find it very suspicious that despite this factor being so common, prevalent and obvious and despite the number of lives it has cost us, our governments seem reluctant, to the point of abject stupidity, to follow it down as a line of enquiry.

The hidden influence of the pharmaceutical lobby in the blood stream of the body politic may have something to do with that refusal to look.

Meanwhile the mass psych drugging of the population, the diet of violence, upsets and propaganda from all sides served up by the media and internet and the spiralling hatreds and distress occasioned by the wars of the criminal elite who have hijacked our democracies are an explosive mix.


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