The Criminals Behind War in Syria and a Monster in its Death Throes

by Steve Cook

This is fascinating.

The involvement of Rothschild, Cheney and newspaper baron Murdoch in walking off with Middle East Oil and their consequent vested interest in Middle East conflict is well known but this little video nicely puts the whole Syrian conflict and the reasons for it in perspective.

In light of this data, it is hardly surprising that as the Western project in Syria to topple that country’s gpvernment shows every sign of failing, courtesy of Russian intervention. It is equally unsurprising that through a mobilisation of the Lie Factory known as the mainstream media (a) attempts to shut RT up have intensified (b) attempts to start a war with Russia have intensified (c) attempts to get Rothschild’s proxy Clinton into the White House have intensified.

Things are not going well for the Rothshild Khazarian mafia, the co-called Elite. Their One-Worlder operation to oppress humanity under a single corrupt government is unravelling.

In the US, their proxy Clinton may well lose out in the presidential race to Trump.

Israel remains dependent for the maintainence of its war machine upon on massive handouts from US tax payers but as that country slides deeper into bankruptcy and the supremacy of the dollar as the international currency of trade may soon disappear, those handouts may well dry up.

The failed CIA coup in Tiurkey has moved that country closer to an alliance with Russia, so America and her vassal states (UK, France etc) may face an alliance in the region of Russia-Turkey-Iran

Disatisfactions are growing in the West with the aforementioned elite and its endemic corruption and with the mainstream media as a totally unreliable and untrustworthy source of information.

Change is coming. The monster is dying.

If we can avoid its lashing tail as it thrashes about in its death throes, if we can keep out of the World War Three it is desperately trying to start, we will be all right.

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