And While Everybody’s Attention is on the Wars . . .

by Steve Cook

Cheney, Murdoch, Rothschild unlawfully dig for oil in Syria. While war is kept raging as violently and agonisingly as possible, Western billionaires and politicians scheme to take oil and money out of the already ravaged country

Someone pointed out to me the other day that the wars are what everyone has their attention on, quite undertsandably.

But while our attention is fixated on the wars, little attention is going on what the Rothschild, Cheney, Murdoch and the other usual suspects are doimg behind that bewildering smokescreen of human agony and confusion to plunder these war-torn areas.

The wars then are desired, encouraged and fomented by these criminal cartels and their servile proxies in Washington, London, Paris and so on as a distraction so no-one will look at what they are doing.

Steve Cook is the author of Genghis Kant, a tongue-in-cheek sci fi spoof and writes the Daily Sacre satirical blog. .”

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