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Kinnock’s £10 MILLION Pay Off and the EU SECRET BANK ACCOUNTS

When an Austrian Member of Parliament filmed EU MPs rolling up to the Parliament building in limos, engines running, nipping in and signing the attendance register and then leaving within minutes having claimed £175 for a day’s expenses, he reported it to OLAF which is the EU’s agency for fighting fraud and corruption…  Trouble is, OLAF is headed by Neil Kinnock – and one of the EU MPs filmed claiming fraudulent expenses was Glenys Kinnock – instead of being busted behind bars, they were given Life Peerages and sit on a family fortune of – allegedly – £10 MILLION – and most of that is tax payers’ money!

Neil Kinnock was way ahead of the Opinion Polls back in 1992 and everyone fully expected Kinnock and his charming wife to go straight into Number 10 Downing Street…  However, the morning after that British general election was the dawning of a nightmare – a strange drab man – JOHN MAJOR – who had accidentally ended up being an unelected Prime Minister [following a coup on Margaret Thatcher] was ushered into Downing Street…

The morning after, Kinnock was broadcast on TV with Welsh pensioners, he could hardly hold back his tears, as it was obvious that the 1992  British general election – like so many others – had been RIGGED.  Kinnock might have become somewhat of a loose canon at that point – but luckily he managed to become a multi-millionaire – courtesy of the EU and British tax payers…

Even the Times of London expressed shock at the result…  But soon after, Kinnock and his wife, and other friends and close family became mysteriously and suddenly became multi-millionaires.

The rumours about how the 1992 general election was stage-managed and rigged evaporated as fast as the Kinnock bank account swelled into anoverflowing nest egg now worth an estimated £10 million…

“I have investigated my wife of fraud allegations, and have cleared her completely” [satire]

Margaret Thatcher was the victim of a coup in Downing Street, following her defiance of Bucking Palace and the Royals’ love of the E.U. Super State. Thatcher said NO! to a Federal Europe, NO! to a European Currency and NO! to handing over any more of Britain’s law-making powers to Brussels.

Within hours of Thatcher’s “No, no, no!”, she was Out! Out! Out!  A new gaggle of grey men in grey suits were ushered in by Buckingham Palace, they kneeled and swore allegiance to the crown, and were headed by an incestuous trio of traitors; John Major, Norma Major, and his lover Edwina Currie.  Kinnock and his charming wife, disappeared.  No criticism of the 1992 general election shock result was ever broadcast after that moment… And for a working class Welshman, Neil Kinnock popped up in the most amazing place:  BRUSSELS!

Every pro-European campaigner, from the era of Prime Minister Edward Heath to today’s Jeremy Corbyn has known that the Bilderberg secret government of Europe has been planning an undemocratic EU SuperState for the last FIFTY YEARS – but not one of these people, who have earned a fortune at the expense of the British tax payer – Jeremy Corbyn included – has said a word about Bilderberg – ever.

Kinnock was set-up in the 1992 Labour Party rally which was held at the Sheffield Arena, and attended by 10,000 Labour Party members.  Kinnock was seen prancing down an aisle packed with gregarious supporters and it was a triumph of the working class Welsh boy-made-good – the whole event and televised event being designed by Kinnock’s spin doctor Philip Gould, who was involved in the subsequent successful election campaign of Bill Clinton later that year. The party leader, Neil Kinnock, was flown into Sheffield by helicopter, and this, ladies and gentlemen, was the beginning of the Big Bang in Kinnock’s career – instead of becoming Prime Minister, Kinnock became an EU COMMISSIONER – appointed indirectly by Buckingham Palace with no electoral appointing system – Kinnock became a millionaire almost overnight – and was delivered a massive blow by all of a sudden having to back-manage an age-old scandal at the European SuperState – Kinnock was suddenly facing several EU employees who were exposing in books and blogs that the EU had SECRET BANK ACCOUNTS and millions of pounds of British and European tax payers’ money had mysteriously gone missing. 

Luckily, Neil Kinnock had his millionaire wife, Glenys, by his side in Brussels.  His wife had represented Wales in the European Parliament from 1994 until 2009, where she was a member of the PES political group. Together they had to stand a torrent of investigative journalists who were investigating the EUROSTAT SCANDAL in which millions of pounds had mysteriously been paid to EU-linked companies in the tax haven of Luxembourg, and Neil Kinnock was cornered with the publication of a series of books exposing SECRET BANK ACCOUNTS by a former Dutch Member of the European Parliament, Paul Van Buitenen.

Buitenen’s book Calling the Whistleblowers, suggested that his exposure of the multi million pound Eurostat scandal was stifled by Neil Kinnock and his associate unelected multi-millionaire EU Commissioners. Buitenen assembled an impressive dossier showing nepotism was the methodology in selecting [not electing] EU Commissioners – his dossier proved that senior EU staff working for Edith Cresson, the former French prime minister, and then appointed EU education commissioner, were engaged in fraud and the awarding of contracts to friends and relatives. Amazingly, Madame Cresson’s former dentist and close friend Rene Berthelot – registered as living at the same address – was hired as a consultant to the Commission and the dentist’s son was also awarded a EU work contract!  The scandal exploded Cresson’s EU Gravy Train salary – but it was just the start of the Kinnock Family dynasty at the top banqueting table of the EU…

Glenys and Neil Kinnock managed to out-live the Eurostat scandal until November 2006, when Glenys Kinnock was criticised in the press for “taking an EU junket” to Barbados.

The EU Fraudsters…

Luckily, the free trip to Barbados scandal – all paid for by Welsh tax payers and EU citizens – was nowhere near as bad as the 2004 Expenses scandal which cited Glenys Kinnock in a statement by fellow MEP Hans-Peter Martin claiming to have caught 194 colleagues receiving the European Parliament’s attendance allowance.

Kinnock was among those MEPs whom Hans-Peter Martin filmed leaving the EU HQ  just moments after they had signed-in for the day to qualify for their £175-a-day allowance, in addition to their £70,000 salaries as MEPs…. Oh dear… That’s a crime – it’s called FRAUD.

If you have any doubts about this being a secret government – not only of Europe, but a secret government creating a UNITED STATES of EUROPE, then consider the fact that EU Commissioners are appointed – not elected – they then go on to design laws which cannot be revoked or repealed by the British workers – how lovely!

During a two-year investigation, Hans-Peter Martin, an Austrian Member of the European Parlaiment, filmed scores of Euro MPs nipping into Parliament to sign up for their daily parliamentary allowance before heading off home minutes later… And Glenys Kinnock was one of those cited in his expose…

Hans-Peter Martin’s blog states;

“The cynicism of these Euro politicians is astounding. They are so desperate to rip-off the European taxpayers that they will fly into Brussels or Strasbourg just to clock on, and then leave a few moments later, just in order to claim their expenses for the whole day. And they want a Constitution?  Currently MEPs are able to claim the allowance on Fridays at Strasbourg even though the Parliament sits there only from Mondays to Thursdays.  Isn’t that nice? They get expenses even for days that they don’t work”.

Martin’s attempts to film Gordon Adam, an MEP for the northeast of England,  signing on at the Strasbourg EU Parliament building ended in an angry fist-cuffs. Martin crashed to the floor after Adam tried to grab his video camera and then lunged at him. In the picture which accompanies an article in the Sunday Times, a caught red—handed and very angry looking British MEP Gordon Adam is seen standing over the prone Hans—Peter Martin who had just snapped him fiddling his expenses. It’s quite an incredible photo because it shows just how nasty and violent these British Labour Party MEPs become once their scam has been uncovered.

Martin claims to have records of 197 MEPs from 15 member states that he has submitted to the Parliament’s authorities. These include 36 British and Northern Ireland MEPs – and that includes Glenys Kinnock…  But wait!  Oh dear – the man in charge of investigating fraudsters in NEIL KINNOCK!!!

The EU Gravy Train has continued to roll on for the Kinnocks – In February 2004, it was announced that Neil Kinnock would become head of the British Council. Coincidentally, at the same time, his son  Stephen became head of the British Council branch in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Just coincidental, of course. Kinnock’s son married the Prime Minister of Denmark who took selfies with Cameron and Barack Obama – and Mr Obama invited the Kinnocks to his inauguration ceremony when he became President of the USA… How very lovely and cosy.

Meanwhile, the Welsh fisheries industry, Welsh steel and Welsh farmers have been dying of hypothermia, Swansea has become over-run with Eastern European NHS tourists, and the Kinnocks – now Barons in London – have not stayed true to the promises of the Labour Party manifestos.

Like all multimillionaires, the Kinnocks have more important things on their mind.

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