Bombing for the sake of bombing. Win-win for the corporate criminals, lose-lose for everybody else.

US military objective to bomb countries into submission: Analyst

The following dramatic expose is from our friends at Press TV. It brings to light more of the money-making scam in which the criminals dictating US war policy contrive excuses to keep right on bombing foreign countries for no other purpose than to keep American tax payers’ money flowing into the coffers of the Military Industrial Complex and its shareholders and investors.

We saw it in Syria where America war planes spent much of the time – and a great deal of money – bombing empty desert whilst Washington pretended that it was bombing ISIS.

Please go here to watch the video interview with Daniel Patrick Welch. There is a transcript of some of his most important observations at the foot on this article. What is now rapidly surfacing is the scandal of the century: the terrorist “threat” and the “war oN terror” are the creation of the criminals who have subverted Western governments so that those criminals can bleed the people of America and her allies dry.

People must understand that the culprits are not “America” “the Americans” or even “The American Empire.” America and other Western nations have been infiltrated and subverted at the highest levels by what is essentially a crime syndicate – a crime syndicate intent upon using them for its own ends.  The West has been infested by a parasite that will eventually kill the host.

The fight is on, but not to PREVENT our culture from being conquered and subjugated. This has already happened. The fight before us is to liberate the West from the robber barons, corporate oligarchs and bankster parasites whose ultimate objective is to kill it stone dead.

By removing these parasites and their collaborators from our nations, we will be liberating not only ourselves but all the nations of this planet upon whom the actions of our hijacked  governments, economies, agencies, media and military estates impinge.

This is not just a matter of freedom. It is also a matter of honour and self-respect. We owe it to the world as well as ourselves.  editor

US military objective to bomb countries into submission: Analyst

The real objective of America’s military interventions around the world is to force countries into submission, in contrast to Washington’s stated goal, says an American political commentator.

“The point of all these wars is not the official objective or the stated goal; the goal behind the goal is what is important to elites in power,” Daniel Patrick Welch told Press TV on Friday.

The oligarchs in Washington “keep the war machine going” to “bomb people into submission” and keep the profits flowing for the military industrial complex, Welch said.

The wars are part of a “deeply evil scam” to rob the country’s treasury while simultaneously preventing the American public from complaining based on the false premise of national security, Welch added.

The analyst cited the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan as an example of this American agenda.

The US and its allies invaded Afghanistan on October 7, 2001 as part of Washington’s so-called war on terror. The offensive removed the Taliban from power, but after more than 14 years, the foreign troops have still not been able to establish security in the country.

The Associated Press reported on Sunday that Afghan forces are struggling to man the front lines against a resurgent Taliban, in part because of untold numbers of “ghost” troops who are paid salaries but only exist on paper.

One reason the Afghan National Army is struggling against the Taliban is because nearly 40 percent of its force is constituted of “ghost soldiers,” AP reported.

In Helmand province, the Taliban has captured large areas of land since the US-led NATO forces handed over control to Afghan troops a year ago.

In October last year, US President Barack Obama announced plans to keep 9,800 US troops in Afghanistan through 2016 and 5,500 in 2017, reneging on his promise to end the war there and bring home most American forces from the Asian country before he leaves office

The following transcript is from Daniel Welch’s video interview on the ‘revelation’ that a huge chunk of the Afghan army is a complete fiction. “As always, the US empire, having achieved its goal of destabilization, leaves its victims to rot in the chaos it has wrought. Win-fucking-win. Absolutely disgusting.

“This news that up to 40% of the Afghan army is a ‘ghost army’ funded by America’s basically just corrupt swagger throwing its money all over the world – it’s so sickening and unsurprising at the same time. We all know that this is going on, because that is the point of all these wars. It’s not the official objective or the stated goal. The goal behind the goal is what is important to the elites in power.

“They don’t really give a damn if there is a real army on the ground, if there’s really something happening there -it all suits their purposes. They have not managed to end or win or change this war in fourteen years – fifteen, we’re going on fifteen now – of invading this poor country, and they don’t care. Because it all works to their benefit anyway: the oligarchs still win. They keep the war machine going, the profits keep being funded.

“People abroad are bombed into submission, and have no stable, effective, unitary government, or even any sovereignty, or a real country, to defend or fight back against this. Also it keeps the population cowed at home–you spend all the money, rob the treasury of everthing it has left, and you spend it on your buddies in the war business, and people at home can’t complain because of national security. We’re at war, so you have to support the troops. It is such an offensive and deeply, deeply evil scam, and it has been going on forever. And nobody wants to stand up and call it for what it is.

“The interesting thing is that this shows up in the Associated Press, right? Can you even *imagine* what the real story is–how deep it goes? Back to these so called conspiracy theories that supposedly two trillion dollars disappeared in the Pentagon budget on September 10, 2001 or whatever… [TLB Editor’s note: just before 9/11. An investgation the missing trillions

“The fact is that this is how the game is played. And that’s why it is so different, when the US says well these were collateral damage, these were civilian casualties. In a just war, of course there are civilian casualties. It can’t be avoided, even though you try.

“But not only, from western bombing, is it like 90%–from the drones–are civilians. But also, there is no real objective: they’re not fighting ISIS, they’re not establishing security. They’re not fighting anything–they don’t have an army, as it turns out. They’re just buying off local officials to make it look good, for show. It is really infuriating, and people have got to start to wake up.”

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