Parasitic infestation and the slow death of civilisation

by Steve Cook

I think most of us are well aware that the mainstream media cannot be trusted to tell the truth, that its reports tend to serve whatever narrative is desired by its owners.

To be fair, this is natural enough. If I owned a huge slice of the media, I have to say I would use the opportunity to push my favoured agendum. It would be the agendum you see here on TLB UK and the only major difference is I might be making pots of money while doing it as opposed to – at present – zilch.

If I owned a big slice of the media, my agendum would be trying to keep us from slaughtering one another as much as possible, an international justice system, a reform of the money system, the rule of just laws aligned to human rights, a government that works for ALL the people and so on.

It would certainly give very short shrift to demonising any honest citizen regardless of creed or colour or targeting for retribution anyone but an actual criminal. And criminals would be defined by what they DO not what they think. In other words you can think what you like as long as you behave yourself within clearly defined and broadly agreed upon codes, customs and laws.

But I digress . . . The media has an agendum and that agendum is that of the half dozen or so corporate oligarchs or whatever you want to call them who own it. It is not trustworthy. It lies often, or alters the truth, or slants its emphases or omits key facts or simply ignores events that do not fit its narrative. We all know this and we all know that we would be wise not to believe what it tells us. It is basic common sense. One could go so far as to say that if it is in the media it isn’t true. In any media report there will be one or more outright lies and/or inaccuracies, omitted information, slanted emphases and so forth.

It would therefore be downright stupid of us to go to war, hang someone or make other life-or-death decisions based on what we were told by something as un-trustworthy as a newspaper.

All this naturally applies to the German media as much as our own. You will probably find it too is largely owned, in debt to or otherwise obligated to the same corporate interests.

The recent rape stories that exploded all over the media are a case in point. The fact is we do not know precisely what happened and who exactly did what, how much and how often to whom. We would be very unwise to trust the media account. In the hysteria that has been generated we are unlikely to get an accurate trustworthy description of precisely what occurred and who did it –  and WHO therefore should be arrested, charged, tried and punished.

We have to assume for now that SOMETHING occurred and some women were sexually assaulted. We do not know how many or who by as the press reports are conflicting and may well be exaggerated in order to talk up a narrative. The narrative in this case is that Islam is a big scary evil threat you all must be very afraid of. You must fear it and be concerned about it much more than any other threat to your survival – such as rapacious corporations, a corrupt political elite riddled with pedophiles and other perverts, bankster oligarchs running a money scam that has given them economic power over half the planet, a gang of loons in Washington trying to start a war with Russia that will be fought in Europe, psychiatry trying to drug the entire population, environmental destruction, population culling etc. etc.

But, oh no, what you should REALLY be looking at is those guys over there, those hordes of immigrants running away from countries we just finished bombing back into the Stone Age.

Quite likely the perpetrators were gangs of drunken louts drawn from some dark corner of of the country’s immigrant communities. Their degree of devotion to one or another of the various schools of Islam is not known. Whether they are nominal Muslims, lapsed Muslims, drawn from Islam’s lunatic fringe, criminial street gangs of the type to be found in every major city on the planet or part of the Operation Gladio network of extremist proxy-groups is also not known.

My personal opinion on immigrants of any persuasion or point of origin is that a country should offer sanctuary on the basis of its own mores and customs, the will of its people (provided that will is based on the truth of a situation and not media lies) and its ability to cope. And ALSO on the understanding that anyone of ANY persuasion or origin agrees to honour the mores, customs and laws of the host country and if he does not do so he is out. Period.

Of course, that assumes the mores and customs and laws of the coutry are also binding upon its own politicians and elites. While we have moral outrage at gang gropes by street yobs, why are we so apathetic about pedophilia and other sexual deviance on the part of our politicians and other “Very Best People?”.

The stupidity of lashing out at the entire Muslim community and punishing it for the crimes of its criminal elements is obvious. If we think that is a good idea, then by that logic we should have attacked and condemned American Christians for the thousands of rapes committed by American servicemen on German women in the years after WW II.

It would have made no sense to do that. It would have been monstrously unjust. It would probably pretty much have guaranteed THE ACTUAL PERPETRATORS and any accomplices, hidden within the mass of their honest fellows, got away scot free, while all the wrong people (such as people who did not rape or assault anybody) got  punished.

This is basic common sense and basic justice – you know, that civilised and civilising value we Westerners are so keen to uphold and which makes us oh so superior to Johnny Foreigner.

Be all that as it may, such things go right out of the window when people get scared or upset, which is understandable. The would-be herdsmen who think we are cattle, know very well that if you can get people angry or scared they cease to reason and start to react. Once they start to react, they are easy to control on a stimulus-response basis. Any propagandist knows this. The masterminds behind the propaganda campaign and behind criminal operations like Gladio know it.

There is a highly evolved Black Science behind all this: the matter of how to destroy or manipulate groups and populations (never uplift or improve: always weaken, subvert or destroy) has been thoroughly researched and developed at places like The Tavistock, the British psychological warfare institute in London. It is the science of conquest using infiltration and subversion in place of military confrontation. It has enabled a relatively small group of criminals to infest and feed parasitically upon Western civilisation and, having suborned it, to use its resources for the conquest of the rest of the planet.

For the best analogy I can think of, recall those sci fi movies where an alien parasite takes over the brain of its victim and then uses him for its own ends.

Islam is and has been a target as well and pursuing the agendum of enfeebling global civilisation with as much turmoil as possible, Islam and The West have been placed in conflict.

It is important to remember that Earth’s “civilisations”, whether of the West or Islam, are works-in-progress: projects still in their immature youth. Despite the bright shiny cars, the process of pulling themselves out of barbarism is not yet complete. In any culture still largely barbaric there are turbulences. The effort of the enemy of these nascent civilisations who seeks to arrest their development is to amplify those turbulences. The turbulence can become so amplified as to shake them apart. The current refugee crisis and the role played by a media firmly in that enemy’s camp is a case in point.

And, oh boy, did the German media go into a high gear making sure as much upset and turmoil as possible was chucked about with the bogeyman-of-the-moment at the receiving end.

This appeared to be a well coordinated and concerted effort to amplify the upsets and fear, aided by a campaign to circulate mostly fake “rape” stories with highly emotive (and fake) memes on the internet, to establish a narrative that would drown out all other possible narratives. Alongside this has been an evident trolling campaign to blitz the net with anti-Muslim sentiments and some quite staggering falsehoods and misrepresentations concerning Islam itself. This is a caper known quaintly as “astroturfing”, the creation of a fake grass roots movement. How that is done is described here.

The current explosion of upset is the result of a well coordinated operation. It is an attack upon Europe; its inner cohesion, identity, morale and the already ailing confidence of Europe’s people with their governments. Its aim is to frighten the citizenry into surrendering their freedoms to “stronger” forms of government that will “bring order” and “make them safe”and thus lock them into the power structure of the bankster oligarchs that sit as an echelon senior to the nominally “democratic” governments.

Therefore we need to bear in mind several things as we read the “news”.

The media lies, exaggerates or leaves out information and cannot be trusted. The portrayal of events is distorted or slanted to further an agendum.

A perfect storm of disinformation is being circulated on the internet and astroturfing is in full swing.

Someone is trying to get human beings into a conflict that will weaken both “sides”, further divide humanity and render it supine to the global dictatorship of a small “elite” band of criminals.

What is being portrayed as the problem is not the problem. Addressing the wrong problem will cause the actual problem to get worse.

Beware red herrings.

If the message is to “solve” the problem by other than a firm and correct application of JUSTICE, the intent is destructive. Justice works on the principle that a crime is a DEED committed by specific person(s) responsible for their own actions, not broad masses of people. It precludes trial and conviction by media soundbite, social network meme, rumour or rabid facebook comment.

Democracy has become a con game where the “will of the people” is steered by arch manipulators and psychological warfare grand masters into not merely an acceptance of servitude but a demand for it.

The refugee crisis is an engineered one in which countries are smashed up and large numbers of people fleeing the devastation of their homelands are driven like stampeding cattle in upon a Europe too enfeebled by decades of mismanagement to cope.

Then some incidents of sexual assault and so on are instigated. It is not too hard to imagine how that might be contrived using criminal gangs from immigrant or other ghettoes and before you know it, the rattled and understandably upset locals are forming gangs of their own to lynch anyone who resembles an immigrant, whether they did any wrong or not.

And right there one has abandoned justice, the civilised and civilising value whose nullification opens the door to barbarism. Without justice, civilisation is not possible, nor is a tolerable existence for anyone. The current propaganda effort is geared to creating such turbulence we will forsake the very thing that would have been our salvation.

It is but a step from there as the crimes, hatreds and alienations escalate, to outright inter-communal conflict with totalitarian thugs waiting in the wings to restore order by beating up everybody. In this assault upon Western nations and the effort to reduce them to turbulent barbarism, the Muslims are the justification or the excuse and the immigrants the patsies.

This doesn’t let anyone off the hook. Whoever the rapst and sexual molesters are, they should be brought to justice but it has to be JUSTICE, not some sort of mob lynching of anyone who looks dark-skinned and where, while we The People are busy beating one another up, the actual perpetrators get away with it. This is not going to be easy. It will take some hard work and dedication but the future of our civilisation is at stake and it seems to me that future is worth the effort.

In short, we need justice to be applied. with the many men of good will in both the Muslim and non-Muslim communities making sure that it is.

What we don’ t need is marauding gangs beating up all the wrong people and generally committing the very acts of savagery they accuse the other lot of doing.

The objective of this unfortunate episode, whether pre-planned with malice aforethought or a more opportunistic seizing upon random criminality to push an agendum, is to present us with a big but somehow ill-defined and ubiquitously scary menace. The ubiquitous lurking menace is always the most effective.

“Terrorism” for instance is the propagandists’ dream. After Russian communism fell, another enemy was needed to keep defence spending going or some such thing. Terrorism was a perfect choice because, unlike Russian communism, it has no definable location or bastion and no identifiable face. It is not even clearly defined and thus could continue indefinitely, the war against it going on forever.

We saw this with Al Qaeda. Once it was defeated, it simply metamorphosed into a new threat called ISIS that sprang full-armed as if from nowhere much as Al Qaeda had done in the direct aftermath of 9/11.

When ISIS is either defeated or exposed as a Western proxy army, it will vanish and a new terror threat spring up from elsewhere. It does not even have to be Islamic. If Islam were ever defeated or simply no longer perceived as a threat, another “source of terror” will be thrown up

The criminal powers that have infested the upper echelons of our culture and turned the media into their propaganda arm, are very fond of big scary menaces that will frighten people into surrendering more of their freedoms to the state which will “protect them”. They are so fond of having  scary menaces to fixate the herd’s attention they will create them.

Thus in the furore over the sexual assaults and thuggery in Germany and the press hysteria fanning the flames of hatred we become so fixated on the sex crimes of some degenerates and blaming all of Islam for them as if no other community ever produced sex perverts, criminal gangs, hooligans or rapists, we forget to ask HOW COME hordes of refugees descended on Germany in the first place.

The terrorist attacks in France were disappointing from the authoritarian’s point of view. They must have expected  the French people to be frightened into a swing to the right and more powers given away to the state. But the enhancement of the Right did not materialise. The French people were too smart to be fooled.

I think the German people will be equally smart. They have seen these propaganda tricks and talked-up threats before and know where they lead.

Besides people have seen to many of these shenanigans and are waking up to them.


Divide and Rule: Media Pours Gasoline on the Fires of Hysteria

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