The men behind the psych drugging of everyone and his cousin – enemies in our midst?

I include the article below to illustrate how psych meds can substantially alter personality and behaviour, reduce impulse control, reduce empathy and – as my good friend Dr Ted Hamlyn used to say –  set in concrete whatever obsessions or compulsions the person may be suffering from.

They drive some people right off the deep end.

Not everyone using psych meds becomes a rampaging homicidal maniac, of course, It depends on whatever compulsions or obsessions are sitting in the dark recesses of their mind that can be triggered by the drugs. But in some, the person’s darker impulses are violent and as the psych meds go to work, the ability to deal with them rationally is eroded. In some, the result is a violent rampage.

This may only be one person in a thousand or ten thousand but as so many people are now on these meds – thanks to the cynicism and dishonety of the money-grubbing manufacturers and the corrupt ineptitude of government – with the number increasing daily, it is inevitable that the number of people who completely flip is going to increase.

In a world full of guns, knives, axes, trucks, planes, explosives and so forth, the very last thing you need is a pharmaceutical effort to induce in the citizenry drug-induced psychoses.

We are undergoing a psych med epidemic. it is being driven in on the society, under the very thin guise of healing, by the psycho-pharmaceutical axis in its effort to destroy the cultures of Earth.

  • The kids are on psych meds at ever-younger ages.
  • The citizenry are on psych meds.
  • The jihadists on the Middle Eastern battlefields are being turned into drug-crazed berserkers by psych meds.
  • The terrorists, the suicide bombers et al, created by Western intelligence agencies are out of their gourds on psych meds.
  • Our own troops are being given psych meds to “treat” PTSD before being returned to civilian life.

Virtually every murderous rampage known was committed by someone on psych meds, a common factor mysteriously ignored by governments kowtowing to or infesteed by the proxies of the pharmaceutical lobby.

And, God help us, we do not even know how many of our leaders are on antidepressants, antipsychotics and other medications that are KNOWN to impair mood, impulse control, rational thinking, empathy and so forth.

This is the hidden factor behind the frightening levels of violence prevalent on this planet at the time.

It is not an accident. It is an effort to destroy the people and cultures of Earth.

This effort to drug everybody in sight is manifestly the work of an enemy.


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