The People versus The Globalists – a game with a bought referee

In the absence of honest stats . . .

by  Fabian Ubiquitus

Someone pointed out that the current deaths from vax adverse reactions are fewer than Covid19 deaths.

This is probably true although with the gross falsification of the Covid19 deaths stat and attendant grey areas, coupled with the likelihood that vax adverse/reactions are being under-reported given the traditional gov penchant for falsifying or doctoring the stats to support whatever its agenda happens to be, it is hard to be sure.

But probably, at this early stage fatalities and serious illnesses from the vax are still fewer than even the true figures for Covid iself, albeit the number and variety of immediate adverse reactions are both unexpected and worryingly high and do not bode well for the medium and long terms effects.

But in any case it is too early to tell where the true stats will end up of how many people will get sick or die from the vaccines. We’ll only know the true consequences over the next few years – the vax is even still on its trials until 2023.

If the numbers are uncomfortably high, we can also expect the government to falsify them, fiddle the stats yet again to hide its culpability for the suffering and death of as yet unknown number who were pressured into submission on the promise (which it was in no position to honestly make, given that the vax trials still have 2 years to run!) that the vax was safe.

Also, we know that the stat for actual deaths from covid is grossly inflated. Recent data from CDC suggests it is only 6 percent of the numbers we have been given.

The true number of deaths actually caused by COVID is therefore most likely a very tiny percentage of the entire population. The entire population is at risk from, exposed to or in danger of being struck down by the virus (according to the government) so we would have to compare the percentage of those killed by the vaccine after they receive it with percentage of those exposed to the virus  (which is the entire populace) who die, to give us a true comparison.

To give an even more precise comparison we would also need to break it down by demographics.

For example, as almost nobody under (say) 40 died of Covid we would have to compare that death rate with the death rate of under 40s who die from vaccination over the same time period.

To be even more precise we would also need to compare deaths of vaccinated with another demographic – those given the known remedies such as Ivermectin, vit D etc as their deaths are very very low.

As ever, we have a seething morass of data – a chaos of information – that makes it very hard for we citizens to get a clear picture of what is actually happening. If we get our “information” merely from the CMM (Corporate Media Matrix) we wind up with a completely false picture of what is actually going on. This of course is heaven for those of hostile intent who wish to spook and panic the populace over the nearest cliff or in direction of the slaughterhouse, much as a rustler stampeding a herd.

And on the matter of providing true and precise statistics, honest interpretations thereof and meaningful  comparisons so that we can properly evaluate for ourselves what’s going on, it is unlikely we will ever get any. This would have been a role a government designed and run for all the people could have performed as a service to the people, acting as an unbiased referee.

Unfortunately we are perforce in a game where the referee is very firmly in the camp or the pocket of one of the teams: in this case the team called The Globalists or some such thing.

Be that as it may, here are some of the things I would like to see honestly staticised:

The percentage of people coming down with COVID who previously had the flu jab. I suspect there is a correlation.

The percentage of people coming down with Covid who use drugs (legal or illegal, medicinal or psychiatric) as drugs inhibit the immune system.

The percentage of people coming down with Covid who smoke. I suspect smoking may render one prone to bugs that hit the chest and lungs among other things. For that very reason I quit smoking last June.

The percentage of people coming down with Covid who drink alcohol.

The percentage of people coming down with Covid who eat junk food, food high in refined sugars and so forth.

The percentage of people coming down with Covid who have vitamin and mineral deficiencies, especially in this instance D, C and Zinc.

The percentage of people coming down with Covid who were in terror of being struck down by Covid.

The degree to which blanket Do Not Resuscitate Orders bumped up the fatalities by letting die people who could have been saved.

Exactly how low are the fatalities among people treated by caring, competent doctors with the known but suppressed remedies such as Ivermectin with vitamin D etc. We know these are low but it would be helpful to have reliable , verified honest stats for this.

This is not from the viewpoint of making anybody wrong but looking at how a bug with (once the falsified stats are corrected) a fairly low fatality rate  and indeed a very high percentage of cases with very mild symptoms, can be  defeated altogether without having to inject the populace with dodgy experimental biochemical agents – and in fact at the same time boosting general health and natural defences against all viruses!


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