Ramping up the fear: keep quiet about the remedies!

When something's very treatable it isn't very scary

by Fabian Ubiquitus

There have been several strategies that, combined, have spawned the COVID Terror Psyop.

It has been rather fascinating – and somewhat of an education – to observe these at work and to increase one’s understanding of how the architects of the psychological warfare being waged against the nation have managed to deceive so many people.

The operation hinged upon the falsification – by the collaborative journalists, editors and so forth of the MSM – of various statistics so as to re-brand a sometimes unpleasant and sometimes lethal but, for the vast majority, not particularly dangerous flu.

The re-branding has been such as to turn said flu into the second coming of the Black Death or the sort of genocidal Outbreak of Contagion we see in apocalypse movies (and nowhere else) that go under such titles as . . . er, Outbreak and Contagion.

It was necessary to portray this hyped-up Big Scary Epidemic as potentially lethal and having “No Known Cure”. A disease is, let’s face it, not very scary if you know there is a cure for it that you can buy over the counter at the chemist’s.

It was hard enough fiddling the stats and carefully wording the MSM reports so that nobody took on board the fact that the average age of fatality from this “deadly disease” was 82 (a year OLDER than the average age of death in the UK) but a real spanner was thrown in the works by the appearance of several highly workable cures.

These cures came to us courtesy of dedicated doctors doing their best to help sick people get well, as opposed to running a psyop dedicated to scaring the crap out of the populace.

This was an unexpected set-back. It is well nigh impossible to hold people in a state of terror of a disease when the disease is curable using known cheap and safe cures!

From the testimonies of doctors who have been making people well with these cures, if you start treatment early enough, Covid 19 hardly kills anybody and people in general recover faster and have a much less hard time doing it.

So much for the scary epidemic

The cures of which I speak in this instance are hydroxychloroquine, Budenoside and Ivermectin (there are probably others).

It was necessary, in order to keep the psyop from running into the iceberg of people not being very scared and then sinking altogether, to remove the iceberg.

And this was done in short order with almost surgical precision through various devices such as

1.) “suddenly discovering” there were “concerns” over the safety of drugs that had been used safely for years to treat other ailments,

2.) disrediting the doctors who had been successfully using them and – a corporate favourite – pretty much expunging any mention of them.

3.) circulating the info that the cures are “unopoven” and in order to assert that, ignore or belittle the fact that many doctors have been using them successfully for quite some time and their relativee safety has been established by years of extensive use. In fact, these cures are a heck of a lot more tried, trusted and proven than the experimental biochemical concoctions that suddenly appeared hot out of some laboratory cauldron and were then injected into millions of people in one of the most incautious operations ever undertaken by a national government.

4.) Then hope that amid the fear, dismay, noise and hysteria folk just sort of forgot about them. The collective memory of the public being on a par with that of a goldfish, this is pretty much what happened: the cures were lost sight of except by those in and around the Freedom Movment and the People’s Media.

What all this amounts to is that whilst pretending to be freaked out about the “threat” of the “Covid outbreak” and “ALL THOSE POOR SUFFERING PEOPLE” who are dying of this (propaganda trigger word) “deadly disease” the government studiously ignored and essentially expunged the means of treating all those “poor suffering people”.

It is necessary to understand this and confront the evil of which politicians and their handlers in the Eugenics Industry are capable: they intentionally withheld and suppressed several cures so as to keep people afraid.

We do not yet know how much blood these psychopaths will have on their hands when the full health consequences are felt of frightening millions of citizens into submitting themselves or their elderly parents to experimental biochemical agents the Eugenics Industry boffins rustled up so hastily in their labs.

We might get lucky and it will not be a great deal. Nobody knows how this is going to pan out. Or the irresponsible Russian Roulette being played with the health of millions in order to “protect” them from something that was not in fact much of a threat until it was made into one, will result in the nation blowing its collective brains out. We’ll have to watch and pray. And if we are sensible, avoid the vaccines like the plague until we see what happens to the millions of citizens the government just turned into guinea pigs.

But we do know that these vile creatures already have the blood of thousands on their hands – those who were denied the hope of existing cures and, coldly, allowed to die –  essentially sacrificed to the Greater Evil of the psyop and whatever its ultimate aims are.

So when we see the latest stats for the UK (leaving aside their the legendary falsification) that tell us the

“number of UK deaths from Covid 19 is 87,000” 

it could be more honestly reported as

“the number of UK citizens denied a known effective treatment and allowed to die is 87,000”.

There are no absolutes of course. One cannot say that all 87,000 would have lived if the cures had been made available but reports from the doctors who have had experience with using them suggest that, if treatment is started promptly enough, the survival rate can be as close to 100% as anything is ever likely to get.

Look at it this way:

If you are willing to gamble with the lives and long-term well being of millions by injecting them with an experimental biochemical product, that is one hell of a gamble.

Taking a risk of that magnitude – if you are sane – would have to be justified by the existence of a clear and present danger of comparable magnitude – a threat to the nation so dire, in other words, as to justify taking the risk.

But Covid19 does not fit that particular bill.

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