Live, Lie, repeat . . . when your government can’t stop lying

How to make the truth prevail

by Fabian Ubiquitus

Thought moves slowly though alcohol, drugs, semi consciousness, fear and irresponsibility so in trying to get a message across on a barmy planet like the one we live on, do not underestimate the effort required to penetrate the fog.

In fact, the “fog” often has the consistency of treacle so just saying something once ain’t gonna cut it. It requires:

1. Lots and lots and lots of repetition.

Repeat your message over and over and over in different ways and along different avenues.

This tactic has worked for the enemies of Man,. They have used it successfully to sell humanity one lie after another so if we use it to convey the truth, it will prove even more powerful.

Be relentless in repeating the message. Be matter of fact in repeating the message.

Repeat the message even when you are sick of repeating it.

Do not stop until it gets through.

Let the enemy expend and waste massive resources trying to shut you up. Wear him down. Exhaust him.

2. Simplicity.

A short, punchy message, sound bite or headline works better than long, learned articles couched it sparkling prose.

Collectively the human race currently has the attention span of a startled rabbit.

The oppressor, defamers and enslavers of Man have used this for a long time with great success to promote whatever lies suit their barmy agenda (and don’t be fooled, they KNOW they are lying) so we can have even more success with it promoting the truth.

The literacy level of the planet being what it is, the aforementioned sparkling prose sails gaily overhead like a stray missile that receives at best a startled uncomprehending glance as it briefly lights up the sky.

Short, punchy sound bites work the way bullets work better on a battlefield than attempts at fair-minded persuasion.

3. Multiple points of origination

One of the propaganda tricks used by the enemies of Man to sell one of their lies is to have the lie emanate from what appears to be many different sources. People bump into it “everywhere”, on their news feeds, on the radio, when they open a newspaper, in enemy-controlled scientific journals and so and so forth. Even though people instinctively know sources like the corporate media cannot be trusted, the fact that the lie appears to be “everywhere” creates the “well it must be true” impression.

Well, we can do that too. In the freedom movement now we have thousands upon thousands of potential points of origination for some idea we want to get across – more willing, dedicated and highly motivated points of origination by far then the enemy in fact – so let’s splurge on it and use our collective resources in a global cooperative endeavour to spread the truth and raise awareness.

Take the examples given at the end of this article: if tens of thousands of us make it our business to utter them, in our own words or not as we see fit, in social media posts, comments, texts, on our blogs and websites, in emails, in conversations, our message will become unstoppable.

This has already been happening and I’m merely arguing for us to pour coals on what we have already been doing with great success. Just look at the efforts of the enemy to sell the people of Earth a whopping great lie and the money and resources poured into it, the  tame media channels used and the psychological warfare tricks deployed and so forth and STILL their offensive against humanity is floundering.

Well, it’s floundering because it has run into a superior power: YOU.

4. Be honest.

At present, we are rich in resources in terms of the efforts of thousands of good people among the medical, scientific and humanitarian community – and indeed the sincere laymen – of this planet to preserve, uphold and advance the truth. Thanks to their efforts the ammo is there, ruddy great stockpiles and arsenals of it just begging to be put to use.

With all that in mind, here are two short, punchy bullets of truth that will if fired from enough machine guns, decimate the enemy:

1. A study by Johns Hopkins University of 48, 000 (FORTY EIGHT RUDDY THOUSAND) kids showed ZERO (ZILCH, NADA) deaths except among those suffering from serious pre-existing illnesses like Leukemia.

2. The CDC has just admitted the PCR Test cannot differentiate between COVID19 and the various influenza strains. This backs up and verifies what many experts have been saying from the beginning: the alleged pandemic is based on false stats from a useless test and the scary numbers derive from lumping together various illnesses (influenza A, influenza B etc) and calling them “Covid 19”.

5. And drum this home without mercy

Your government is lying.

Your government is lying.

Your government is lying.

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