When is a respiratory disease not a respiratory disease?

When it appears on government stats, apparently

by Liam Cook

There’s a discrepancy in the government’s stats on  “Coronavirus” Death and Overall Respiratory Deaths In England and Wales

COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus virus – SARS-Cov-2, is a respiratory disease.

By definition coronaviruses in general are viruses which attack the respiratory system. 

SARs-Cov-2 stands for “Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2”.

So why are the number of overall respiratory deaths as reported by the ‘Office for National Statistics in England going down whilst the number of death certificates with COVID 19 mentioned on them is going up?

How can thousands of deaths be caused by a respiratory virus  not be caused by a respiratory disease? 

Based on their reports this is what I found: 

Weekly deaths where the underlying cause was respiratory disease 

12                      13                   14                     15                    16
20-Mar-20     27-Mar-20     03-Apr-20     10-Apr-20     17-Apr-20
1,530                1,513                1,951                1,757                1,776

Weekly deaths where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate 

12                       13                     14                     15                   16
20-Mar-20      27-Mar-20      03-Apr-20      10-Apr-20    17-Apr-20
103                   539                 3,475             6,213             8,758

Do you see the discrepancy from week 14 onwards? How can more people be dying from this new respiratory disease by the thousands, whilst the number of people dying from a respiratory disease is well below the COVID19 number?

In Week 16, for instance, 8,758 death certificates had COVID 19 (a respiratory disease) listed on them. But only 1,776 deaths were caused by all respiratory diseases! So, let us say by some miracle that there were no deaths from the Flu, Asthma attacks, Lung cancer or any other non-COIVD19 related respiratory diseases. Let us be generous and say all the 1,776 respiratory deaths were caused by COVID19. That still leaves 6,982 COVID 19 cases who did not die of a respiratory disease. 

OK wait – almost 7,000 people who died of a respiratory disease, did not die of a respiratory disease? 

This makes no sense. 

Not only have all other respiratory diseases been wiped out of existence by COVID19, but this mysterious respiratory virus is magically killing 7000 people, without infecting their respiratory tract! 

Based on these figures, the first week of significant number of COVID19 deaths, 03-04-2020, had 3,475 COVID 19 deaths. In this week, the number of deaths where the underlying cause was a respiratory disease jumped up by…400 over the week before. OK this is a significant increase in respiratory deaths, but nowhere close to the 3,475 people who died with COVID19.

Since then, the number of people dying from respiratory disease has dropped by roughly 200/week since wek 14, yet the number of COVID19 deaths has continued to grow.

The most recently finalised statistics at this writing are for weekending 17-10-2020, where we now see a discrepancy of almost 7,000 COVID 19 “deaths” that were not the result of a respiratory infection!

Another interesting fact to point out is the deaths per week is massively over the 5 year average: 

Weekly total deaths all ages: 

12               13                  14                   15                   16
20-Mar-20   27-Mar-20   03-Apr-20    0-Apr-20     17-Apr-20

10,645           11,141           16,387          18,516            22,351

Average of corresponding week over the previous 5 years:

12                 13                    14                  15                   16
10,573           10,130            10,305            10,520         10,497

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that all those reported to die from COVID 19 would have lived had it not been for COVID 19,  that the number of people reported as COVID19 casualties would still be alive today if it wasn’t for this “deadly” disease, and lets see what the number of deaths per week would have been without COVID 19 deaths:

Weekly total deaths, all ages without COVID19 

12                    13                     14                 15                   16

10,542            10,602             12,912           12,303         13,593

Weekly total deaths: average of corresponding week over the previous 5 years

12                    13                    14                     15                   16

10,573          10,130           10,305             10,520            10,497

As you can see, even without the number of so called “COVID 19” related deaths, the weekly figures are already way above the 5 year average. A 29% increase to be precise over the average number of deaths at this time of year. 


  1. Despite the emergence of a novel and supposedly deadly respiratory disease, respiratory-related deaths have not increased and are declining. The number of respiratory-related deaths is well below the number of COVID19 deaths, meaning the majority, if not all of these COIVD19 deaths did not die because of COVID19 and their deaths were caused by something else. 
  2. As the number of deaths per week has climbed well above what is normal around this time of year, then there is also something other than COVID19 causing an increase in death. 
  3. The hospitals are not overwhelmed so that rules out the “we were too overwhelmed by COIVD19 cases to help other patients” excuse. We have more than enough ventilators to assisting with anyone suffering and needing one, considering there are fewer respiratory disease deaths now than in January  – the hospitals dealt with it then, they can deal with it now. 



Either “COVID19” is not a respiratory disease as we have been told or there something else causing thousands to lose their lives every week and it is being blamed on the virus. 

Either they really do not know what is happening and are blaming COVID19 whilst they try to figure it out. 

Or they really do know what is going on and are using this “COVID19” to cover-up something else, possibly more sinister.

Whichever it is, I think we should be told.

Meanwhile, the government’s own statistics show that the virus SARS-COV-2 is NOT killing all the people they say it is.


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