The PCR fraud: when a test is so flawed even its flaws have flaws

Further evidence suggests flipping a coin would be more accurate

by Caratacus

As the gentleman in this video says: WHAT THE F**K IS GOING ON?

To summarise: our criminal government has based its decision to inflict a new lock down on the country on the “rising cases” stat.

The “cases” stat is FALSE – VERY VERY FALSE – for several reasons, two of which are:

1. The gentleman in the video received a test in the post and sent the swab back to SERCO without actually using it. He then got back a “positive result” and was told to self isolate. It does not get more “false positive than that.

So what the hell is going on at SERCO? Are all the tests being dutifully sent in by concerned public being properly analysed or are a number (large or small or indeed all of them) simply not being analysed and “positive” and “negatives” arbitrarily assigned with the unsuspecting public none the wiser?

SERCO, having been handed the lucrative contract by its Tory Party pals, is being paid a lot of public money to do the job properly. Yet there is here the suspicion of a massive ongoing fraud that requires a thorough investigation, with charges brought for any person defrauding the public.

It also begs the question if this fraud is extensive, how many false positives is it resulting in?

Given that the government is basing its entire destructive strategy on the alleged rising numbers of “cases”, it is VITAL that any possible fraud such as this is thoroughly investigated and dealt with accordingly.

2. But the possibility of fraudulent negligence in the analysis of returned tests exists alongside a second fraud: the PCR test does not and cannot detect a live virus. All a “positive” tells you – if honestly done – is that the person has traces of viral remnants left in the their system from a prior infection (and one often so mild they barely noticed). It is NOT proof that they currently have COVID19. Even if the person shows some symptoms of COVID19,  it still is not conclusive because the symptoms are remarkably similar to and easily confused with other similar bugs.

This data is to be found on THE GOVERNMENT’S OWN WEBSITE (see

Therefore it is incorrect to declare everyone who gets a positive from the PCR test a “case” – indeed it is doubtful whether ANYONE can be confirmed a COVID case on the basis of this test.

The government KNOWS this. The data is right there on a government website for heaven’s sake!

Therefore, when it declares “cases” on the basis of the PCR test and thus considerably bumps up the “cases” stats, it is then basing its entire strategy on something less accurate than flipping a coi9n and is engaging in A DELIBERATE FRAUD.

So we have at least two frauds both contributing to falsely inflating the COVID cases numbers the government bangs on about.

The first is tests that are NOT ACTUALLY ANALYSED and the testee simply sent a letter arbitrarily labeling him positive without any evidence.

The second is the pretence that a positive means the person has COVID 19 when it means no such thing.

The second fraud in particular opens the door to other frauds:

A. A person enters hospital for some ailment or other and they recently tested positive or test positive on arrival. Even though this does not necessarily mean that they have COVID19 they are nevertheless counted as a “COVID admission”

B. Similarly, when extensive PCR testing is done in care homes or cancer wards and so forth on people statistically likely to die in any case, we get a large number of people who die within 28 days after testing positive and these are called “COVID deaths”. And thus the “with COVID” or “of COVID” deaths stats are inflated and this assists the effort to spread fear and thus acceptance of lock downs and other punitive strikes against the people.

Now this is not to say other forms of test are erroneous. I don’t know. I only know the PCR test is useless because the government has owned up to it (see the above link).

But what seems to me to be extremely likely,and therefore cause for concern for every UK citizen, based on what we know, is that the “cases” stats that are the basis for the latest round of scaremongering are to one degree or another FALSE and possibly quite considerably so, due to extensive reliance on the PCR test.

The fairest and most sensible course at this stage, considering what is at stake, is to also have this whole matter thoroughly investigated as well. And anyone found to have been perpetrating a fraud should be brought to justice.

And I mean ANYONE.  Considering the damage being done I do not see why anyone involved in crimes against the people – IF such are found by a PROPER investigation – should be let off the hook.

If we set an example now , put a few heads on pikes, metaphorically speaking, we may well deter future criminals from trying such capers and thus save ourselves or our descendants a whole lot of grief.

We do not need more waffle, spin, propaganda,justifications or bewildering “stats”. We need JUSTICE and we need it now.

The video below is  at



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