Smoke and mirrors!

June 23, 2023 0

The following essays by Bern Parsons provide you with a clear understanding of how the smoke-and-mirrors of the Convid Plandemic was engineered by subversive puppeteers to the massive detriment of The People. The fake pandemic […]


PCR Test horror shock

November 23, 2021 0

by Steve Cook                                                                  […]


Test less accurate than PCR test discovered!

April 6, 2021 1

by Jon Davy The arch loon in Downing Street, Borifice McMuppet has come up with another brilliant wheeze according to the front page of today’s Times (5th April 2021). Everybody in the UK will be […]


Beware of things that “everybody knows”

January 19, 2021 0

Introduction by Kieron McFadden The following video is fascinating. It is about 2o minutes long and well worth watching if you want to gain a little bit broader insight into the shenanigans that have gone […]

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