Smoke and mirrors!

How millions were terrorised by quackery and fakery

The following essays by Bern Parsons provide you with a clear understanding of how the smoke-and-mirrors of the Convid Plandemic was engineered by subversive puppeteers to the massive detriment of The People. The fake pandemic was, as we now know, engineered to create a demand for or acceptance of the booby-trapped pseudovaxes, which appear judging by their results to be designed to sicken and/or kill large swathes of the populace.

We think these essays will help you understand how the fake pandemic was brought into being.


I am a qualified Chemist by trade, and spent over 25 years carrying out classical wet chemical and instrumental analysis.

This included method validation (whereby I and others would validate others’ methods) , and method development whereby I produced a method and others would have to get the same results, and accuracy as me.

In early February 2020 through ‘trade’ papers l heard about the PCR ‘adoption’ , without proper validation, by the WHO and alarm bells were ringing then, especially from those who had seen the 2015 Avian flu episode (one of the trial runs for CONvid 19) which was a complete flop.

The hierarchy of the WHO were ALL found to have links with Big Pharma, so the investigative journalists questioned the motives and won the day.

The WHO had already changed pandemic criteria (2009 from memory) from excess mortality to excess cases.

Therefore all they needed was a test to give them positive figures, regardless of the medical condition of the person, and away you go.

The 2015 lessons were learnt, especially when 4 weeks AFTER the telling everyone to get jabbed to safeguard against infection, it was found Margaret Chan (then head of the WHO) hadn’t had the jab herself because the people couldn’t find space in her diary !!

The PCR test was invented by the late, great Kary Mullis in the late 80s. He always said it should never be used as a diagnostic tool because it cannot tell you whether what they find in your body is what had made you ill.

I learnt about the technique though and have the official WHO method. In November 2020 50 of the top virologists in Europe found 10 MAJOR faults with the method (one is usually enough to bin it) and requested the EMA to withdraw it immediately.

That took another 12 months by which time the world had been plunged into complete fear!!


These events were all planned from Event 201 when a mock ‘pandemic’ involving health leaders, military top brass, government officials, was played out at John Hopkins University in November 2019.

Most of the exercise was spent on suppression of information and censorship of ANY ‘dissent’ rather than coping with effects!!

It was sponsored by the Gates Foundation.

By pure “coincidence” Gates patented a Covid 19 vaccine the same month (before Sars Cov 2 existed).

Then within 2 months the WHO accepted the Drosden/Croman PCR test within 24 hours of submission (without ANY validation) when the death toll was just SIX among 7.8 billion Worldwide.

Why the rush or the priority when other diseases were killing hundreds of thousands daily?

Croman also ‘forgot’ to disclose he was director of largest producer of PCR testing kits Worldwide.

Drosden also failed to say his chief funder was the Gates foundation.

The fact of the matter is that without the complete bullshit data these fraudulent tests generated they have NOTHING!!


The corrupt-to-the-core World Health Organisation accepted the ‘Gold Standard’ PCR test (never validated) in late Jan 2020.

The test. like the lateral flow test, is COMPLETE MEANINGLESS NONSENSE!!

For ANY test to be labelled gold standard you need a pure isolate of the ‘virus’ .

Even 3 and a half years later there is NO ISOLATE.

Even those ‘virologists’ who claim to have isolated it (like every other virus) have just a ‘soup’ of many components, and nothing pure.

NOT one ‘isolation’ has had a control experiment (on non diseased tissue) run alongside it.

Apart, that is, from one run recently by Dr Steffan Lanka. He proved beyond doubt the electron microscope results are EXACTLY the same for diseased tissue as non diseased tissue.

This means if you ‘starve’ a cell it breaks down and ‘dies’ anyway. Virology is TOTAL junk science designed to ‘aid’ the bullshit germ theory of Pasteur.

Anyway, without the data from the fraudulent, easily manipulated PCR test you are left with NOTHING. The Epidemiological computer models become worthless, mortality or cause of death cannot be verified, and the ‘cure’ is rubbish as you don’t know what you are curing!! A complete crime against humanity!!



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