Test-and-trace: subversion-at-the-touch-of-a-button that borders on criminal genius

The war on humanity in a nutshell

In-a-nutshell by Watchdog

The attack on humanity continues.

The strategy has switched from the imposition of lockdowns to the imposition of track and trace pinging to (they hope) crush resistance to the the deadly booby-trapped experimental pseudo vaccines.

The overall strategy is unchanged: to cause as much fear, uncertainty and disruption as possible until the spirit of the people is crushed and they submit to the pseudo-vaccines.

It has always been – and remains – about frightening, pressuring or hoodwinking you into letting yourself be injected with their experimental biochemical agents.

The latest psychological warfare caper has been to (lol) “liberate ” you from lockdowns that have  become broadly recognised as a farce and replace that method of bludgeoning the populace into submission  with the use of the track-and-trace system.

It is a simple strategy that can be summed up thus:

test millions of people

the test will return many positives, the majority of them false. A positive, false or otherwise, is not of itself evidence that the tested person is sick, infectious or any other ruddy thing. They are nevertheless deemed solely on the basis of that “positive” to be a “case”.

If the “case” has the test and trace app then everyone that person has been near (in the same restaurant, on the same bus etc etc) is pinged and is then obliged to self isolate.

The person pinged is not sick. The person pinged cannot verify the truthfulness or accuracy of who exactly was tested or the accuracy of the test result or the validity of the ping.

So you can wind up being forced into isolation when you are not sick because you came “near” someone who was not sick ether.

This therefore hands a great tool to those suppressive elements seeking to crush the nation. Simply by sending out pings, some faceless enemy can confine millions of healthy people to house arrest and thus damage businesses and prosperity further.

If you want to increase the disruption and the easy confinement of healthy citizens, send out more pings.

If you want to send out a fusillade of pings, just send them out. If you want to cover your ass with an excuse that makes your caper look legit, simply do more PCR tests with the cycle threshold set really high. The more tests you do and the higher the cycle threshold of those tests, the more “positives’ you will get and the more people will be pinged.

If you are pinged, whether you are actually ill or not (usually not) you are confined to your home.

Under lockdown you could still leave the house. Under the track and trace,  if you are pinged, you can’t.

This system lays you open to this:

Someone you have never met and don’t know from Adam has a PCR test and the test comes back positive.

It is by now well known and beyond dispute that a PCR test “positive” is of itself and on its own meaningless and DOES NOT MEAN THE PERSON HAS COVID19 or is even ill. Its use by the government to “identify cases’ IS MALICIOUS AND KNOWING FRAUD. This has been covered at such length in numerous places there is no point in going over it yet again here.

Nevertheless, some stranger somewhere gets a positive and because you happened to have been in the same restaurant, estate agent, shop, bus or whatever as that person -and regardless of whether you were religiously following all the rules about masks, social distancing, sanitising etc etc, you get pinged.

You are now automatically legally required to isolate yourself at home even though you are perfectly well, naturally immune through having already had it (mildly, asymptomatically or otherwise).

You cannot verify the validity of the ping or know who is supposed to have ‘infected’ you.

After one week of self isolation you are free again but now someone else you don’t know has tested positive and you are pinged again and you are forced to self isolate once more. A week later you are free but two days after that you are pinged again because you were in the same cafe as someone else who tested positive.

And so it goes.

It might not (might not) get that bad – and hopefully not even close for the sake of your quality of life and the future of your country. But this system is akin to arming a crook with a Kalashnikov. And cleaning it and loading if for him into the bargain. It is not guaranteed he will shoot you with it but . . .

And remember, this incredibly elaborate system is being inflicted on you to “protect” you from an alleged bug that is (if you consider the false positives of immensely flawed tests and  indeed the meaninglessness of most actual positives) not all that infectious, no real  threat to the vast majority of people and rarely fatal (and then mostly for people over 80). And for which numerous safe and effective remedies exist in any case.

This con is a quite remarkable piece of subversion-at-the-touch-of-a-button that borders on criminal genius.

So what do we do about this attack?


Well, if it were me I’d never install the booby-trapped app.

Or I’d uninstall it.

Or get a new phone.

Or find myriad ways to withdraw my cooperation.

And I’d get the word out about this caper as broadly as I can.

We are at war with some seriously suppressive criminal creepoids determined to bring us down and what will really drive them over the edge into certifiable unmistakably visible lunacy is if we flourish and prosper.

We can do that.


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