When truth goes viral, tyrannies die, even when they’re carefully masked

"Your government is lying" and other rock-solid certainties.

Intro by Steve Cook

There is nothing new or surprising in the fact that governments lie.

We all know they do and that truthful governments, whilst highly desirable, are regrettably rare.

We can all recognise, too, that the world would be far safer, calmer and more fit for decent human beings to live in if this were not the case.

Whilst we can  accept that governments lie, what has been harder to come to terms with is the DEGREE to which out government has lied over the issue of the Covid 19 Fear.

And whilst we can accept that our politicians are too often dishonest men, the viciousness of the intent behind the dishonesty can at times be too gruesome to contemplate.

On the matter of Covid 19, the lies emanating from the crooks, con men and cabalists currently running our government have been so many and so calculatingly destructive, they can make your hair curl, your head spin and your heart wilt. In fact, it is difficult to find anything we have been told by these facile liars that is actually true.

Yet, to prevail against something inimical to one’s well being, one must first confront it.

So let’s confront it, just a little bit, one lie at a time and take a look at the following article where Tom Grimshaw has laid things out for you in straightforward terms.

As Tom points out in the article, people crave certainty and they get upset when certainties are absent. Well, the article gives you some certainties you CAN depend on, starting with a primary rock-solid certainty: YOUR GOVERNMENT IS LYING.


The Truth  Dispels Covid Lies

by Tom Grimshaw

I have read that the most important thing you can do for a person is to increase their certainty.

I also know you survive best with truth. You’ve probably heard the saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

This is because what you taught him was true and he has certainty on it so he can apply the data and live better for applying it. Not all data we receive is true.

You yourself have probably observed lies from the news or politicians. People who have believed a lie have fragile certainty. They reject data contrary to the lie because they’re afraid of the uncertainty which may follow if the lie is exposed.

The automatic reaction of the vast majority of such people when confronted with the truth is to reject it, dispute it, to try to find flaws with it or discredit the messenger.

Cognitive dissonance is the term frequently used to describe what happens to them. Something you did brought you to the point of reading this article.

Maybe it was the illogics in the government responses and rules but whatever it was, you’re here. The important thing is that the willingness to look and the courage to face what is there are uncommon abilities and if you have those I respect and admire you for it.

COVID is a man interfered with viral infection from which the infected suffer the same overall mortality rate as the seasonal flu.

From 2003 to 2009 the WHO web site contained the description of a pandemic as: “An influenza pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity, resulting in several simultaneous epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness.” The ‘enormous numbers of deaths and illnesses” was dropped in 2009.

According to statistics and validated science, the medical authorities and government response to COVID-19 is grossly disproportionate, incorrect and destructive. 180 degrees wrong.

Collected from many people highly qualified in their field, what follows is a broad and deep compilation of evidence to substantiate your suspicions or gut feeling that there is something wrong. In fact, very seriously wrong.

What we do individually and collectively after gaining certainty on this data will determine the future of this civilisation. I sincerely hope you take bold and decisive action on your new found certainty.

Medical Technocrats Get It 100% Wrong

● Dr Lee Merritt says of Fauci, Brix et al: “Everything they said was wrong. Now, they were wrong about what they were telling us and they were wrong by errors of omission, not telling us things that we knew to be helpful. And I’m talking about knowing in science for 20 years. So I can give you the benefit of doubt if you’re wrong about one of two things, but when you’re wrong 100% of the time consistently, that’s not by accident. I mean even a blind hog gets to eat corn once in a while.” https://www.tomgrimshaw.com/tomsblog/?p=33980

88 Simple Truths About the Virus, the Pandemic and Everything in Between: https://thefreedomarticles.com/88-simple-truths-viruspandemic-everything-in-between/

The Truth Is Being Suppressed

● Several cures exist for COVID-19 the were and are being actively suppressed so as to increase the level of perceived necessity for what has been fraudulently promoted as a vaccine here is but one: https://www.biospectrumasia.com/news/91/16457/australian-developseffective-triple-therapy-to-treat-covid-19.html

● COVID-Man Interfered With Virus has 17 Patents https://subsplash.com/churchofgladtidings/lb/mi/+kn37nbr

● Covid is a Global Propaganda Operation https://rumble.com/vkppo0-covid-is-a-global-propaganda-operation.html

Proper Procedures Ignored – No Proof COVID Exists

● Koch’s postulates are four criteria designed to establish a causative relationship between a microbe and a disease. The postulates were formulated by Robert Koch and Friedrich Loeffler in 1884, based on earlier concepts described by Jakob Henle, and refined and published by Koch in 1890.

The four are:

1. The microorganism or other pathogen must be present in all cases of the disease

2. The pathogen can be isolated from the diseased host and grown in pure culture

3. The pathogen from the pure culture must cause the disease when inoculated into a healthy, susceptible laboratory animal

4. The pathogen must be reisolated from the new host and shown to be the same as the originally inoculated pathogen No Freedom of Information Request to any government, medical or scientific body has yielded an answer that they have done this! https://www.tomgrimshaw.com/tomsblog/?p=31171

● Government in Ireland Forced to Admit Covid-19 Does Not Exist: https://ourtube.co.uk/watch/KMsXxHxKMkswuDw

● Government in Australia has not isolated SARS Covid-19: https://www.tomgrimshaw.com/tomsblog/?p=31974

● Proven in a court of law in Canada: https://www.bitchute.com/video/yeRdDjGFTplh/


Masks Do Not Prevent Transmission Of Viruses

40 Medical Articles Debunking Masking https://www.tomgrimshaw.com/tomsblog/?p=31801


Lockdowns Harm More Than They Help

● Scott Atlas and the Efficacy of Lockdowns, Social Distancing, and Closings https://www.hoover.org/research/doctor-scott-atlas-andefficacy-lockdowns-social-distancing-and-closings

The PCR Test Was Not Created To & Cannot Determine Infection

● The Entire Basis For The Lockdowns Is A Lie! Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test, said “…these PCR tests cannot detect free infectious viruses at all.”

● The Azores Regional Health Authority quarantined 4 German tourists because one tested positive for COVID. The tourists took the Portuguese government to court claiming the test was unable to tell if they had COVID or not. The tourists won their case on the evidence presented. https://www.rt.com/op-ed/507937-covid-pcr-test-fail/

● In July 2021 the Center for Disease Control withdrew the emergency use authorisation for the PCR test to be used to detect COVID as it
cannot distinguish between COVID and the normal flu. https://www.tomgrimshaw.com/tomsblog/?p=34085

● The lab doing the tests for the NSW Health Department cannot distinguish the Delta variant of COVID. Question: If the PCR test cannot distinguish between COVID and the flu or detect the Delta variant, from where do the government get the numbers they quote? If your instant response was “Out of thin air?” I am inclined to agree with you!

The Experimental COVID Shot

● This shot is an experimental gene therapy. The reason it has never before been used is that prior versions of it have never made it past previous clinical trials. In those trials, while it had short term benefits, it later had the effect of ramping up the immune system such that subsequent infections harmed or killed the animal subjects. A condition known variously as pathogenic priming or ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement). https://www.tomgrimshaw.com/tomsblog/?p=33166

● According to the manufacturer’s data the shot does not prevent infection, does not prevent transmission and does not lessen the symptoms of the infection. In fact one doctor referred to the current COVID jab as “like taking a sledge hammer to your immune system”.

● Ex Pfizer Executive Speaks About Experimental COVID Jab https://ugetube.com/watch/x-vise-president-of-pfizer-latest-messageeveryone-must-listen_lVDD2tpttVcSOjo.html

● Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, “What These Jabs Do To The Brain And Other Organs”. “This is no longer good science, this is a poisonous attack on our population and it needs to stop now!” https://rumble.com/vkopys-a-pathologist-summary-of-what-these-jabs-doto-the-brain-and-other-organs.html

● You can’t eradicate a viral respiratory disease. (eg. the common cold.) https://rumble.com/vkv350-dr-dan-stock-862021.html

● Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated is A BLATANT LIE! Variations Come From Mutations IN THE VACCINATED! https://video.foxnews.com/v/videoembed.html?video_id=6266738894001

● Dr. Kobi Haviv, medical director of Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, “85 to 90% of the hospitalizations are in fully vaccinated people,” and “95% of the severe patients are vaccinated.” https://www.ntd.com/majority-of-hospitalized-covid-19-patients-arefully-vaccinated-at-israel-hospital-doctor_656475.html

● COVID Shots Are Bioweapons https://www.bitchute.com/video/i2fMnrMH3Zm3/

62% of Dr Charles Hoffe’s COVID=19 vaccinated patients test positive for recent blood clots: https://rumble.com/vjino9-direwarning-from-dr.-charles-hoffe.html

Government Response To COVID-Part Of The Greatest Scam Ever

● Covid is a Global Propaganda Operation https://rumble.com/vkppo0-covid-is-a-global-propaganda-operation.html

● Governments around the world are following the fear strategy to forward the totalitarian one world government agenda as outlined in the Rockerfeller ‘Lockstep’ document released in 2010: https://thealterofdeceit.net/2020/05/09/rockefeller-foundation-paperpublished-in-2010-lockstep/

● What we are going through has all been planned for years. Read the head of the IMF and World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab’s book ‘COVID and the Great Reset’.

● Heads of state who refuse to vaccinate their people are dying or being assassinated: Burundi Pierre Nkurunziza 8 June 2020 Haiti Jovenel Moise 7 July 2021 Ivory Coast Hamed Bakayoko 3 March 2020 Swaziland Ambrose Dlamini 13 Decmber 2020 Tanzania John Magulfi 17 March 2021

● America’s Frontline Doctors are suing the CDC over what a whistleblower revealed, they covered up 45,000 deaths reported within 3 days of receiving the COVID shot: https://rumble.com/vk28y9-u.s.federal-lawsuit-filed-based-on-cdc-whistleblower-claiming-45000deaths.html

● You are probably familiar with the expression, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!” and you may also know, “He who has the gold rules.” Well if you have 110 billion dollars that is a lot of gold! And if you sprinkle it liberally in the direction of the main medical and scientific institutions, that gains you an awful lot of influence and might stop a lot of dogs from biting your hand!

● Peruvian court finds Bill Gates, George Soros and Rockefeller family “created” coronavirus pandemic: https://www.newstarget.com/202101-29-bill-gates-george-soros-rockefeller-family-coronavirus.html

Summary And Action Plan

As I said earlier, “What we do individually and collectively after gaining certainty on this data will determine the future of this civilisation.

I sincerely hope you take bold and decisive action on your new found certainty.”

Step 1 If you do not already have a certainty for yourself that this plandemic is a scam from start to finish, reread the above, relisten to the referenced experts or do your own data collection until you have that as an incontrovertible, unshakeable and unassailable certainty.

Step 2 Decide that the destructive government mandates advised by the medical mafia must stop and that you will do something within your power to bring that about, despite the rejection you will receive from those who are still under the spell of the fear hypnosis or those who profit from it.

Step 3 Forward this PDF or the link to it to those on your communication lines, your family, your friends and associates.

If you do not think that advisable, pick something in it that you feel comfortable forwarding, clip it out and forward that.

Step 4 If you are a member of the public, let your politicians know where you stand, brief or send this data to your local member of parliament.

If you are a member of parliament, start asking questions in question time, vote against extending lockdowns, mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports.

My body, my choice!

Step 5 Look for and find like minded people/groups on this issue and support them.

Step 6 Support local small businesses that have been hard hit by these wrong headed lockdowns.

Step 7 Push back. Take every opportunity to politely, peacefully and non-violently let those making or enforcing these destructive measures that you do not agree.

After all, many of them can think and probably have the same questions as you and I!

Your polite exposure of the lies helps them too!

Find out more about Tom Grimshaw at these links:

People’s Media News Dashboard


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