Government website reveals extensive “COVID cases” fraud

“RT-PCR detects presence of viral genetic material in a sample but is not able to distinguish whether infectious virus is present. “

Government report

by David Linden

Today’s breaking news is that a paper published on the government’s website has revealed that the infamous “PCR” test is of no use in detecting whether a live infection is present.

Ministers are said to be fearful of a furious public backlash in reaction to what is now known to be an ongoing fraud used to spread  disinformation about the infectiousness of a flu-like bug  that can prove serious in a small number of cases.

In essence what has happened is this:

The “PCR”test has been carried out on a large and growing number of people.

This has inevitably produced a large and growing number of “positives”.

The test has a number of possible flaws and proneness to inaccuracy and many have criticised the irresponsibility of using it as proof of the spread of any disease. However, if properly done can detect the presence of minute amounts of the remnants of genetic material from various viruses, the COVID19 virus among them.

The detection of the presence of these leftover bits of genetic material DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN the person is currently infected with a live virus.

It can show, for instance, that the person was to one degree or another previously infected (and often so mildly they scarcely noticed) and some of the viral material from the previous infection has not yet been flushed out of their system. The PCR test then detects these remnants and produces a “positive”.

These “positives” are then fraudulently called “cases” by the government.

It is not known at this stage the percentage of “cases” that were not actually cases but it is believed, given that the test CANNOT DETECT a LIVE VIRUS to be high.

This has then enabled Ministers to spread alarm at the “number of cases” that are showing up, justified instructing people to self isolate, instruct those they have been in contact with to self isolate, lock down entire communities, falsely declare that the “disease is spreading out of control” and various other aspects of social and economic mayhem that have inflicted misery on the populace.

An investigation is being urged into whether the fraudulent reporting of “cases” has also falsely inflated the “COVID death” stats. One source alleged that :

“When the focus is on testing large numbers of very old people who are in care homes and people in hospital undergoing treatment for life-threatening illnesses such as cancer and such people “test positive” for COVID, then die of old age or their existing condition within 28 days of having allegedly tested positive, this  would push up the “COVID deaths” or “deaths with COVID” numbers, creating yet more needless alarm.”

In light of the information having been published on the government’s own website, it is evident that ministers may have known all along that their declared number of “cases” was fraudulent.

It is not known at this stage whether the government plans to apologise for the damage its miscreant behaviour has inflicted on the country or whether the ministers, advisers and so forth responsible will resign and/or face criminal charges.

Yet even though the uselessness of the PCR test has been admitted, the government is still using its “results” to justify further damaging measures and the ruination of thousands of businesses that rely on Christmas sales.

The seriousness of these revelations can be best understood in the context of admissions by the Chief Medical Officer as long ago as May that COVID 19 is only dangerous in a very small number of cases (see below).

These two facts throw into question what precisely the government has been playing at these past months.

One source told this reporter that:

“The disingenuous campaign by the government and its evident determination to use that disinformation to  bring down the country raise questions that every citizen should be asking, namely what the true agenda of the government is.”

The quoted government admission comes from

Understanding cycle threshold (Ct) in SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR

A guide for health protection teams

You can find it at the top of page 6 .

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6 Comments on Government website reveals extensive “COVID cases” fraud

  1. There is more than evidence to prove deliberate fraud and crimes aginst humanity having been committed by the UK govt. Apologies from those responsible is not enough. They need to face criminal charges.

  2. a class action law suit by the citizens should now be brought against the government, ministers, mps and police officials and charged with sedition, manslaughter and fraud viz The Act of Supremacy and s61 of the Magna Carta.
    We should now reimpose Common law and rid ourselves of Maritime Law or Law of the Sea and legalies, abolish the law that stated parliament is sovereign and re-establish sovereignty of the people.

  3. Excellent article that reinforces what many have been saying for weeks.
    This government and our parliament are a disgrace and I’m hoping that shortly this Covid Fraud will be brought to a conclusion that will leave many red-faced and running for cover.

  4. I and many others have been saying this for months. Very highly qualified and experienced scientists including Nobel Prize winners have pointed this out but the majority of our MPs have said nothing. THIS IS A SCANDAL THAT WILL END IN TEARS AND HOPEFULLY PRISON SENTENCES AND REFORM OF OUR GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS.

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