Smoke and Mirrors: how the elite use race to divide and rule

How does a self-appointed elite handful of people maintain their dominion and control over millions of people they consider to be slaves/minions/serfs/cattle? How does the self-appointed herdsman contol the herd? There are several interwoven mechanisms – the puppet master’s strings and levers – at work. They include

  • the mechanics of the economic system and its bogus money
  • the control cult of psychiatry and mass drugging
  • dumbing down through mis-education
  • hijacking people’s religious and spiritual aspirations (“God says what we re doing is okay”)
  • controlling information (lying and making false reports) through channels of information (media)
  • the ancient ploy of divide and rule

The common denominator of all of them is deceit. To deceive means “to mislead by deliberate misrepresentation or lies.”

Here is a very clear explanation of how race is used by the elite as a divide and rule operation. – Steve

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