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We got this!

by Fabian

I keep seeing posts and comments from people who say how bad it all is, how the people are all sheep, how “everybody” is submitting to the overwhelming might of the government, how our efforts are futile and there is not much hope when you think about it . . .

Blah, blah yaketyak

Well, aside from the fact that this contradicts observable experience for most people – except perhaps those unlucky in the calibre of people they have surrounded themselves with – I thought it worth looking over from the point of view of the effort being made to stop us.

The enemies of man are not “government” as a generality but the specific criminal, oppressive individuals who have infiltrated and subverted it.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that government has always been as attractive as a lamp to a moth for men of criminal or oppressive disposition because of the opportunities it presents to fleece, rob, lord it over and generally give a hard time to large numbers of decent human beings.

Indeed, one of the tasks before us as we build our better civilisation is to devise ways to detect and prevent this propensity on the part of a small number of degraded loons being continually inflicted on us.

It is not set in stone that it must always be this way. It has been this way thus far because we let it.

The effort of those subversives to oppress the people is carried out mainly through the agency of subterfuge, lies and the dark art of propaganda – influencing the conclusions people come to by manipulating the info and mood on which they are able to base their decisions.

This is somewhat south of the use of reason. There is probably some sort of gradient scale with Reason (use of, encouragement of) at the top, descending though threats and force into deceit (lies, propaganda etc) at the bottom.

Where a person or group or government is operating on that scale depends on their general mental state, emotional condition and inclinations.

People of criminal intent, who are up to no good, never start at Reason but wade right in from the outset with threats and force often allied to efforts to deceive.

When they are too afraid to use force openly, the methods become more sly and underhand and we wind up with elaborate lies and deceits. which is where our government is at right now.

And there is no doubt that these are cowardly, sly and very frightened men.

One of the miracles of our time has been the sudden flowering of a freedom movement the like of which I have never seen –  and I have been around a looooong time.

We are talking here of not just a few “idealistic youth”or congenital rebels, but people by the million from every generation, social class and profession. The government now has its hands full with a movement that includes medical, legal, business and other professionals by the thousand and every generation from kids to pensioners.

Trust in government and the media, by survey, is at it lowest ebb ever.

Despite the coordinated propaganda efforts by the government and its friends in the media, aided and assisted by the psyop experts of the Army’s Brigade 77, the Tavistock psychological warfare institute and so on, the criminals embedded in Suppression Central in Westminster are losing the propaganda war. The freedom movement is growing at phenomenal rates.

[And as an aside, let us not lose the sight of the fact that this is a war and not a stroll in the park.]

What the enemies of Man are facing here is the unstoppable nature of an idea. Nothing can stop an idea, certainly not guns, armour plate or fortress walls. All we have to do is ensure our ideas are genuinely good ones and stay honest.

So we have a cartel of suppressive vested interests who have taken advantage of our lack of due vigilance, subverted our government and are trying to run a scam that will enrich and empower them further.

But is is not going well. Far too many people, from their perspective, have woken up and are fighting back and the number of those people is growing exponentially.

All we in the freedom movement have to do is keep going, keep plugging away relentlessly with our message.

Our willingness to do this has gotten us far in a short space of time.

Look back just a few months to when the surprise attack of the COVID hoax was first sprung on us. The ranks of the “dissidents” numbered a few heroic individuals (I am shamed to say I was not one of them because like an idiot – and I should have known better – I initially bought into the lies).

Fast forward a few months to now and see how the movement has grown from a few to many, with the ranks swelling by the day. This is in large measure due to two things:

  • An enemy that keeps shooting himself in the foot (and head and ass).
  • The Few who refused to be cowed or silent, kept at it and became the Many.

Looking forward and extrapolating from what has already occurred, expect this growth to continue or even accelerate.

Expect the clear and present danger of a criminally insane government to become increasingly evident and its real and extant threat to outweigh in the minds of the people the bogus threat of the smoke-and-mirrors pandemic.

As Suppression Central’s attack on the country continues and becomes more obvious for what it really is, as the pain of it becomes more intense and as people become more and more sick and tired of being mucked about for no good reason by weak men of feeble intellect and feebler credibility or charisma, expect the simmering revolt to heat up until it boils.

The New Year will see the hoax continue to unravel under the weight of evidence, the lies surface like the remnants of a shipwreck and the actual observable consequences of this oppressive caper will make themselves very painfully felt.

What you have here is a “government” with serious crimes against its own people that will not even be able to rely on the police or army to enforce its feckless and dissolute will when push comes to shove.

From the perspective of the freedom movement and the People’s Media what is coming into view are several things:

  1. the extent of the criminality and deceit to which we have been subjected.
  2. the degree to which our government in all three of its branches (executive, legislature and judiciary) has been subverted and democracy turned into a pretence and a con game.
  3. the awareness that this must change.
  4. the arrival of an opportunity. It is an opportunity, if we are smart enough, to turn all this to our advantage. To learn from what we have experienced of governments cast adrift from Reason and to adopt firm measures to stop it continually happening  to us, to remove the criminal efforts of man’s enemies from our environment so that we can progress with far less inhibition of our honest efforts in building a civilisation truly fit for decent people like you to live in.

In order to achieve our goal of a decent civilisation under the practical administration of capable men of good will and common sense we have but to keep going.

Such things require persistence. Getting one’s message to people through the noise and distractions, penetrating the smoke-screen of the cultivated chaos of “information” requires persistence and a willingness to repeat that message and go on repeating it until it prevails. Which it will.

You out out a message that gets knocked back or sneered at or invalidated with some new falsehood in an effort to stop or discourage you from communicating? Put out your communication tenfold.

Human beings like certainties. Amid the engineered chaos of information that besets us they are, apparently, scarce.

Many people will therefore will latch on to a certainty that is presented. Thus the certainty of “the vaccine will save us” is presented and many will clutch it to their bosom.

As it becomes unmasked as something far less a certainty than it was cracked up to be, rely on the enemies of man to present another, even if it is a horrible one.

But we people of good will can present our fellows with better, more stable certainties. We have but to keep on putting them there, persisting through the noise and chaos until those certainties prove stable enough for people to start aligning their ideas and viewpoints to them.

And we have an advantage over man’s enemies: we are more numerous and more motivated than  they.

In the meantime witness and be aware of one aspect of the psyop that is being waged against the People: the effort to seed our groups and our lines of communication with defeatist messages, “oh how hopeless it all is”, “we are really quite helpless,” “nothing we do makes any difference”, “all my friends and family are with the government!”

Unfortunately people can be influenced by such messages, pick up on them and forward them. They are not necessarily the source of them but catch them at the wrong moment: they’re on FB or some such thing one morning when they are not feeling at their best or they’ve had personal setbacks that left them feeling temporarily a bit dispirited.

Then along comes the defeatist message courtesy of the psyop wallahs and it strikes a chord . . .

Something to watch for.

Demoralising, confusing or dividing the enemy is standard psyop technique, very useful when your enemy is a twat like Hitler but very undesirable  – and unpatriotic – when it is turned against your own citizens.



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