Government PCR test fraud – it’s more evil than you think

Government admits test cannot detect presence of infectious virus


by Steve Cook

The goverment’s woes deepened yesterday when a hitherto stalwart Tory publication, Conservative Woman, joined the cacaphony of protest from lawyers, doctors and professional people across a broad spectrum of the citizenry against the government’s pseudoscience and fraud and the economic and social sabotage based thereon.

We’ve featured the article below as it is extremly cogent and well written, whilst scathing of the government’s lack of integrity, its glib and somewhat dim reliance on “experts” who are manifestly anything but expert and its persistence in using the thoroughly discredited PCR test.

But even this article does not go far enough.

Like many commentators for some mysterious reason it skirts around one crucial and utterly damning point:


This is not me saying it, nor is it the government’s critics saying it, IT IS THE GOVERNMENT ITSLF SAYING IT  on its own ruddy website.

If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself. The report is here  (

Go to the top of page 6 of this report and read: “RT-PCR detects presence of viral genetic material in a sample but is not able to distinguish whether infectious virus is present.” [emphasis is in the original]

It does not get much clearer than that.

The test detects the presence of genetic material from a vius (so if you had the virus or a similar virus (such as flu or a cold) at some unspecified time in the past, trace amounts of remnants of genetic material from that infection can be detected but it cannot tell you whether a live infectious virus is present.

Leaving aside the various other problems of thousands upon thousands of false positives very ably covered in the article below, even a correct positive – which might be a relatively rare result –  DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN you are infected with a live virus!

Therefore,  to have someone take the test and get a positive result and then delcare that means they are infected with the live virus is a DELIBERATE DECEPTION.

Let me repeat that: THE GOVERNMENT’S OWN WEBSITE SAYS, I QUOTE:  “RT-PCR detects presence of viral genetic material in a sample but is not able to distinguish whether infectious virus is present.”


Yet the government HAS CONTINUED USING IT.

It has continued to claim its “positives” (mostly false but some even true) mean the person is infected with the COVID19 virus.  BUT THE PCR TEST CANNT TELL YOU THAT.

This is not a “mistake” or a major, catastrophic goof by its incompetent so-called experts who somehow contrive not to know this simple, clearly stared fact.

This is a DELIBRATE DECEIT, carried out in contradcition of what the government knows to be true.

It has continued on the basis of those KNOWN FALSE DIAGNOSES to justify lochkdowns and various other socially damaging measures.

This is a lie, an untruth, a fabrication, falsehood, fraudulence, deception, hyperbole, aspersion, untruth, tale, fib, mendacity, distortion, fiction.

That one whopping falsehood alone, which utterly destroys, annihilates, demolishes, obliterates or razes to the ground the entire government case, should have seen the gang of crooks responsible crash and burn.

Indeed, so vast and damaging has been this deception – which would have been considered an act of war if perpetrated by a power embedded elsewhere than in our own government – one wonders who is shielding the perpetrators from the conquences.

Indeed, both the Pariliament and the judiciary have by their inaction taken on the colur of collaborators and fellow subversives quite willing to stand by and cover for the fraudsters whilst they continue their sting.

That a government so mendacious has not been torn down and replaced by something with a modicum of integrity simply beggars belief.

The betrayal of trust runs broad and deep yet here and there within our political establishment people with conscience are hanging on in there and some are courageous enough to speak out.

Conservative Woman is a case in point.

It falls just short of calling a spade a spade but it does at least call it a shovel and not a spoon.

Hancock must face the futility and irresponsibility of PCR testing

By Kathy Gyngell

LONDON has been threatened with the strictest tier 3 Covid restrictions on the basis that an ‘expert’ said they were needed. This ‘call for rapid action’, the Guardian reported completely uncritically, ‘comes as data reveals case numbers on the rise across much of the capital’. According to Public Health England, there were 170 cases per 100,000 Londoners between November 26 and December 2. 

The ‘expert’ was none other than that infamous Leftie Professor John Ashton who, like Neil Ferguson, seems to have failed ever to develop any capacity for critical thinking, for interpreting or assessing data, or the deductions that can and can’t be made from it validly or reliably.

The growing body of evidence on the shortcomings of the super-labs set up to process hundreds of thousands of PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests every day must have passed him by. Even the BBC was forced to report ‘Hundreds get wrong results due to Covid test error’ in the week preceding this latest round of Covid scaremongering.

That report is but the tip of the PCR iceberg. A week ago, research published in Clinical Chemistry confirmed what Dr Mike Yeadon believes, that laboratory contamination is a major cause of false positive Covid-19 tests. 

Yet once again it not wise scientists like Yeadon the government heeds but fanatics like Ashton.

You have only to stop and consider the number of people who’ve been told to self-isolate unnecessarily, to stay off work, avoid any human contact,  who’ve been taken away from their front line duties; you have only to consider the number of  hospital patients unnecessarily and dangerously placed on a Covid-19 ward (where they really run a risk of catching it) to marvel at the insouciance with which these ‘experts’ call for more closing down of society and the economy.

Writing about the ‘PCR false positive pseudo-epidemic’, Dr Mike Yeadon says: ‘PCR is a powerful tool, but has weaknesses when used on an industrial scale . . . The most important one is its propensity to suffer from contamination, and the integrity of a PCR is very easily destroyed by invisible levels of contamination even in the hands of an expert, working alone and on a small handful of samples.’

He adds: ‘The cure, of course, as it has been in the past when PCR has replaced the pandemic itself as the menace in the land, is to stop PCR mass testing.’ He strongly advises that the PCR testing infrastructure in the UK be reshaped.

To underline the point, yet another PCR lab scandal came to light yesterday via Richard Tice of Reform UK. According to this tweet 100 per cent PCR false positives were found at Cambridge University last week using their own gold standard Lighthouse laboratory.

What Ashton is doing is sustaining the myth of the PCR false positive pseudo-epidemic. There is no way that London should agree the illogically based, socially cruel and economically destructive Tier 3 imposition.

Conservative Woman, despite its name, makes a surprisingly cogent and interesting read and although our own stance is non-aprty political, we have no hesitation in recommending you visit it for more interesting articles.


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