Gene editing and the usual suspects

If our government and the media propaganda machine are keen on something, we'd be wise to look closer and question EVERYTHING they are telling us.

by Steve Cook

While we have all been distracted by the COVID19 psyop, here is something that has been going on that I’d like to draw your attention to. This short article that appeared in The Guardian a few days ago:

Lords seek to allow gene-editing in UK ‘to produce healthy, hardier crops’

If you give it a read, you’ll see that it is essentially a PR or promotional piece designed to instill in the reader a favourable impression of a new technology known as “gene editing” that its proponents and vested interests are trying to quietly sneak through Parliament.

Is Gene Editing safe?

According to the article this is a”much safer” technology than gene splicing or genetically modifying crops and so forth and our wise and benign government has accused the EU of being “unscientific” (whatever the heck that means exactly. Unscientific how? In what way? Based on what?) in its reluctance about releasing it into the biosphere.

Take the article at face value and look no further  and you’ll be left thinking that gene splicing is or will be a massive boon  to the human race, and nobody  need worry their little head about it at all.

Now, I’d never heard of gene editing. It MIGHT turn out to be the best thing since sliced bread but you’d have to be an idiot to trust without question what you are told by a newspaper.


Newspapers are renowned for altering facts, omitting facts or simply making facts up to suit whatever agenda or message their owners and paymasters are pushing. Interwoven into all that are various “subliminal” messages, which include:

  • Don’t LOOK
  • The science/argument/information is settled so DON’T QUESTION
  • Somebody knows better than you
  • And there is nothing YOU can do about it

Similarly, it must have become by now obvious to anyone with a brain that government pushes the agenda of the Big Bucks aristocracy that holds the whip hand (money, blackmail etc) over it and does NOT work for the good of all the people, at least if that common good gets in the way of the dreams, schemes and dark designs of the aristocracy.

It has gotten to a point where if our government and the media propaganda machine are keen on something, we’d be wise to look closer and question EVERYTHING they are telling us.

If something is finding its way quietly onto the statute books, our own survival may depend on getting the issue out in the open, broadly known, questioned discussed. This is not a luxury, it is a survival point.

The first obvious question is this:

The article bangs on about how great gene editing is. But is that view universally held? It is obviously held or appears to be held by whosoever is pushing it but is that the only view of it? Are there possible drawbacks or dangers that the newspaper is carefully not mentioning that we ought to be made aware of at least in the interests of getting the full spectrum of ideas and being able to thoroughly inspect and consider it before it is foisted on us “for our own good” by the wise superior beings in our Parliament. 

Well, it just so happens that, yes, there are, A LOT. It took about 60 seconds to find this out.

A search on Bing for “dangers of gene editing” produced the following entries on the first of umpteen pages.

Dangers of gene editing

Risks of gene editing include: Potential unintended, or “off-target,” effects. Increased likelihood of developing cancer. Possibility of being used in biological attacks. Unintended consequences for future generations. Jun 18 2018

Is Gene Editing Dangerous? 4 Things You Should Know 

When Is ‘Gene Editing’ Dangerous? | Live Science

The Dangers of Human Gene Editing – Global Research

Editing the human genome: do the risks outweigh the rewards?

A Study Exposes the Health Risks of Gene-Editing …

The Very Real Dangers of New Gene-Editing Technology

Technical risks of human gene editing | Human Reproduction …

Okay, so there an entire other side of the gene editing issue that the Guardian forgot to mention.

Why did The Guardian omit to mention it?

You’d think that myriad studies and so forth warning of its dangers might by important stuff for its readers to know.

Now, the point here is that a new technology is not NECESSARILY a bad idea. There is plenty of technology that has proven a boon to mankind and one does not want to do some kind of Luddite thing and oppose something just because it is new.

However, particularly where a technology put onto action might be pervasive and do damage to your health and long term survival from which there could be no turning back, it is important that we, the people, view ALL aspects of it. That way, it can inspected, examined, investigated and evaluated and we don’t wind up being so blinded by disinformation and misinformation that we are easily led like cattle by the one-eyed, self-appointed herdsmen of the apocalypse.

Gene editing for good or ill

For good or ill it is going to affect YOUR  life, YOUR environment, YOUR health, YOUR children and so forth so you have the right to know and some bloke with lots of money does not have the right to decide what you can and can’t know.

Well, I recalled the datum that The Guardian receives money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Here is just one article among many on the subject.

With that in mind I wondered:

Is Bill Gates, the eugenicist to whom our own PM tugged an obsequious forelock at the recent Vaccine Summit, a keen proponent of or investor in Gene Editing?

Answer: YES HE IS. Here is a list of articles on the subject.

Bill Gates, gene editing and vaccines

Gates is also a keen proponent of vaccines. Is there a possible link between gene editing and vaccines?

Yes there is, as this article explains.

But not only Gates supports gene editing. The famous player of Russian Roulette with the food chain, Monsanto, is also investing in it.

But, of course, Gates is a major investor in Monsanto and the owner of millions of dollars worth of Monsanto shares.

So the point of all this is that our freedom and our very survival hinges upon our ability not to buy at face value everything we are told by the media and to question it and to look beyond it, to ask WHO is telling is this and WHAT is their agenda?

The contrary views on the subject – or indeed on vaccines, 5G and so on – might be views that, on inspection, you do not agree with but on all issues affecting your survival you have the right and necessity to know that such concerns exist, who has them and what they are.

The slanting and cherry-picking of the information we are fed and upon which we base our own decisions as to what to accept and what to reject is a key component of the effort  to control and steer us by the world’s self-appointed herdsmen.

A government service

Our government would have provided a much needed service to the people had it stood as a gatekeeper and guardian on our behalf, ensuring we are served with FULL disclosure well in advance of new technology and measures so that nothing gets through without being IMPARTIALLY inspected in all its aspects and thoroughly evaluated as to its risks and benefits.

Unfortunately, government stands in dereliction of its duty and does not fulfill this valuable role. Having sold out to the vested interests of the Big Bucks aristocracy it turns a blind eye to much of what passes through on its watch.

We, the people, must therefore strive to defend ourselves.

We can start by refusing to accept something just because government or the media tell us to.


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