The 5G roll out: not so much a conspiracy as plain and simple corruption

It is a question of: in whose interests, really, is our country being governed?

It is going to take a LOT of pressure to force the government to suspend 5G deployment in the public interest while a FULL and IMPARTIAL investigation into its impact upon your health is carried out.

It shouldn’t. There is certainly more than enough evidence to give cause for concern and to warrant a full investigation.

A government that truly works for all the people would do it out of a duty to the health and peace of mind of its citizens. After all, a proper investigation might exonerate 5G entirely if it is as innocent as its proponents say it is.

So why the reluctance to do its job? Why the effort to studiously ignore the concerns of a large and growing number of its citizens? Why the reticence to simply openly investigate and find out the truth once and for all?

In other words, whose concerns are more important to the government than those of its citizens?

The fact of the matter is that the Conservative government DOES NOT work for all the people. It works for the Big Bucks aristocracy that finances it and without whose donations, it would simply go bust.  The Big Bucks aristocracy is not going to donate millions to a party that does not prioritise its interests above all others or which is going to take action to curb or punish its more criminal shenanigans.

This would be tantamount to the Mafia bribing police and judges to enforce law and order!

The various multinational corporations that comprise the telecom industry and their investors in Big Finance have bet heavily on 5G, sinking billions into it and will lose a bundle if it is put on hold or even cancelled pending the development of safe and healthy technologies.

They do not want it put on hold or investigated and with massive amounts of money at stake, they DO NOT PARTICULARLY CARE  if the citizenry develop strange lumps or chronic illnesses because of it. After all, the citizenry getting sick is just the tonic for their pals in the pharmaceutical industry, which can “come to the rescue” of an ailing population with highly profitable drugs and medications.

As a matter of highly relevant interest is the Tory Party’s connections to the Lyca Group, and its telecom interests.

They don’t want 5G put on hold and they don’t want it properly investigated for fear of what such an investigation will reveal and if they don’t want it, their lackeys in the incumbent government don’t want it either.

It’s really that simple so let’s not kid ourselves.

We are very fortunate however that there do exist honest politicians trying to genuinely serve all the people. One of these is the US Senator Robert F Kennedy junior.


RFK, Jr. Joins EM Radiation Research Trust in Calling Upon UK Prime Minister to Halt 5G Deployment

The Open Letter of Complaint was written in response to an article published by First News in their children’s online newspaper titled “There is no 5G Conspiracy”, claiming 5G is absolutely safe. RRT, which is a trusted and leading UK group dedicated to education about wireless radiation health effects, has been receiving emails and phone calls from parents, school children and teachers asking RRT to respond to the article.

The letter was written by RRT’s Chairwoman, Eileen O’Connor, and the group’s US based advisor, Susan Foster, and responds to the unsubstantiated and false claims by First News of the absolute safety of 5G. The letter provides ample scientific evidence of proven harms by wireless radiation and addresses how Big Telecom is defrauding the public.

“The RRT believes that it is one thing to comfort children with respect to the lockdown and the corona virus,” said Ms. O’Conner, “but not at the cost of the truth about the very real harms from these dangerous exposures.”

Since 5G infrastructure is based primarily on 4G, and on pulsed and modulated radio and microwave frequencies that have been proven harmful in thousands of studies, harms that have been confirmed by courts around the world, there is no doubt that 5G is harmful as well.

“Children need to be told the truth: cell phones and cell towers emit radiation,” commented Ms. Foster. “It is ludicrous and shameful to tell children that a great deal of research has been done to prove 5G safe when decades of science on the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation have proven it harmful.”

RFK, Jr., Dafna Tachover and CHD are calling for the protection of those who have already been harmed by wireless technology radiation, including many children, and for the prevention of further and imminent harm by halting 5G deployment.

5G deployment is exponentially increasing our exposure to this harmful radiation and technology. Of special concern is the installation of cell phones antennas in close proximity to people’s homes and children’s bedrooms. As a result, growing numbers of countries and municipalities around the world have banned the deployment of 5G.

Children’s Health Defense joined this effort as it is aligned with the organization’s mission to protect children from environmental toxins. 5G and wireless radiation constitute toxins which are significantly involved in the increase of sickness in children. Sadly, in the UK, a 15 y/o girl, Jenny Fry committed suicide after becoming sick from wireless and as a result of the mistreatment she has experienced because of her sickness.

RFK, Jr., Dafna Tachover and CHD are calling for the protection of those who have already been harmed by wireless technology radiation including many children, and for the prevention of further and imminent harm by halting 5G deployment.

Please pay them a visit and give them your support


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