You’re Not Going To Like This

December 22, 2022 0

Another incisive and enlightening briefing from Russell Brand that blows the lid off the political-pharmaceutical attack on our children thinly disguised as “science” and “health care”. Laced with humour that will crack you up, this […]


Resistance GB: inspiring interview

November 7, 2021 0

Intro by Steve Cook The following thoroughly riveting interview with UK Freedom Fighter and People’s lawyer, Anna De Bruisseret comes courtesy of Resistance GB. A retired army officer and a senior lawyer, she warns those in […]


The Simpson Prophecies

February 20, 2021 0

House Cat Flu This brilliant and prophetic clip from the Simpsons sums up pretty nicely where we are at with the Merchants of Fear who for some bizarre reason we have allowed to run the […]

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