Spare a thought for Joe Citizen, he’s having a hard time

The government and media are hitting him with everything they've got

by Fabian Ubiquitus

I don’t actually read the newspapers if I can avoid it. If I want to be lied to by mendacious scumbags I’ll watch a briefing by the Prime Minister or one of his co-conspirators.

Newspapers are the last place anybody should try if they want to find out What is Going On. They are pretty good, though, for finding out what the globalist crime syndicate wants us to think is going on and sort of work things back from there.

Fortunately, although the MSM like to think they determine public opinion, they don’t. It is sometimes very amusing to watch them working so hard at steering public opinion in a specific direction through the propaganda technique known in the trade as “Fibbing”, only to find public opinion goes off in a different direction

That’s pretty much all there is to propaganda by the way: tell whoppers and hope people will believe you. There are of course, different ways of telling whoppers but that is another story we can look at later

Be all that it may, I happened to take a look yesterday and today at the newspaper headlines blaring at me from the news stands and I came to a few conclusions:

The Lockdown Death Cult, figure-headed by the Prime Muppet and his cronies has been losing the Public Relations battle big-time in recent weeks.

This is perhaps inevitable. As time has gone on, the outright lies and huge hole where science is supposed to be that have underpinned their propaganda effort to sell the COVID Terror have reached the attention of more and more people.

There is a danger the Lockdown Death Cult are going to lose the whole game if it goes on like this. And they know it.

The task before the Freedom Movement opposed to their psyop and the sly, incremental imposition of tyranny is simple: FIND THEIR CRIMES AND EXPOSE THEM and just keep right on doing it.

In order to do this we don’t have to lie, just keep pulling those strings and seeing what ugly shenanigans, secrets, subversions or sins are dragged into the light of public scrutiny

Right now, what you see in the media is some sort of propaganda blitz in a feverish, slightly panicky effort to recapture lost ground.

You see, they HAVE to win this. Having started it, they MUST see it through, keep their proxies and collaborators in control and so forth. If they fail, the vaccine industry is going to take a hit, having gambled heavily on being able to usher in compulsory vaccinations and so on. But, much worse, the globalist crime syndicate and their puppets have CRIMES. I mean real, blood-up-to-their-elbows crimes and if they lose control of government, there will be nobody to protect them from the course of long overdue investigations, judicial proceedings and prosecutions. Under the influence of HONEST men of good will, we might wind up with governments sincere in their efforts to usher in fair play, decency, accountability, justice, brotherhood and a respect for Humanity.

Hence the shit storm of disinformation and fear mongering with which the citizenry is now being hit. Take a look at it. It is pretty horrible and Joe Citizen has to contend with this over his breakfast cornflakes or as he seeks to live his life.

It is tempting to become impatient with or disdainful of the fearful or uncertain and their apparent subservience to one of the most venal and untrustworthy governments in British history (and considering British history comprises a succession of venal and untrustworthy governments, that is saying something!).

I know how infuriating the apparent subservience or unwillingness to even LOOK behind the shit storm can be and how impatient one can become because I have been guilty of this myself.

But perhaps we should take on board just what the citizen is being blitzed with by his government and his media working in concert against him. For many, the pronouncements of their government and what they see and hear in the MSM is pretty much their only source of info.

It should not be but it is.

It is not even that these sources are trusted. Surveys show very clearly that trust in the media and trust in the government are, deservedly, at an all time low. It is just that when you are in essence surrounded by liars all jostling to lie to your face – using lies that the liars have pre-agreed among themselves and thus seem to come from “many different sources” – it is very very difficult to find the confidence or certainty to muster some defiance.<

The good news is that, as I said above, all we have to do is keep repeating our message, patiently, persistently and honestly and refrain from sneering at or denigrating those who have not gotten the message yet, because many of them will if we keep at it.

Why alienate a potential ally? You can guarantee that if you make people wrong for, say, “obediently” wearing their mask (without REALLY knowing what their ideas on it are), a goodly number of them are going to keep right on wearing those masks from there on out just to make themselves right and YOU, the antagonistic element, wrong.

The disinformed, bewildered or simply uncertain citizen is NOT the enemy and NOT the correct target for attack.

He is already hard pressed by a government and media that covertly despise him so it does not help him if WE overtly despise him as well.

The correct target is the government and media who have worked hand in glove to overwhelm him with one lie after another, one hyped-up scare after another and one sly misrepresentation after another in an effort to bamboozle him into surrendering his liberty.

We should also consider that our would-be oppressors and their proxies in our government would like nothing more than to see the population split and at one another’s throats. Because while we are busy quarreling with one another, we are not hitting THEM.

Liberty cannot, in truth, be confiscated. It has to be surrendered. And that is the mind game that is being foisted on the People.

And we should reflect too that our fellow citizens, whether “woke” or still transfixed in the headlights of disinformation are the people we are trying to HELP.

It is of course a basic drive in life, to HELP. The entire effort and broad common denominator of the Freedom Movement is to help – oneself, one’s family, friends, country, species and planet. And to have one’s efforts to help rejected or rebuffed or simply ignored can be upsetting and one can feel the urge to react – and usually not very politely. But we are going to have to be brave, and help anyway.

If you are reading this, YOU and your help are the true hope of this country and this global civilisation.

The more I have seen of you in recent months, the more confident I have become that the future is in sincere, decent and capable hands

So let’s home in on the liars and the lies, not their victims.


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