In a nutshell: a British Nurse takes apart the medical and scientific stupidity of our government

Concise, clear, recommended

by Caratacus


If I were not already married, I think I would want to marry the lady who wrote this.

I stumbled upon it on Facebook after it had been shared and re-shared numerous times so I have not tracked down the author to ask her permission to publish.

So I hope she will not mind.

It is simply too good not to publish. It provides the best most reasoned analysis of WHY the government appears to have lost (a) its senses and (b) any grasp of what the word “science” means.

It is written by someone who clearly – in contrast to the government and the loons it has taken on as “advisors”  -knows what she is talking about.

I highly recommend you read the whole thing.

I’ve only added some emphases and sub-headings here and there,


Letter from former nurse and worried grandmother to her granddaughter’s school in Wallasey, Wirral.

School’s name and head teacher redacted. This is the email sent to the school, local councillor for education, local MP and education secretary.

It is with great alarm, frustration and distress that I write this email.

My six-years-old granddaughter attends a primary school, in Wallasey.

Two weeks ago her school year had to isolate for a week due to a child testing positive for Coronavirus. She returned to school Monday of last week, only to be sent home again Monday of this week due to another child testing positive.

I do not lay any blame with the school or the head teacher who is doing a sterling job in very difficult circumstances.

He, like all head teachers, has to observe government policies and mandates. This is where my problem lies. None of the policies make any sense, are inconsistent and are not based on science.

I was a registered nurse for twenty-seven years, a nurse manager for twenty-one of those years. One of my duties was to write and develop, assess and review policies and procedures including all matters relating to infection control.

Therefore, I have sound knowledge and experience where infection control guidelines are concerned.

I also fostered good professional relationships with environmental health officers and the community infection control nurses who reviewed my policies from to time. The policies I drafted were based on expert knowledge and known sound science and all met required standards of practice etc.

I am alarmed at what I consider to be sheer madness with the current handling of the Coronavirus.<


My granddaughter has a younger brother who attends the same school. He could come and go freely whilst his sister was meant to self isolate. Clearly they live in the same household. Their parents did not have to isolate either.


The second issue I have is concerning the testing.

There is a plethora of scientific evidence that confirm the PCR tests are not meant for diagnostic purposes and cannot isolate a live virus. Even Dr Kary Mullis who devised the test repeatedly said this, once again there is plenty of written and video footage of him talking about his PCR tests.

It is a great pity that he died in August 2019 as I am sure he would be very vocal in the abuse of his tests to justify draconian laws that have no foundation.

Tests cannot isolate a live virus

As I have already stated, the tests cannot isolate a live virus.

In addition they can only determine if Coronavirus RNA debris is present, the specific COVID-19 virus has never been isolated.

Therefore anyone who has had a cold or the flu is testing positive.

What is more, the PCR tests can only be deemed as fairly accurate up to thirty-five cycles. It is known that the tests are being run at forty cycles and above, which directly cause an increased number of false positive tests. This is sheer lunacy, flies in the face of science and has no basis in common sense.

False Positives

These false positive tests are what is driving the madness of lockdown, curfews etc.<

Of course, people who are vulnerable need to be sheltered and isolated.<

The government’s mantra of “protect granny” would be honourable if known infected patients had not been discharged into care homes, but that is another matter.


My granddaughter has been having nightmares of her friends and family dying. She cries constantly worrying about if she will see her friends again.

In the past six months she has had behavioural problems that she had not exhibited before all this madness started and has started to bite her nails due to her levels of anxiety.

She is six years old and ought to be carefree living an innocent childhood like all children.

Your rules, regulations and policies are tantamount to emotional, mental, and psychological abuse.

She, along with all other children, deserves to have a trouble free education. How can a child learn and develop in this ridiculous circus?

Don’t reply to my email with pithy sentimentality about how all these draconian policies are for the child’s good and is a precautionary protective measure when they are in fact covert abuse.

There is no scientific foundation to any of these laws. The fact that the virus was downgraded as a contagion on 19th March 2020 actually questions whether all this lunacy is actually lawful.


My daughter was informed that she had to wear a mask when dropping the children off at school and picking them up again. This is beyond crazy.

Early in my career I was a theatre nurse for six years. When I did the theatre nursing course in 1994 there was a large study somewhere down south, I cannot remember where, into the efficacy of masks.

The conclusion was that they offer no protection against viral or bacterial transmission. In fact, twenty minutes after being worn masks become saturated with the wearer’s breath, allowing for greater transmission of microorganisms. It was decided that the theatre staff should continue to wear them though as a protective measure against blood splatter.

These past few months I have done extensive research on a daily basis to determine if anything has changed since 1994.

I can quote numerous contemporary studies that prove the wearing of masks has no benefit outside of the clinical environment, and can actually be harmful.

Even Dr Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer, and Jenny Harries, deputy Chief Medical officer, said repeatedly during the daily live updates that there is no need to wear masks.

There is no scientific evidence that upholds the benefits of mask wearing.

This has nothing to do with health and safety and medical practices but has everything to do with politics and fear mongering to justify a needless vaccine.


The wearing of masks around the school grounds disturbs and distresses my four years old grandson. They scare the wits out of him.

Consequently my daughter and son-in-law have stopped taking him shopping etc so he does not have to see people wearing them.

Why on earth would anyone insist on parents wearing them when there is no science to back up that they are effective protective measures outside?

Why on earth would anyone insist on parents wearing them when there is no science to back up that they are effective protective measures outside?

Thankfully my daughter refuses to wear one because she will not be complicit in the psychological distress of her young son. However, she has to take him through groups of parents at the school gate who acquiesce and do not challenge this madness.

99.97% are known to suffer no ill effects if they catch the virus, that is presuming the test they have had is accurate, which is doubtful.

Children, unless suffering chronic illnesses, are not at risk.<

This isolation and depriving children of their education is far more damaging than allowing them to continue as normal and risk “herd immunity”.

Their relatives, who may be high risk should have the choice to isolate etc to protect themselves.

The flu causes more deaths. There has been no such concern for flu victims and those that are vulnerable ever.

Home Schooling

As for home schooling, the provision of ipads etc, they have their use to an extremely limited degree.

There is no substitute for social interaction being with peers in a classroom learning social and communication skills.

Likewise, there is no substitute for a teacher encouraging and fostering interests in subjects and being able to support a child with their educational needs, being accessible by the children and their guardians alike.

I see no one in parliament standing up and objecting to this madness.

I see no one actually discussing facts and real science.

It is deplorable that Boris Johnson has ignored the Barrington Declaration disregarding the expert knowledge of thousands of eminent scientists and medical doctors from around the world.

All of you whom I have copied into this email have responsibility for the educational needs and welfare of children.

When are you going to uphold any sense of professional integrity and challenge policies, laws and acts that actually harm innocent children?

Your silence and acquiescence is not only abhorrent but is complicit in enabling the continued abuse of the younger generations.

Mrs Niamh McGarry-Gribbin


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