When Government Degenerates into Theatre – Who is Writing the Script?

Frances Leader is a tireless figure in alternative media and a major opponent of fracking. She is also an extremely cogent and prolific writer. She has strong spiritual values and is an expert on Zionism and its ramifications. Find her on Facebook.

Do you still think that there is such a thing as government?

I don’t.

I see the politicians as actors in a play which is ongoing in very expensive theatres called Westminster or Washington, with similar theatres putting on the same production elsewhere in the world.

The actors will never bite the hand that feeds them, never reveal the hidden production team nor the directors or financiers.

The play is a fabulous fiction that grips our attention so that we are on the edge of our seats here in the great auditorium. The interplay of the characters is a reflection of real life but reality is actually continuing unattended beyond the walls of the theatre.

While we allow ourselves to be entertained as spectators, the directors of the play, confident in our distraction, are outside using the Biblical Book of Revelations as if it were a blueprint for chaos.For many years the accumulated fortunes of the predator chosen few have been passed from generation to generation, with a binding proviso to work towards absolute power & supremacy, a vast bold scheme of gargantuan proportions.

The final twist in the plot is now on the stage & any means, fair or foul, will be employed to engage the entire world in that final scene.

The audience will gasp in horror as the theatre suddenly becomes Armageddon, a wide ominous valley in northern Israel.

All the forces of the world are gathering there to battle to their inevitable mutual destruction.Financial skullduggery & widespread deception has been employed for centuries to achieve this diabolical end.

It is not “God’s will”, far from it.

It is a foul criminal scheme designed to depopulate the earth so that an occult dynasty becomes the basis for a brave new world to their own terraformed design.The audience, entranced & aghast, is frozen in shock as the final curtain falls….

There is no applause, no standing ovation….

Just deathly silence.

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