The Frances Leader Column: British Non-Voters are the Majority!

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British Non-Voters are the Majority!

Jeremy Corbyn has appealed to us because what he says is closer to what we think than any other politician.

It is that sincere altruistic & empathetic style which attracts attention to him. It is refreshing.

I am unsure that die-hard tory voters will ever give up their masonic values, hence I tend to avoid wrangling with them on the grounds that I consider them psychologically deformed, possibly permanently.

I think that the greatest source of potential Labour voters has been completely ignored by the think tanks & campaign organisers. They have overlooked the ever growing massive percentage of non-voters. This is a genre of invisible people who refuse to engage politically and, from what I know of their reasoning, it is not because they do not have any interest in political matters, far from it.

It is because they see through the facade to the dirty underbelly of politics and they cannot put their “x” next to any party that presents a slick PR advertising campaign and then consistently fails to deliver or is obviously coerced by corporate or religious lobbyists.

To attract the non-voters into the polling booths we need greater honesty in political discussion. We need to have less pussy-footing around the facts and a willingness to address the burning issues that keep a large proportion of our citizens thumbing their noses at the entire debacle.

We must deal, head on, with the insidious influences such as the Friends of Israel, who disproportionately ensure that arms manufacturing, warmongering & persecution continue globally to support their paranoia and expansionist intentions. Deal with the big banks, big oil & gas, big P-harma which are robbing the entire world of it’s material clout & health.

The British people do not need to hear any more slick sound bites or deceptive neurolinguistics as persistently employed by the conniving tories. We need a determined effort to truly oppose their entire political dishonest and sinister hidden agenda.

Then we might find the previously disengaged flocking to the polling stations to support a political agenda that intends to clean up the corruption once and for all.

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