Globalist front group in trouble as democratic con game unravels

Tories in freefall as councillors say they have given up canvassing

Tories in freefall as councillors say they have given up canvassing

Party bosses have voiced fears that up to a quarter of their 5,521 council seats could go across the country, according to the Sunday Express, with concerns raised that the party may be flat broke to boot.

Treasurer Sir Mick Davis has said the party has been “deserted by both Remain and Leave donors and therefore I am unable to run CCHQ and ensure we are capable of fighting and winning”.

Tory Chairman Brandon Lewis also acknowledged “huge frustration” among grassroots members and activists as he pleaded with them to back the Conservatives rather than Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party.

Elsewhere Ross Kempsell, Political Editor at talkRADIO, has reported that many Tory candidates are not even bothering to canvass, just leaflet drop, with one source saying: “Why would I get screamed and shouted at about something I can’t change, she’s no idea what we are facing”.

Elections will take place at 248 councils in England this Thursday, and Tory deputy chairwoman Helen Whately has admitted it is “going to be a difficult night for us”.

She said the contests in England were a chance to “kick the Government” and said she had seen “more anger than before” on the doorstep.

The latest Westminster voting intention shows the Tories are in “freefall” in the polls.

They dropped a further three points this week as new single issue parties take a bite out of their voter share.

Last week it was reported that Labour has taken a clear lead across ten Westminster polls.

Jeremy Corbyn’s party has an average lead of five percentage points over Theresa May’s Conservatives, with some polling companies giving them up to a ten point lead.

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