Operating in enemy territory: a perspective on Facebook

A message from Fabian Ubiquitus

From memory, Sun Tsu in The Art of War advises ensure as much as possible that you engage the enemy on his own territory never yours.

Here’s a perspective . . .

I’ve seen people in various groups spreading the idea of how bad and hopeless it all is, how our resistance is futile and so forth, with the implication that we might as well all quit.

The thing to watch for here is that this is a standard psychological warfare tactic of infiltrating an enemy’s ranks with people who will spread defeatism and hopelessness.

These operations intensify to the degree that the enemy being thus infiltrated is winning and gaining ground.

You don’t much need to run this operation on an enemy if they are getting their ass kicked.

So take evident efforts to seed our groups with trolls who spread defeatism as a sign that we are winning.

[But please also recognise that not everyone expressing a negative view is such a troll. People can also just be having a hard time and need an uplift. You can disagree with a negative or defeatist message without crucifying the person delivering it].

Along with this, we get the effort to persuade people to leave platforms such as Facebook. The argument is that, again, it is all hopeless and Facebook is lost so we should all just decide to go away.

There is nothing wrong with operating on other platforms ALONGSIDE FACEBOOK (or Twitter etc) but upping sticks and leaving Facebook is tantamount to leaving the field of battle and surrendering it to the enemy just when you are winning.

Man’s enemies, the globalist sociopaths and antisocial maniacs would like nothing more than to see us leave Facebook as we are a continual thorn in their side and ACTUALLY GAINING GROUND CONSIDERABLY despite all manner of efforts to harry us and make life difficult.

So the enemy tries to inhibit our operations? So what? It is folly however to simply cease operations and hand him victory on  platter. But he’d just love it if we did.

A Facebook devoid of truth warriors who question the sociopaths’ narrative and point out its glaring flaws, who speak out against encroaching tyranny and so forth would be heaven for the globalist who could then spread whatever manipulative lies they wanted without any challenge.

I was in  a conversation the other day with a guy who believes newspapers and the government for some reason probably to do with some kind of robotic line-of-least-mental-effort or related apathy, and is thus “on board” with their narrative. He remarked how “shocking” Facebook is because it is, in his perception, a hotbed of dissent (ie people disagreeing with the government).

It came as a surprise to me to discover that people on the “other side” of the imaginary fence see Facebook as “being an enemy hotbed”. So I figured we are doing better than we think despite the massive effort to shut us up.

In that context, an effort to convince us to leave is not surprising.

Don’t be persuaded.

Stay on FB and keep at it no matter what flak you get.

Make a game out of giving your opponents the runaround and have a bit of fun with his tricks and ruses. INCREASE your activity and your challenge of the lunatic narrative that appears to be hell bent on killing large numbers of your fellow human beings.

With every day that passes, with every new demented twist and turn and increasingly transparent lie of a dim but desperate government, we increase our numbers and multiply the voices of dissent.

With every person you persuade to really LOOK at and examine critically, what they are being told or deliberately not told BY WHOM, the more lives you will save.

At the same time as increasing your activity on FB or Twitter or wherever, increase your activity on whatever other lines of  communication you have or can create – for example have safe mirror platforms running such as thrivetribe, bastyon or tlbtalk where every post to FB can be, in a few seconds, copied and pasted in a post there as well.

Keep right on delivering  the truth that will save more lives and put human beings back in the driving seat of their own destiny.

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