Programming the herd – how we are being played by propaganda

A brief outline of how psychological warfare is used on us by the elite

At this link there is an excellent, succinct and easy-to-read description by William Tucker of how propaganda works in terms of shaping public opinion so that the population will support any war that the ruling elite have set their hearts on.

I highly recommend that you read it as it will help you understand how we are so often played with disastrous consequences both for us and whomsoever our lords, masters, nobs and toffs have decided they would like to slaughter, plunder, deprive of natural resources, enslave and so on and so forth.

Psychological warfare techniques comprise a crude but effective technology that works very well for the planet’s warmongering loons and psychopaths. This is evinced by the amount of needless conflict, mayhem and slaughter that has received the approval of otherwise decent people when our warmongers set about blowing the legs off the children of people with whom we have no real quarrel and in fact have never met. It works well PROVIDED ITS VICTIMS (ie you) ARE UNAWARE OF WHAT IS BEING DONE TO THEM.

William Tucker describes very nicely how this is done and it becomes fascinating to watch it being played out in the media – including the social networks – day in and day out. And our best defence against it is our own awareness of what is being done. Once you can see what they are doing, it has very little impact.


Goebbels used it very effectively in Hitler’s Germany and, during the world war that resulted, a great deal of research and testing was done at the Tavistock Institute in London, under the psyvchiatrist JR Rees, to likewise use psychological warfare against Germany. After the war what was learned was then re-deployed for use against our own populations. Here is a charming little snippet from another Tavistock psych and arch loon, William Sargent:

“Various types of belief can be implanted in many people, after brain function has been sufficiently disturbed by accidentally or deliberately induced fear, anger or excitement. Of the results caused by such disturbances, the most common one is temporarily impaired judgment and heightened suggestibility. Its various group manifestations are sometimes classed under the heading of “herd instinct,” and appear most spectacularly in wartime, during severe epidemics, and in all similar periods of common danger, which increase anxiety and so individual and mass suggestibility.”-from Tavistock Institute psychiatrist Dr. William Sargant’s 1957 book, Battle for the Mind

This is the basic think behind the endless succession of shocks  you receive day in and day out from the media, the endless procession of threats (climate change, epidemics, etc etc), frights, alarm, dismay and distressing news. The effort is to achieve precisely what Sargent describes in the above quote.

[for more about the  Tavistock, click here]


There was a time when the psychopaths could simply infiltrate, pervert and use organised religion as the vehicle for their propaganda, particularly where that religion is built upon the authority of  a religious tome. The message in the tome can be cherry-picked and/or reinterpreted, dissenting interpretations labelled heresy and so forth to suit the propagandist’s needs.

Jesus’ “love they neighbour” becomes “what Jesus really meant by love they neighbour is ‘take arms against the Unbelievers and burn witches and heretics while you are at it.'”

Nowadays, in the West at any rate, the elite  are probably rueing the fact that their control cult, psychiatry, managed to almost wipe out Christian belief, for they can no longer whip up an approval for attacking someone to steal their oil with “Those people over there do not recognise Jesus as the Son of God and it is therefore the duty of all true believers, if they wish to go to heaven, to take up arms and carpet bomb Baghdad! This may seem cruel but it is all right because God said it is.”

Perhaps propagandists seeking to use, say, Muslim belief for their own distinctly non-spiritual ends can still get away with it but in the West now propagandists have to use simple fear: “Those people over there are religious maniacs determined to murder us in our beds, chop off bits of our anatomy, turn our daughters into their sex slaves, destroy our CONSTITUTION and DEMOCRACY and TAKE US OVER!!!” (Ignoring the fact that we have already been taken over by maniacs of a less spiritual pretence, who spit on our CONSTITUTION daily and have turned our DEMOCRACY into a con game).


As Tucker points out, an important component of a propaganda campaign is repetition: the same message endlessly repeated, sometimes for years.

The chosen “enemy” of course duly obliges when the lunatics and extremists nutjobs among their number (and we all have those) commit crimes or outrages that can be nicely propagandised so that their criminal element becomes by association their whole community. Tucker gives the contemporary example of Muslims: the psychological programming produces an association in the mind in which when people think of a Muslim (a third of the entire human race of which only about 14% are middle-eastern Arabs) they think of women dressed in sinister-looking burkhas or people getting their hands chopped off or publicly flogged a la Saudi Arabia, a terrorist planting a nail bomb under a baby carriage, the magical controlled demolition of the Twin Towers somehow contrived by “Muslims” armed with box cutters, or some such thing.

Muslims comprise a third of the human race, the vast majority of whom are as decent as most of us are. The vast majority would, like us, prefer just to get along and not be dodging bullets, digging shrapnel out of their or anybody else’s kids, chopping off someone’s head or geneally living in mayhem and terror. They are really not the slightest bit interested in somehow getting past the Jewish Lobby, the Christian Lobby, the Military Industrial Complex, the corporate oligarchy, psychiatry, the media and the bankster overlords and TAKING OVER THE UNITED STATES. Yet they become associated in the mind of so many non-Muslims with a middle eastern sinster cult that has cunningly allowed itself to be invaded, interefered with, dispossessed, ruled by CIA assets and blown to buggery by Britain, France, the US, Russia and Israel, presumably as a cunning ruse for TAKING OVER THE WORLD.

Of course, it works the other way too. Propagandists of the other herd take the atrocities of a few and work their dark magic to create an association in the mind with “all westerners” or “all ubelievers” and so forth. Thus, when a western drone blows up a wedding or a bus queue or a western warplane drops bombs on a Muslim neighbourhood, we hand Muslim propagandsists plenty of material for painting us all as homicadal maniacs. Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Chaney, Barak Obama, Tony Blair et al may well be but I and my friends sure ain’t.

From our perspective, entire communities of ordinary Muslims, who despise terrorists as much as we do and believe, similarly to Catholics, that people who commit suicide or murder the innocent won’t go to heaven, get tarred with the same brush, blamed for what the terrorist does because “terrorists are part of their community and they haven’t done anything to stop them”. This is entitrely the result that our propagandists are trying to achieve – communities in a state of conflict and murder and war justified on account of how bad the other herd is.

This, by the way, is despite the fact that many Muslims do indeed speak out against the terrorists and Muslim scholars even declare terrorism forbidden under Islam and so on. Those points of view however tend not to be given much advertising because they do not fit with the paradigm that the propagandists are trying to create.


It is true of course that the terrorists and jihadists will receive a certain amount of sympathy from many Muslims, who have been subjected to violence and mayhem from Western poweers and worked on by their own propagandists just as we, worked on by ours,  can experience varying degrees of sympathy for our own bombers and drone pilots. For many otherwise decent human beings that sympathy jars against our basic humanity and our instinctive sense of brotherhood. The warmongers and psychopaths therefore will work to suppress or destroy that sense of brotherhood, hence the effort to dehumanise the people of “the other herd”.

Meanwhile, a similar accusation is levelled at we westerners by the propagandists working the same dark magic in Muslim communities: “These planes that drop bombs on us, these stormtroopers who kick down our doors are sent by Western governments and the people of the West don’t do anything to stop them murdering us and they even support it, and vote for the ringleaders who instigate it!” kind of thing.

And just to really hammer it home, if the murdering maniacs of the community targeted for the propaganda hatchet job cannot get it together, either through lack of will or lack of resources, to perform enough upsetting criminal acts to fixate public attention and keep the narrative going, then it is easy enough to find some nutters as your stooges, drug them up with psych meds and send them in to run people over in some shopping precinct with a van – ensuring that one of your stooges leaves his arabic passport under the driver’s seat. The media will do the rest.

The infamous Operation Gladio is an example of such a programme at work. You can learn about it here and here.

On the Muslim side, it is a bit simpler; all they have to do is wait for the next drone strike or air raid.

Push-button words

Another component of the propaganda wheeze worth mentioning is the use of key words or phrases, installed by repetition and used like push-buttons to elicit the desired emotional reaction (usually fear or anger). There are catch-all words like “threat” (notice how often that word  is used in the media) “fear” or “fears” and “danger”, “risk” and so forth. Then there are words more specific to the propaganda campaign being run, so you have, for example, “environment”,  “global warming” and “climate change” repeated over and over to stimulate the desired sense of dread.

There used to be “communist” and “communism” but these are less useful now that communism collapsed like a house of cards in a breeze. This was doubtless highly inconsiderate of the communists as it left western propagandists without a “threat” to scare people with, except “terrorist” or “terrorism”. I am old enough to recall a time when  there were no “Muslim terrorists”. There were IRA terrorists, Basque separatists, the Bader Meinhoff gang and so on – even Jewish terrorists got in the act. But then the Palestinians decided to have a go and Islam wound up as the new big scary threat and now we have “Islam” “Muslim” “Islamist” and “Islamic” (often in tandem with “terrorist”) and “sharia law”.

One wonders who is behind these terror campaigns and what they are trying to achieve (assuming any rationality can be applied to the actions of a psychopath) because they don’t win wars. Carpet bombing cities and running people over with tanks wins wars and, as William Tucker points out, having public opinion firmly behind you wins wars. Armies of well equipped freedom fighters or ruthless guerillas can on occasion expel invaders. Driving a van at tourists on London Bridge or murdering kids at a Manchester pop concert has less influence on an invading or occupying army or a vast war machine such as the US than a flea bite on a brontosaurus. But the latter do steer public opinion in the direction our own lords and masters desire and they do strenghten the state “for our own security”.

It is, as I mentoned, fascinating to watch this being played out in the media day in and day out.


Of course, this is not to say that everyone who refers to himself as a Muslim is not a psychopathic killer or that there are not killer groups waving the banner of Islam quite happy to blow people up. That broad multifaceted thing known as Islam has its psychopaths and propagandists who then maniipulate upset, angry or frightened yet otherwise decent people using propaganada trickery that blurrs any differentiation of good people from bad people, people with murderous intent from people who would rather get along.

The Western people have these psychopaths among them too, quite happy to wave the banner of “freedom” or “democracy” whilst blowing people up – or more accurately using the machinery of government to send young men and women in to blow people up for them. Yet we know we are not all murdering psychopaths intent on invading other people’s countries, murdering their kids and so on. Yet it would be relatively easy for a propagandist to convince the Muslim community that we are.


I mentioned the role of psychiatry and the Tasvistock Insitute in researching and developing the crude yet effective psychological wafare technology.

Psychiatry is the control cult of the elite, supported and funded not because it makes anybody well, sane or happy but because it is very good at doing the opposite: drugging and otherwise debilitating or subduing the citizenry, developing brainwashing techniques and programmed assassins, such as the infamous and well documented MK Uktra and other programmes deployed by various intelligence agencies, with their historical, developmental roots extending back into German and Soviet Russian psychiatry.

Interestingly enough, you will find the same cult at work on the “Muslim” side. One of the right-hand men of the CIA asset and terrorist Osma Bin Laden was a psychiatrist, whilst psych influence extends to psych meds like Captagon (fenethylline) – originally developed by a German pharmaceutical company as an antidepressant and treatment for the made-up childhood “disorder” ADHD – that are in widespread use among the islamist fighters in the Middle East and one of the Saudi princes was caught trying to smuggle in two tons of it on his private jet.

The subversive role and influence of psychiatry in both the propaganda that uses terrorism to instil fear and the terrorism itself – not to mention our own intelligence agencies and governments – is profound and extensive.  For example, whilst psychiatrists are busy drugging Israel’s school children with Ritalin, they are also experimenting on Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli detention camps, according to an Israeli professor.

The so-called “islamist” terror groups have far less to do with Islam (that in effect plays host to a parasite much as Western democracies play host to their own parasitic groups and cabals) than they do with psychiatry. One could better call them psychiatric terror groups.

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) the international watchdog that has been investigating and exposing the subversive group known as psychiatry for decades, has a very good, highly recommended lowdown on psychiatry’s creation of terror. You can see it here.

There is also a superb article that lays out the whole hidden psycvhiatric base of terrorism here

Have sone fun watching the media and how it spins its fearmongering propaganda.


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