Psycho-terrorists – the hidden doctors of terror revealed

The political parasites feeding on Islam

The Scientologists produce a gem of a magazine published for the broad secular audience called “Freedom”, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in freedom-related issues.

Among the magazine’s superbly written and meticulously researched articles is a mind-blower called The Terror Doctors, the introductory paragraph of which says,

Mind doctors dominate al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, pushing a political agenda under the guise of— and at the expense of—Islam. Freedom continues its probe of the psycho-terrorists and their murderous actions.

And oh boy does the atticle really get to the source and hidden engineerrs of terrorism.

By way of a taster, here is an excerpt

Violence-Driven Doctrines

One can look at the world of terrorism as a violent kaleidoscope, with endlessly jarring combinations of explosions, religious images, chaos and blood. With that confusion uppermost in people’s minds, the terror doctors have gained an upper hand.

A first step to bring order out of such confusion is to isolate who is responsible, how they manufacture chaos and why, and who benefits.

With a body count that dwarfs his contemporaries, [psychiatrist] Ayman al-Zawahiri is the major guiding influence. He and his accomplices arrogated to themselves the power to interpret and act upon holy writings—writings al-Zawahiri habitually perverts. As expressed by terrorism expert Reuven Paz, al-Zawahiri has placed himself in the first row of al-Qaeda ideologues “despite his lack of an official Islamic education.”6

In an interview with Freedom, Paz, the director of the Global Research in International Affairs Center and editor of the Project for the Study of Islamist Movements, stressed that al-Zawahiri and other terror leaders are by no means Muslim scholars. “They don’t have basic Islamic education and therefore, in many cases, they also invent new doctrines and theories,” Paz said.

Those spurious interpretations target the disenfranchised youth of Palestine and other terrorist breeding grounds. “The problem is that most of these youngsters’ knowledge in Islam is very poor, so they tend to follow … all kinds of innovated new interpretations—some of them violations of Islamic belief,” said Paz

In the interests of peace and brotherhood between the communities of the human nation, every Muslim and non Muslim should read this.

The article is on the Freedom website here. Please check it out now! – Steve

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