Targeting tomorrow’s adults with Ritalin: the subversion of nations

Target: Israel UK Reloaded's Exclusive Interview with educator Yigal Ben-Halev

UKR Exclusive Interview with educator Yigal Ben-Halevi, April 2019

Yiagla Ben-Halevi is a native of Israel where his dedicated work has protected a great many Israeli  children from psychiatric abuse and saved many lives.

His parents emigrated from Hitler’s Germany in December 1935 when he was just two years old and settled in Palestine, which was at that time still under the rule of the British Empire. He lived through pioneering times and essentially grew up with the nascent land and, later, independent state of Israel.

With a strong background in agriculture, he became a teacher and his experiences as a teacher brought him eventually to an awareness that his country – particularly through its children – is under attack from the subversive “fifth column” of psychiatry.

The attack takes the form of “diagnosing” extraordinarily high numbers of Israel’s school children as suffering from ADHD, an invented “mental illness” since thoroughly discredited as bogus and without scientific foundation. The false diagnosis provides the pretext for prescribing a particularly dangerous and debilitating amphetamine known as Ritalin to “treat” it.

This subversive attack, and the apparent collusion of government with it,  is by no means unique to Israel. It is happening in the UK, the US, Europe and almost everywhere that governments have been gullible enough or negligent enough to grant psychiatrists the unearned status of “experts”on the mind. This is a folly on a par with appointing the Mafia to advise the government on law and order.

Nevertheless, Yigal Ben-Halevi’s experience of it and his successes in fighting back against it, give us an insight into near-identical strategies coordinated by this subversive group against our own country and very definite pointers as to what can be done about it to protect the nation’s children and, through them, its chance of a future.

Yigal found that the Israeli education system had been duped by psychiatric propagandists into doping the nation’s children as if they were farmyard animals.

Alarmed by the damage this is doing to as many as one in four Israeli children and through them – they are after all the nation’s adults of tomorrow – the vitality and mental alertness of his country, Yigal took upon himself the task of doing something about it.

This was a very lonely crusade in its early days but Yigal Ben-Halevi is an incredibly persistent and courageous man. To cut a long story short, many years of hard work and dedicated study resulted in him becoming deservedly recognised as an expert in getting children off Ritalin, a particularly hard drug to kick. Not only that, he has found out how to handle naturally the behavioural difficulties that psychiatry has been using as an excuse to drug the children and thereby ensured they never have to start on Ritalin in the first place.

Yigal has now helped thousands of children get off Ritalin or successfully handle any life problems hitherto misdiagnosed as ADHD so as to never start on it in the first place.

His results speak for themselves and as this issue of psychiatric subversion, manifest in this instance as the drugging of children, endangers all nations where psychiatry has infiltrated, I decided to find out what we can learn from this man’s successes on the battlefield. The result is this exclusive interview. – Steve

UK RELOADED. Good morning Yigal, and many thanks for agreeing to this interview. We think the world could benefit from learning something about the issue of ADHD and the drugging of children

Yigal. Good morning. I will be very pleased to answer any question you have. As you know, this is a crusade to which I have dedicated much of my life so I would be delighted to share with others what I have learned along the way.

UKR: So, first of all, let’s take up this issue of ADHD. Across the world it has been largely discredited as a fake disease, but what is your opinion on it from your perspective there in Israel?

Yigal: It has been quite rightly discredited – a fake disease invented by fake science, a fraud that has done immense harm to countless children.  It has nothing whatever to do with disease or an alleged “diseased brain”. Many children become overloaded with terms and nomenclature they do not understand and this produces a range of specific phenomena. Add to that the phenomena that stem from a poor diet – too much refined sugar, junk food, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and so on and children suffering from one or both of these causes can manifest the symptoms psychiatrists label Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – inattentiveness, hyperactivity, impulsiveness and so on. Having thus labelled the child, they then move in with their stock-in-trade, drugging. In this case Ritalin. A heavy drug, whilst it dopes the child and renders him more malleable the way one might  dope an obstreperous farmyard animal, does not of course remedy a poor diet, deficiencies in vitamins and minerals or misunderstood terms and nomenclature. These things can be remedied relatively easily without any drugs.

 UKR: And what of Ritalin? What is it exactly and is it and is it as harmful as people say it is?

Yigal: Ritalin or Methylphenidate, to give it its pharmaceutical name, is a heavy drug from the same family as heroin and cocaine but way stronger and more dangerous for the user in the long run. Yes, it is very harmful because it damages the heart, the brain, the lungs and liver as well as many other organs. Moreover, it is a mind- and mood- altering drug and like any such drug it can of itself cause mental and behavioural problems and personality changes often worse than the problems the psychiatrists claim it is handling, such as nervousness, agitation and anxiety, not to mention hallucinations, nightmares and severe loss of appetite. Continued use can also result in the child having suicidal thoughts and even committing suicide. Believe me, in my career I have seen all these things – and some real horrors – that result from giving a young child a powerful drug he or she absolutely does not need.

 UKR: Is there any excuse at all for doping a small child with a drug as damaging as Ritalin?

Yigal: The only “excuse” for doping a small child with any drug to alter behaviour is to admit: “We’re sorry, we don’t know what your teacher skipped or failed to explain in a proper way and do not know what is missing in your diet, so we can only drug you to keep you quiet”.

 UKR: But having “diagnosed” ADHD, psychiatrists claim there is “no other choice” than to use Ritalin on the child. Is this claim a lie? If so, what other options are there?

Yigal: Yes, it is a big lie! First of all the question has to be asked “how was the child “diagnosed”? Is there any evidence that something is wrong with his brain? Is his brain even checked for abnormalities? The answer of course is there is no evidence for any “disease” whatsoever! In hundreds of cases I have seen, in every case, the diet was very poor, too overloaded with sweets or junk food, deficient in calcium and magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, Omega-3 and many others vital nutrients.

Is there any psychiatrist who knows something about those deficiencies or who ever checked it out if there are? Is there any psychiatrist who heard about the Barriers to Study and their phenomena? When

the answer to each question is “no”, how than can we accept the statement or claim that there is “no other choice”? How can they claim there is no other choice when they have steadfastly avoided looking for any?

From my own experience over the last 32 years, there is not one single case were I failed to help the parents and the child either to get off Ritalin or to not even start to use this dangerous drug. They misleadingly call it “medicine” even though it cannot cure but instead ruins the liver the brain, the nervous system, the heart and in many cases even causes death.

UKR: But psychiatrists present themselves as experts on the mind. Is there any reason why anyone should believe this claim? Can they point to any successes in terms of actually making people well?

Yigal: The psychiatrist’s “diagnosis” is a blatant fraud and not based on any kind of physiological evidence at all. They cannot point to any successes, because it never healed anybody, only caused a doping of the child that for a short while can sometimes give the appearance that the child is better but the horrible side effects I mentioned start to kick in which results in a worsening of their conduct. I cannot overstate this and it is vital that parents and teachers take these facts on board: Ritalin and psychiatric drugs like it are doing immeasurable damage to the child.

UKR. Why do you think that the authorities in Israel – and indeed in the UK – are so slow to understand that they have been taken for a ride by psychiatry?

Yigal: Teachers have never been taught about what are known as the ‘barriers to study’ – specific problems that get in the way of someone trying to learn a subject and which give rise to specific recognisable phenomena – how they come about, how they cause reactions, how to recognize them and how to overcome them in a proper and smooth way. Therefore when a teacher has trouble with unhappy, restless, alienated, frustrated or downright obstreperous pupils and doesn’t know how to help them out, and perhaps becomes a bit desperate for a solution, he buys the lie that that the psychiatrist is the expert who knows the proper treatment – the “proper treatment” being to drug the child.

UKR: Psychiatry has been described as subversive. Would you agree with that assessment and if so, why?

Yigal: Yes, I strongly agree with this assessment since they are pushing themselves into each and every official body, the government, the army, the media, the banks, education and so forth by presenting themselves as “doctors” and “experts on the human mind”. Officialdom for some reason buys the PR and never LOOKS at psychiatry’s results – or rather lack thereof. They completely miss the fact that every area that psychiatry touches goes into sharp decline. Our government therefore pays vast sums of money for the advice and guidance of fraudsters.

UKR: Could you tell us what first drew your attention to this psychiatric attack on your country?

Yigal: My first experience was with the pupil consultant at my school, who approached me with the question: “How come you haven’t yet reported about a pupil or two in your class who need Ritalin pills?” I was very shocked to understand that I was the only “offender” in the whole school who hadn’t yet referred any children to get drugged. That set alarm bells ringing and prompted me to find out whether drugging kids had become routine in other Israeli schools as well. To my dismay I soon discovered that, yes, it was going on in virtually all schools.

UKR: Could you describe for us, in outline at least, how you approach the issue when a parent brings to you a child damaged by Ritalin or is seeking to avoid their child being put on Ritalin?

Yigal: Well here’s an example: a girl, just nine years old has been sent to me by her mother to check whether her daughter really needed to take Ritalin treatment. The little girl was brought to my house and when she entered it was as if a hurricane had blown in through my front door.

She couldn’t sit still for a moment. She ran around as if unable to control herself or hold herself still, frantically opening closets doors and drawers as if they were hers. . . . I wondered what to do with her because she was so frantic, so compulsively in perpetual motion, it was almost impossible to establish a communication. So I decided to prepare for her a “Calmag” drink. This is a natural Calcium/Magnesium formulation that is highly beneficial in remedying deficiencies in those minerals that can produce many physical and behavioural problems. The drink has a very good calming effect. Fortunately she was willing to drink it. Just 4 minutes passed from the moment she had drunk the whole cup and a very different girl stood in front of me. I could converse with her as

I could with any normal calm human being, with good common sense. I could tell her mother with full confidence, “No need for Ritalin, you can throw your doctor’s prescription in the garbage, I guarantee you that  she will be fine”. In that particular case all it took to resolve the “symptoms” of so-called ADHD was to rectify the little girl’s deficiency in vital minerals. As an aside, depression and other mental problems can result from a magnesium deficiency and it is known that many people in our society are deficient in magnesium so one wonders how many people diagnosed with depression are being needlessly drugged when all they need is to adjust their diet.

UKR: What sort of success rate have you had with this approach of rectifying underlying nutritional problems combined with rectifying the study barriers you mentioned?

Yigal: Of about 150 parents in just one year who asked for my help and agreed to follow my advice precisely, there was only one boy who did not cooperate and therefore didn’t succeed in getting off Ritalin. The other 149 either haven’t started to use the drug or got off the usage within three month or less. Many of them haven’t even told their teacher that they aren’t using the pills and the teacher hasn’t even noticed they aren’t!

UKR: This is very impressive. If it is so possible to handle any problem the child might be having with correct nutrition and so forth, is there any need to drug a child at all?

Yigal: I can swear that any child and any case with no exception, can be treated – if the parents and the child show willingness to cooperate – with no need of any drug whatsoever. This can be proven with ease.

UKR: It seems to me that the needless drugging of children on such false pretexts is actually child abuse and assault and, on occasion, even manslaughter, would you agree?

Yigal: Yes, this is the naked truth! I agree. 

UKR: So should psychiatrists and doctors be held accountable for the harm they do to children?

Yigal: Yes. They surely can and should be held accountable for all the harm they cause the children. No-one else gets away with poisoning little children, so why should they?

UKR: Given the results you achieve naturally, which are there for all to see, and given that ADHD is already discredited, why do you think that governments are so apparently reluctant to bring the perpetrators of the scam to justice and protect their own country’s children?

Yigal: I tried to reach the Authorities. I visited the Israeli Minister of Education who merely parroted the psychiatric bunkum, “In some cases there is no other way to treat the child.” and he was not willing to hear the parents of the children I had helped. He said, “Go to the Minister of Health. I cannot decide and you’re not a Doctor”. The whole system is totally subject to the word of psychiatrists, who have done a masterful job of hoodwinking our politicians. They have wormed their way into a position where they can dictate what will or not be done. The only ones who can change things are the parents and they are frightened by the doctors.  

UKR: Why do you think so many teachers and parents are even now still taken in by the ADHD/Ritalin scam?

Yigal: Most teachers aren’t willing to listen to anyone but to the authorities and the authorities have allowed themselves to be infiltrated and corrupted by psychiatric vested interests. Unfortunately, parents here in Israel are used to seeing the doctors as almost omnipotent and the only ones who can say whether the child needs to be drugged.  

UKR: It is of course widely known – and your own work has thoroughly proven it – that many if not all of the behavioural problems children manifest, such as “hyperactivity”, trace back to a poor diet – too much refined sugar for instance. Why, therefore, do you think that when a child is diagnosed as having ADHD, the doctor or psychiatrist never does the obvious thing and check for diet, allergies, underlying glandular disorders and so on? Is it laziness, negligence or something else?

Yigal: In my opinion it is mainly money-oriented greed or laziness – or both. If the obvious thing – checking for and rectifying nutritional or physiological causes – is done as a matter of routine, what use is there for psychiatrists? Psychiatrist are not going to encourage anyone to do the very thing that would reveal their charlatanry and put them out of business. Hence, the rapid jump from fake diagnosis to drugging before rationality and common sense can intervene.    

UKR: It would seem that many parents are still unaware of the truths of this issue and lack of knowledge makes them easy prey for the psychiatric lie. What do you think could be done to help them become better armed with understanding so that they will not be so easily hoodwinked into agreeing to a drug that may well ruin their children’s lives?

Yigal: The only way I can think of is to organise enough parents who have experienced alternative treatment into a large group with great willingness to spread the truth of what they have witnessed with their own children so that more parents can be helped to avoid being conned into harming their own children. So many parents just don’t have the data on nutrition, diet, allergies and so on, so it is easy for them to be hoodwinked. I think a campaign to educate parents – to arm them with knowledge so to speak – would help them a great deal to do the right thing by their child.

UKR: Thank you! In conclusion, do you have any advice for parents and teachers on how to best protect their children from psychiatric abuse?

Yigal: Oh, yes. Never let a psychiatrist or a psychiatric drug anywhere near your child. If the child is having difficulties, take a look at their diet and make sure they are getting good wholesome nutrition and not being poisoned by too much refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup and so on and so forth. Get them checked for allergies too. Any qualified nutritionist should be able to help you, But you can always contact me if you are not sure. I am very happy to help.

UKR: And if anyone wants to contact you for further help, how can they do so?

Yigal: Everyone is welcome to write me an e-mail and ask for any question or help via my address. [Steve’s note: at going to press I don’t yet have Yigal’s email address for you. This will follow shortly. In the meantime, you can contact him via myself at [email protected] – put “for Yigal” in the subject box. I will make sure he gets your message as soon as it arrives.].

UKR: One last question: you mentioned “barriers to study” and that these alongside physical and health factors can give rise to phenomena that psychiatrists label ADHD and then use as an excuse to drug the child. Can you briefly explain more about these barriers and how important they are in your experience.

Yigal: Yes, the ” barriers to study” and how to overcome them were discovered by the humanitarian L Ron Hubbard when he researched the difficulties people encounter when they try to study a subject and from which he developed a simple but highly effective technology of how to study that anyone can use. As you rightly say, some of the phenomena that arise from these barriers are mislabelled ADHD by psychiatrists. The tragedy is they are very easy to remedy without the child having to be drugged. Anyone can find out about this and discover its workability for himself, as I did. You can even do a free course on line that will give you the basics that you can then use to help yourself. The Church of Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers provide a very good free on line course on their website. It will tell you all you need to know.

UKR: How much has your knowledge of Hubbard’s study technology helped you as a teacher? How easy is it for teachers, parents and children to learn and apply and do you feel it would help other teachers and their student?

Yigal The knowledge of Hubbard’s study technology helped me a lot because using it makes teaching very easy – makes studying a pleasure and fun. Knowledge of it not only helps the teacher but helps the parents to help their own kids. And of course a child can also learn it and thus help himself too. But as a teacher, I am very, very glad I came across it because it is a wonderful tool to have if you want to do the best possible job of teaching children.

UKR: Yigal, thank you!


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