Government announces plans to feed the nation’s children to the psychiatric industry

You can sleep soundly in your bed tonight whilst the Government, well known for being extremely nice , watches over your children.

WARNING: this article uses heavy doses of sarcasm

by Steve Cook

Here is the latest caper from those nice people in the government and their bosses in the psycho-pharmacy crime syndicate, which is being ardently propagandised in the media:

It is explained quite well in this article from The Guardian.

In summary, the government is proposing to train teachers to spot the “early warning signs” of mental illness in children so that the psychiatric industry can swoop in and administer the appropriate treatment. After that, everything will be lovely and the globalist front group known as “the government” can add another wheeze to cocking up Brexit: helping the globalists’ control cult, psychiatry, completely shaft another generation of tomorrow’s adults.

A bit of propaganda is require to soften-up the population into an acceptance of yet another effort to do it in. Hence, the instilling of a bit of fear and dread. Epidemics are quite good for that (see this article on the use of shocks in propaganda) so we are told about the “epidemic of mental health illness” that is sweeping a nation that is becoming gradually unhinged. Said epidemic is affecting younger and younger kids – kids so young you’d have thought they’d hardly had time to develop mental illness, what with playing with Lego, running around, climbing things and getting to grips with the language and so forth.

Most of the media, as you know, is owned by  handul of billionaire oligarchs. These characters are members of that elite club of globalist billionaires we have all come to love and admire for their contributions to . . .  well, themselves. They share their membership of this global aristocracy with fellow Aristos such as the billionaire oligarchs who own/control the psycho pharmacy – if indeed thy are not actually the same people.

We are continually being told, I’m sure you’ve noticed, about this worsening epidemic of mental illness, which evidently has been going on since about the time that psychiatry was invented two hundred or so years ago.

What that means of course is that what we have is an epidemic of people being TOLD they are mentally ill, which is not the same thing as BEING mentally ill although if they are told it with enough authority they will often believe it.

We do now know, and it has been firmly established for quite some time, that psychiatrists make things up and that mental illness itself – the good old diseased brain/chemical imbalance spin – is a myth, a marketing ploy not backed up by any science or evidence. In the best traditions of propaganda, it is however so often repeated in so many places throughout the aforementioned media that people believe it must be real. Of course, the sector that profits vastly from this “epidemic” is the psycho-pharmacy! And they, as I mentioned, just happen rub shoulders as members of the same globalist aristocracy.

Even if you are willing to believe the hype and accept the idea that the mental illness epidemic exists and has been getting worse year after year, then that in itself utterly discredits psychiatry.

Psychiatry has been around for about two hundred years, funded to the tune of billions upon billions, handed by moronic governments custodianship of nations’ mental health, supplied with drugs by the ton by Big Pharma, allowed to drug, electro shock and use as guinea pigs millions of citizens, given the ear of presidents, prime ministers and other dopey politicians, backed up by the media and so on and not only has it not done a thing to halt the alleged rise in mental illness, the alleged increase in mental illness has gotten steadily, catastrophically worse. Not only that but more often than not the poor devils in the worst mental shape are the people who have been extensively treated by psychiatry!

I can think of no other industry that would get away with such a shocking long-term record of abject failure or indeed MAKING WORSE the area it is responsible for sorting out. What use is it? And why does our government persist in supporting, aiding and abetting such incompetents?

This is so much so that one can predict that the more the government invests in psychiatry, the worse our situation will get in terms of drug abuse, violence, crime, illiteracy, suicides, marriage breakups, delinquency, depression, anxiety and so on – mainly because this is exactly what has been happening already.

The newspapers, like the Guardian article I’ve cited, talk about “spotting the early signs” of mental illness so it “can be treated.” Sounds so lovely and caring doesn’t it? All those kids we didn’t even know had defective brains are lucky to have such a caring and considerate government. You can sleep soundly in your bed tonight whilst the Government, well known for being extremely nice and completely devoid of any pandering to vested interests or any hidden agenda whatsoever, watches over your children.

Oh yeah? Well what ARE those “early signs” exactly? What are the objective  diagnostic criteria and where is the thorough scientific research to back it up? You can bet your bottom dollar that the “symptoms” will be broad enough to open the door for almost any child to be diagnosed as “mentally ill”, “in the early stages of mental illness” and so forth, interlaced with a large measure of opinion and conjecture.

Then you can also bet your bottom dollar that the “treatment” being alluded to more often than not will be drugs like Ritalin. We’ve been there before with the fictitious and now discredited mental illness ADHD that was used as the excuse to get God alone how many children on that powerful amphetamine or similar drugs. It is a travesty that criminal charges have not yet been brought against the con men running that vicious caper because it ruined or ended thousands of lives.

But here you see how such capers work: invent a mental illness, dream up a list of symptoms that are so broad it opens to the door almost any child being labelled as having it. Once the child is labelled as having a mental illness, move in with a “treatment program”.

Treatment of children with mental disorders can involve different types of therapy (art and play therapy, family or group therapy, psychotherapy, or cognitive–behavioural therapy) and in many cases, medication.

We have no problem with art or play therapies or even the talking therapies, albeit these can be of limited efficacy (which I’ll get to shortly). However, the treatment program will often wind up with the child being administered a drug if the other therapies don’t work. Sometimes, of course, the child can be put straight onto the medication.

Once the child has been put on the drug path, he is going to have a very hard time trying to get off it again and it is often a life sentence. The drugs of course are NOT SAFE for anyone to take, especially young children, although the psycho-pharmacy, with the conscience-level of jackals, will do everything it can to smoke-screen the truth if it. The drugs bring with them a wide range of mental and physical side effects, among which are depression, suicide, loss of impulse control and – because they are essentially poisons – physical harm such as liver damage. Doping a child with a powerful and dangerous drug that harms him, sometimes irrevocably, is child abuse dressed up to look like medicine.

None of this stops the psycho pharmacy targeting children for its latest marketing ploys because when you start a kid early on the drugs, you often have a customer for life. The cynicism and cruelty of this operation beggar belief, as does the fact that the government not only allows it but finances it! And they can’t claim they “don’t know” that psychiatry is a fraud. Of course they know! If I know it and millions of other people know it, then the government also knows it.

If you want to get more of an idea of how catastrophically badly a system likes this works in practice, with teachers playing a major role in getting the child into the treatment machine, take Israel as an example. In this article I interviewed an Israeli educator with direct experience of it.

Unfortunately, these criminals are now roping in parents and teachers as unwitting accomplices.

They already have the government as a willing and knowing accomplice, both pushing the program to get children into the mental health system AND rewarding parents for their compliance by offering  state benefits for children with “mental health problems”.

To be fair to the government, however, it is not all bad, in so far as Health Secretary Matt Hancock is implementing an initiative for safer and more workable alternatives to drugs. See this article. But don’t be surprised if the psycho-pharmacy vested interests manage to derail it.

There is also something vitally important missing from this scenario and it is this:

Diet and nutrition, physical illnesses and allergies play a major role in so-called mental illness. These underlying physical disorders can produce the “mental illness” symptoms (erratic behaviour, distress, depression etc). This can be a simple as a child diagnosed as having hyperactivity disorder is actually consuming  junk food, refined sugars, sweets, and so forth that are making him hyperactive. So the remedy can be as simple as changing his diet and cutting out the crap that is inducing the hyperactive behaviour. The Israeli educator I just mentioned has had tremendous success with this approach.

It is true that the symptoms being manifested by a  child CAN at times be pretty awful and parents can be become pretty desperate, so it is easy to see why they will buy a diagnosis by a supposed “expert” and an authoritatively presented “solution” that they hope will lighten their burden.

Make no mistake, in the more extreme cases the hyperactivity, aggressive behaviour and so on that the child is manifesting ARE distressing.  The psychiatric explanations of the symptoms – essentially that the child has a diseased or malfunctioning brain – are bogus, and the resultant psychiatric drugging or (God forbid) electro-shocking are barbarities often catastrophic for the individual’s long term well being.

Meanwhile, the actual causes of the symptoms go undetected and unaddressed. So you could for instance wind up with a child being damaged by a poor diet or and/or over-consumption of junk food who goes on being damaged whilst then being further damaged by whatever drug he is given.

It is notable that the psychiatric approach is (a) note the symptoms, then (b) declare a mental illness and (c) prescribe a drug. NO MEDICAL EXAMINATION OF THE CHILD is done to find the underlying physical conditions, the glandular disorder, allergies, nutritional imbalances and so forth. This aspect is studiously, dedicatedly avoided. Why? Because if it were not, there would be no need for psychiatry and certainly no need for the drugs which are psychiatry’s stock in trade.

Now, another factor that can make a child anxious, miserable and so on is some form of chronic stress or suppression in his environment such as an abusive relative, a turbulent home and that sort of thing.  Counselling, especially when well done by a skilled counsellor with high affinity who really LISTENS, can help tremendously with this aspect but this might not be enough for a full resolution IF underlying malnourishment or illness is not also addressed and handled.

So you can wind up with a scenario something like this: the counselling is badly done and does not “work” or the counselling is well done but does not result in a full resurgence of the child because underlying physical causes were not also addressed and remain in place. The child can even deteriorate as the malnourishment or whatever the physical problem is continues, so the child continues to manifest (says the psychiatrist) “symptoms of mental illness” and sooner or later (often sooner) someone will whip out the prescription pad and the drugging will start.

The drugging will do further damage and the child will get worse as the side effects of the drug make themselves felt. It will then be asserted that his “mental illness – diseased brain –  was worse than we thought” and the drugging will increase, which will compound his decline and . . . well, you get the picture.

It is not hard to imagine how, if this scam can be put in place with the government’s assistance, the psycho-pharmacy stands to make a packet from its drugs and other psychiatric services.

So in summary:

  • talking therapies are fine, if skilfully done.
  • a full physical and nutritional handling is essential
  • stop labelling/stigmatising the child as “mentally ill”. He isn’t.
  • never, never, never ever use psychotropic drugs, not unless your goal is to crush and destroy him


So what SHOULD the government be proposing?

(a) establish clear criteria by which a teacher or parent can detect if the child is encountering a problem. (NOT mentally ill, NOT in possession of a defective brain, just running into a problem of some kind)

(b) use skilled counsellors to find and remedy any stress/suppression/abuse in the child’s home life and handle according to what, if anything, is found

(c) get the child thoroughly examined to detect any underlying medical condition. Treat whatever is found

(d) find out what the child is eating and drinking that are doing him harm (junk food, refined sugars, food additives etc), what he is allergic to and and what is missing from his diet (just one example: a magnesium deficiency can depress mood). Get him on a healthy, wholesome diet.

(e) get him checked for unhealthy levels of toxins (such as, by way of one example, aluminium or mercury or other toxic ingredients of the vaccines he has been injected with, courtesy of, again, our chums in Big Pharma).

Any teacher or parent who truly wants to help a child should insist the above are done and never let anyone near the child with a psychotropic drug.

There are a few other thing one can do to truly ensure the good mental and physical health of a child (see here) and NONE of them involve psychiatric labelling and drugging.

Psychiatry and its drugs are OF NO VALUE unless you are trying to debilitate or incapacitate tomorrow’s adults or simply make a buck out of other people’s misdiagnosed misery.




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