Why not let those nice people in Big Pharma and the government take control of your child’s health? What could possibly go wrong?

And it would take all the hard work out of parenting, freeing you up to watch more TV


When  American cardialogist Dr Jack Wolfson gave a presumably less than favourable opinion of vaccines during an interview with NBC, he received a great deal of support alongside a certain amount of hate mail.

His account of what happened and his response to the idiots who sent hin the hate mail are detailed in this rather eloquent and educational article. The article, although understandably somewhat cheesed off,  is well worth a read as it contains some very useful policies for any parent who TRULY cares about the health of their children.

I can understand why he was angered by the hate mail he received, although I have a suspicion the hate mail response was less spontaneous than it was orchestrated, presumably by someone propagandising for the vaccine manufacturers. After all, the cat is out of the bag now on vaccines, Big Pharma’s main money earner, and an attempt to limit the public relations damage and browbeat into silence the growing number of dissenting voices was predictable.

After all, who but the occasional nutter writes hate mail to a doctor who gave his professional opinion on the validity, dangers or otherwise of vaccines? Are there really large numbers of people out there so enamoured of or devoted to the cause of injecting children with vaccines that they find themselves so uncontrollably enraged by a gainsayer they must to put pen to paper and give him a piece of their mind? Really? Unless some sort of write-hate-mail caper has been organised. Quite frankly I would not put it past the spin doctors and propagandists of Big Pharma to organise such a thing.

On  the other hand, there may just be a large number of very stupid people out there with nothing better to do than slag off a doctor who has the courage to speak out against medical orthodoxy out of concern for the health of a nation’s children – or indeed its grown-ups as well.

Still, being slagged off by some hate mail is better than being burned at the stake, which is what they used to do with heretics back in the day in an effort to terrorise the rifraff into not asking any awkward or indeed intelligent questions.

Presumably all those parents who were so devoted to the health of their children and so unwilling to compromise or inhibit their wellbeing in any way they felt compelled to write hateful missives in defence of vaccines have done everything possible to ensure their  kids grow up strong and healthy.

I’ve taken a liberty and distilled from the good doctor’s article several points, several basics that these deeply caring parents are certain to have thoroughly covered. If they haven’t, then what are they if not in fact lazy hypocrites dependent on the quick fix they hope vaccines will provide, thus saving them from having to put themselves out or do any hard work parenting-wise.

And that of course may be one of the reasons many people have a docile attitude to medical so-called othodoxy and a persistent blind faith in Big Pharma’s assurances their products are wonderful (no bias there then): – they won’t entertain any ideas or paradigm that obliges them to tear themselves away from the TV or whatever distraction of their choice and do some proper ruddy parenting.

Maybe I am being unfair. Maybe there are millions of people out there who have studied the issue in depth and decided that injecting their young child with aluminium, mercury, embalming fluid and so forth to prevent them ever getting an illness that is almost never fatal in any case (and even less likely than that to be fatal for a child that is well nourished and gets plenty of exercise) is completely the right thing to do. Maybe they are totally certain that vaccines are not the slightest bit poisonous and totally effective  – or at the very least that the risks of catching a non-fatal illness outweigh the risks of being permanantly damaged or even killed by the vaccine.

Maybe they are really really certain about all this, with no doubts whatever, with a complete faith in the honesty and integrity of the manufacturers who can be relied upon unreservedly to put the wellbeing of their fellow human beings above their profits and in the pals and proxies of said manufacturers in the government, which is as we all know, utterly devoted to serving the people, is never driven by vested interests and would never ever lie to us. And maybe they sincerely believe that the uprising that is taking place among medical professionals and researchers to challenge the entrenched vaccine orthodoxy springs from some form of spontaneous bloody-mindedness. 

Be all that as it may, here is the checklist I have distilled from Dr Wolfson’s article. If as a parent – or even as a person responsible for youror own health – you can tick all the boxes, your conscience is clear and I congratulate you. I respect your opinion on vaccines even though I do not agree with it.

1. Do you stand by and let your child eat poisonous junk such as the cereals, donuts, candies, cookies, cakes etc laced with sugar, colourings, preservatives and other poisons that are mass-produced by “food” manufacturers?

2. Do you watch your kids poison themselves with soft drinks similarly laced with toxic ingredients?

3. Do you regularly “treat” your child to ready-meals and fast fast foods such as burgers, pizzas, fries, milkshakes and so on contaminated by growth hormones, pesticides, colourings, preservatives, flavour enhancers etc etc?

4. Do you ensure your child has a varied, balanced and properly cooked but not overcooked diet.

5. Do you ensure your child has all the vitamins they need for a strong immune system, resistance to infection and generally robust health, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium and magnesium?

6. Do you ensure your child gets sufficent sleep?

7. Do you pollute your home with chemical detergents, fabric softeners, cleaning fluids, deodorants etc and thus allow your kids to live day in and day out in a toxic environment?

8. Do you buy organic as much as possible and make sure you and your children eat plenty of fresh, raw or not overcvooked vegetables and fruit?

9. Do you smoke around your kids?

10. Do you say or do anything at all to discourage the pullution of the envoironment with chemicals and heavy metals?

11. Do you let your kids sit around and watch as much TV as they want without taking steps to make sure they get plenty of exercise? Do you often park your kids in front of the TV so as to keep them quiet and avoid engaging with them? Do you do anything at all to make sure they are physically active. play ball, run, swim, climb, ride a bike, or is that often too much hard work?

12. Do you let your kids sit around for long periods fiddling with the mobiles or staring at their computer sceen?

13. Do you let your kids be drugged with legal drugs in any way? For instance, with Ritalin to “treat” the made-up mental illness ADHD, which more often than not is merely a symptom of all the sugar they’ve ben guzzling (see above).

14. Do you ever question your doctors, take the trouble to learn about nutrition, take the trouble to find out what is IN the vaccines the medicos want to inject into your child. Do you ever do any homework to find out how toxic are many of the ingredients in vaccines, such as the physiological effects of alumium and mercury? Or would you prefer to remain ignorant for fear that with knowledge will come the responsibility to take action?

If you can honestly answer in the positive to all these points, you are doing a damned fine job as a parent and giving your kids every chance of living long, healthy lives.

You will also be in a good position to make a well-informed choice about vaccination, having appraised yourself of all the arguyments for and against and not relying solely on the data from Big Pharma and its proxies in government.

The reason certain  pro-vaccine factions are all for mandatory vaccination and against people making informed choices is partly the guaranteed profits Bg Pharma stands to make from it but also because an agreement with the principle of informed choice is an agreement with the idea that the citizen should be well informed – that is, have access to all the information. A knowledgeable and well informed citizenry that considers itself entitled to accurate information is the last thing the powers-that-be desire. An ignorant citizenry is preferable because it is much easier to persuade, bamboozle, deceive and manipulate.

And before anyone thinks I am being holier-than-thou, I have to confess that when I brought up my own kids, I could not have ticked all the boxes.  Some I could but not all.

As for vaccines at that time I, like virtually everybody else, believed them to be perfectly safe and effective. My kids had the MMR jab, for instance, and I thank God they suffered no ill effects but my blood runs cold at the risk I unwittingly took to immunisc them against diseases that are non-fatal.  Would I vaccinate them now against MMR, knowing what is in the vaccines and weighing the odds of the vaccine doing them harm against the odds of them dieing from measles, mumps or rubella?

Well, having had all of those illnesses when I myself was a child and recalling how they were no big deal, the anwer is, no I wouldn’t.

The polio and TB jabs? Yes, I probably would as these are more likely to be fatal – as I understand the situation ate the moment  (someone can put me straight if I have that wrong) – although how likely in someone who is well nourished and whose system is not weakened by pullutants, food additives and chemicals and so forth, I do not know.

The flu jab? God, no.

Over-vaccination the way they are doing in the US? Definitely not.

And making sure all the above policies are thoroughly applied? Knowing what I know now? God, yes.



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