Is our government designed and run for all the people? Nope! Not even close.

What we have here is a Big Bucks elite, a newly evolved aristocracy that regards and treats the rest of us as cattle, and has turned democracy into a con game riddled with and subverted by their proxies who infest the body politic like a parasitic virus

by Steve Cook

Read the the articles I have selected below (there are many more if you Google them) and ask yourself whether you can seriously trust a party so beholden to corporate and Big Pharma and Big Bucks interests to impartially work for ALL the people. Really?

Then look around you at the mess that has been made of your country and the futures of your children, at who’s getting richer and who’s getting poorer, at who is being empowered and who dis-empowered, and decide for whose manifest benefit they are working.

It is a matter of not listening to what they SAY but looking at what they DO.

A case in point is the current COVID19 crisis, a crisis not so much “caused by the virus” as they keep telling us but caused BY THEIR ACTIONS (with “dealing with the virus” as their go-to excuse).

While we get platitudes such as “Save the NHS” and “Save lives” and tremendous hand-wringing concern for “our own good” what actually HAPPENS is:

  • Millions of healthy, productive people confined to house arrest.
  • A massive increase in debt and (soon) a massive increase in taxation.
  • A massive increase in state power and the influence of government and multinational corporations over our lives.
  • A massive increase in the powers of psychiatry to seize, detain, drug and electro-shock anyone.
  • A lockdown that kills more people than “the virus” they purport to be so concerned about. Indeed, many of the actions of government appear DESIGNED to cause more deaths: releasing the elderly back into nursing homes from hospital without testing; introducing the quaranteening of visitors to the country only AFTER the virus has run its course, confining families to close proximity where the disease is most likely to spread, cancelling operations that might have saved lives and so forth.
  • In England the lockdown has produced the WORST coronavirus death stats on the planet.
  • The lockdown is being strung out for as long as possible so as to maximise the economic damage and threatens if it goes on much longer to leave the UK the most economically ruined.
  • An NHS partly shut down and thousands of life saving operations and so forth cancelled. My daughter-in-law for example who is pregnant could not even get the usual services of a midwife!
  • Despite all the purported concern for keeping us safe (from a virus that has turned out to be nowhere near as deadly or infectious as they told us), there is NO concern for our safety when it comes to the very real and much more pervasive and enduring health risks posed by 5G, inflicting on us dodgy vaccines booby-trapped with toxins or the swathe of carnage wrought by psychiatric medications, and ECT.
  • The fact is that these things are highly profitable for their pals and will therefore be left alone. On the other hand,  the COVID19 scare and the lockdown it has “justified” mean more state power and more money for the government’s pals in the psycho-pharmacy and the banking cartels and so is ramped up and prolonged to the maximum possible degree.

You can bet your bottom dollar too that after all the “save the NHS”, “applaud the NHS” and “look how deeply we care about the NHS” PR, the government will be dismantling it and selling it off as soon as it thinks the coast is clear. One only has too look for instance at the third article listed below to see how influenced by the money of vested private health interests many Tory MPs are.

Remember too the classic trick of the suppressive to do harm in the guise of help. The control cult of psychiatry does it all the time.

Regardless of what they SAY, the Conservative party and Eton old-boy Johnson are GOING TO PRIORITIZE the goals, ambitions and profits of the elite financiers, corporations and banks upon whose money the party is completely dependent. How can they not? The moment they start doing things that don’t benefit their benefactors the money supply is going to be turned off and the party left bankrupt.

What we have here is a Big Bucks elite, a newly evolved aristocracy that regards and treats the rest of us as cattle, a herd to be feared and, thus,  controlled. In its efforts to control the herd, that aristocracy has turned democracy and the whole business of governance into a con game riddled with and subverted by their proxies who infest the body politic like a parasitic virus.

So if you vote for the Conservatives you are voting for a party that does not serve your interests and indeed cannot, regardless of what they say or how plausibly they say it.

So that leaves us with . . . what?

Voting Socialist?

Oh God help us.

We need a new movement that does not promote one or other of the two routes to economic and social ruin: capitalism or socialism.

I swear to God that the capitalists invented socialism as a way to make themselves look good. To make themselves look good they needed something pretty dreadful to be compared with. Enter Karl Marx, third cousin to Nathan Rothschild . . . 

It is an engineered choice, present to us as if they are the only two options possible. It is a control mechanism: control the people by determining the choices they are given: which do you prefer, the frying loan or the fire?

Be all that as it may, we really do need to think up a new idea.


We need a government of HONEST men, designed and run for all the people.

There isn’t one.

So it is up to us to design and create one.



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