It’s time to detox the body politic and make governance well

Weed out the subversive crooks and make government become honest

Intro by Steve Cook

Democracy has been turned into a con game

After two years of an attack on us disguised as a “health emergency” we are left with a mounting death toll occasioned by the booby trapped pseudo vaccines the government went to enormous lengths to cajole, con, deceive and bully us into taking.

Desperate effort is now being made, with no lie or false report barred, to sweep under the carpet, or excuse, justify, explain away or distract from the death and injury toll and economic mayhem caused by the shenanigans of those responsible for these acts of war.

In this endeavour the corporate media, of course, enthusiastically aid and abet the lying politicians and other enemies of the nation.

At the very point where the con unravels and those responsible for the contrived Mass Poisoning Event and destruction of our economy face the prospect of some serious comeuppance, they are handed a massive propaganda coup by their fellow globalist stooge in Russia, whose incredibly timely attack on Ukraine nicely serves up a much-needed external enemy to point accusing fingers at and the excuse for a blinding blizzard of war hysteria.

We could do ourselves and the rest of humanity a huge favour if we could FORCE OUR POLITICAL CLASS TO BECOME HONEST and weed out the crooks, liars, con men and subversive stooges.

It is an indication of where we are at when those voicing such sentiments are not died-in-the-wool revolutionaries but sober and patriotic Conservatives such as the excellent The Conservative Woman.

The following article is excellent and highly recommended.

We do need a Great Reset – to get rid of the crooks in charge

To know what people really think, pay regard to what they do, rather than what they say – George Santayana (1863-1952)

THE past two years has delivered painful lessons to the British that we must come to terms with. Prime among them is the realisation that the freedoms we hold dear can be removed at the whim of our government, irrespective of law, tradition, or history.

Our freedoms and the opportunity to live in an open and liberal society were hitherto predicated on enlightenment ideals that privileged reason, the scientific method, tolerance, individualism, and scepticism. We expected equality before the law and equal treatment in civic matters and in health – all trashed in a brutal governmental power grab.

Those of us privileged to have known only freedom now appreciate the wisdom of Ronald Reagan’s 1964 speech A Time for Choosing: ‘Our natural, inalienable rights are now considered to be a dispensation from government, and freedom has never been so fragile, so close to slipping from our grasp as it is at this moment.’

This warning is even more appropriate today. True, we hear no sirens, we are not being shelled as in Ukraine, but we are being assailed nonetheless. Our enemy sits comfortably in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast: government inept, bloated and corrupt.

Tom Penn’s article in TCW on Monday describes the manipulation and lies perpetrated by our own leaders during Covid and concludes: ‘They’ve got away with it.’ While his analysis is faultless, I disagree with the conclusion. I remain confident that those behind the Covid disaster will be called to account.

In the meantime, the greatest danger we face is that we become inured to the ever-changing fictions around us, unable or unwilling to claw our way through the malodorous heaps that are laid down to obscure reality. If we fail to react, we may face a future where the withdrawal of civil liberties is normalised and becomes the first response to any threat to the ‘common good’ as determined by someone in centralised government, be that a public health or climate ‘expert’.

Remember the Coronavirus Act 2020 remains on the statute books as does the Public Health Act, 1984 that seeded it. Despite Sajid Javid’s assurance that the Coronavirus Act won’t be renewed this month, certain powers will be kept. 

To summarise what we know: the Covid pandemic is a fraud, a likely leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a ‘gain of function’ biohazard if not a weapon funded by Dr Anthony Fauci in breach of US legislation. Its escape provided an unmissable opportunity for the WEF, the WHO, and their cast of globalist disciples to move forward their plans for a New World Order.

The extraordinary lock-step reaction of most leaders in defaulting to tyrant mode demonstrated the fragility of national governance and highlighted their utter contempt for the people. If there was ever any doubt about the depths of their spiritual and moral bankruptcy, there is none now.

Unchallenged by a supine parliament of Covid hysterics from left, right, and centre; urged on by propagandist whores that pass as legacy media and fuelled by the dismal prognostications of compromised experts including Sage, the ‘Conservative’ government suppressed any and all debate driving through unprecedented emergency laws, ‘guidance’ and ‘advice’ to save us from a virus no worse than many a seasonal flu.

Lies and more lies choked all oxygen from public debate. Worse, any dissenting voice was ridiculed and silenced, reputations traduced and careers destroyed. Critical thinkers became Covid and vaccine ‘deniers’; heretics to be stigmatised and cast out by the priests of the tribe – for the greater good.

Test and Trace is a fraud, as are masking and hand-sanitising – money-making rackets for cabinet cronies. Fear was the government’s chosen tool to drive public compliance and keep dissenters docile. It worked so well that mental health issues and suicide numbers have soared.

‘Vaccines’ were never needed, as effective alternative treatments exist, and yet government sponsored and fully indemnified the production and imposition of novel products that have resulted in mass poisoning, exactly as those dissenting voices predicted.

Institutions whose purpose is to ensure the proper functioning of our society, including parliament, the civil service, the judiciary, the police, the media, academia and the medical profession have all failed: complicit in authoritarian practices that have robbed them of public trust.

Health passports which now blight much of ‘free’ Europe will return under the guise of ‘more efficient’ access to public services, healthcare, banking, travel and voter identification. The Chinese Communist Party’s nascent social credit system is the gold standard for population surveillance and it will be the model here unless we object vigorously and force a retreat.

Meanwhile, Western leaders are busy castigating Mr Putin’s incursion into Ukraine. The war offers them a diversion from the imposition of health security fascism on their own doorsteps and clothed with the robes of righteousness they now pontificate about freedom, liberty, and the right to self-determination: hypocrisy at its most emetic.

No doubt the MSM will offer up the same quality of unbiased reportage on the war as it has on medical apartheid, the efficacy of the ‘vaccine’ and the rarity of resultant injuries and deaths, the numbers of ‘migrants’ we welcome to our shores, and the causes of inflation. Broken promises, broken lives, and a broken democracy: to misquote Putin, ‘our postal code is Empire of Lies’.

On the subject of lies: Klaus Schwab is right – we do need a Great Reset. Unfortunately, ours is not the vision that he and his fellow globalist parasites share. We, the people, know now what is behind the curtain and we find their ersatz Utopia repulsive.

We reject any notion of a centralised world government people by unelected elites. We will not swap our freedoms for a base promise of security from any or all harms. We do not want a small life financed by a ‘universal basic income’ or a jab for all ills. We insist that our elected members serve us rather than unelected globalists.

One joy is that thanks to hubris, the entire Covid putsch has been played out in public – nothing is lost, and there is compelling evidence to support future criminal action. We will not turn away from the task of holding to account each and every one of those who have wilfully harmed us, no matter how long it takes.



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