Dear Greta, whatever you do, don’t mention 5G

ER's neglect of the 5G environmental issue: stupidity, laxity or duplicity?

ER’s neglect of the 5G environmental issue: stupidity, laxity or duplicity?

by Steve Cook

Why does Greta Thunberg and her Extinction Rebellion environmentalist group steadfastly never mention 5G?

It is a very odd omission and contradiction for a group purportedly so concerned about the environment and the survival of future generations to NEVER TALK about 5G. After all, 5G masts are going to go up near schools and homes, a pretty good way of stealing the future of the youngsters Thunberg purports to represent if those warning of 5G dangers are even partially correct.

Why don’t they talk about 5G? There are millions of people after all who are conceernd about its impact upon the environment. If Thunberg or the possee of confidantes who advise her honestly think that 5G presents no environmental or health threat, then they could at least come clean and say so, citing the scientific evidence for their view.

To help you better understand this, here are some articles and videos for your consideration.

  • The likely devastating impact of 5G radiation upon the environment here
  • The likely devastating impact of 5G upon the human organism here and here
  • Extinction Rebellion links to globalism in general and Bill Gates in particular (who has heavily invested in 5G as well as vaccines) here
  • Incredibly, NO STUDIES TO PROVE THE SAFETY of 5G RADIATION HAVE BEEN DONE. Given that 5G is being rolled out across the freakin’ planet, you’d think that the industry would have thoroughly studied its safety and health implications first wouldn’t you? Or that governments with some shred of a sense of responsibility towards their citizens might have insisted they do it or commissioned an impartial investigation themselves. But no, apparently not. When United States senator Blumenthal asked the question at a 5G Senate Commerce Committee Hearing in February as to how many studies have actually been done into the safety of 5G, the answer was NONE  Here is a video of the hearing  so you can see and hear for yourself.

So when you ask, “is 5G safe?” and the companies that have invested billions in its roll out tell you, “Oh yes, it is perfectly safe”, well they would say that wouldn’t they? The honest answer would be that they don’t really know for sure because they’ve never properly studied it!

Now, it might turn out that 5G is safe. I personally doubt it, but it might. But we can’t know for sure until the issue has been properly independently and scientificially studied.

A request for a full, impartial scientific investigation into the full health and environmental impact of 5G before it is rolled out isn’t a ruddy conspiracy theory, it is plain  pro-survival common sense!

You would not, after all, bring into worldwide service a new passenger aircraft without first thoroughly testing it and ensuring it is airworthy and not going to kill its passengers.

Imagine a scenario in which a new cheap, tasty sausage is put on the market, to be bought and eaten by millions. When people enquire quite reasonably, “is it safe to eat and not going to poison me?” you would not accept the sausage manufacturer telling you, “Well, we’ve never tested that but we assure you it’s safe.” Nor would you accept being told you are “an anti-sausage conspiracy theorist” simply because you insist on the manufacturer proving the sausage is safe before you or your kids eat it.

Of course, if you have doubts about an aircraft or a new sausage, you can always avoid them.

With 5G, however, you won’t be able to.

And if it turns out that 5G has the devastating effects on humans, animals, plants and insects that many experts contend that it will have, the effect upon human survival may be pretty horrible. Worse, the full consequences may not become evident until many years have gone by so by the time it becomes clear we’ve made a horrible mistake, it’ll be too late. So why in God’s name are we playing Russian Roulette with this thing?

The level of irresponsibility and sheer recklessness on the part of the industry and many governments beggars belief.

And the role played by Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion in deflecting attention away from this crucial environmental issue has been negligent or unintelligent at best, or simply downright duplicitous.



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