Worse than COVID – the epidemic government isn’t worried about

On government priorities that make no sense

by Jon Davy

Islamabad  21/8/20

I was shocked by this data from the National Autistic Assoc:

“Over 700,000 people in UK are autistic, which means that 2.8m people have a relative on the autism spectrum. People tend to ‘grow out’ of autism in adulthood – myth. It’s a lifelong condition – autistic children become autistic adults. ….”
     Say what? Autism of course is not immediately fatal but you don’t recover from it either. EVER. And it sure as hell shortens a person’s life considerably.
“The average age of death for people with ASD was 53.87 years, compared with 70.2 years for people without. These stark figures break down to give some even more worrying numbers. People with low-functioning ASD on average died before they reached 40, at 39.5 years.”
     So that means there are currently 700,000 people in the UK alone are going to die decades early. Even if nothing else gets them, ASD will.
      COVID kills people over 60 mainly. If you have ASD you don’t even REACH 60!
      People who test positive for Coronavirus who then die of something or other are classed as Coronavirus deaths. By that dodgy logic, then someone diagnosed as having ASD who dies at, say, 55 should be classed as an “ASD death”.
     But of course if you apply to the autism spectrum the method of classification that is used to produce numbers that “prove”  the existence of a COVID epidemic, what would then show up is an epidemic FAR MORE DEADLY. It is one that shorts the lives of far more people  and leaves them variously incapacitated for decades before it eventually kills them.
     If it is going to freak out about COVID, which shortens the lives of people in their eighties by weeks or months, how much more concerned should government be about an affliction of as yet uncertain origin that shortens the lives of far younger people by decades?
     Not only that but the ASD epidemic does not follow the normal, natural curve that COVID and similar illnesses have followed, whereby they appear, spread rapidly, peak, then steadily diminish. ASD has followed a different curve – in fact no curve at all – it has appeared, spread, persisted and essentially kept on growing, showing no sign of leveling off , let alone diminishing.
     That is a patter that smacks of something being continually created, fed and bolstered by something or other. If the cause is not vaccines – or at least over-vaccination – then what the hell is it?
     And why is the government not even remotely as concerned about this as it is about COVID, a lesser and far less enduring ailment?
     In ASD we have a killer epidemic that strikes down people who are relatively young and which has been doing so for many years. Why is the government not showing the same hand-wringing concern about “making us all safe”, controlling the spread, tracking down and eliminating the cause? Why is it  leaving no stone un-turned in its efforts to make people safe from ASD and “save the NHS” from the burden it imposes? Why are there not the daily death stats or daily updates on how many people are infected, howsoever that infection might be caused?
     In other words, why  does it not give a rat’s ass about ASD yet cares so deeply about COVID that it is wiling to destroy the economy, wreck lives and cancel human rights in order to “deal with it”?
     Well, one major difference is that a national freak-out about COVID opens the door to the vaccine industry making billions from a hastily developed, insufficiently tested vaccine against which the manufacturers are indemnified against any injuries or deaths they cause.
     On the other hand, a freak-out about ASD might lead to proper investigation of the alleged link with vaccines. And IF such a link were found, the financial and judicial (both civil and criminal) fallout would see the industry ruined and half of its leaders in jail.
Of course if anyone has the temerity to suggest that maybe we should have the issue of vaccines investigated to find out exactly what’s what and the nature of their link (IF ANY) to autism thoroughly analysed and understood, the industry’s automated defences swing into action and the source of the idea is thoroughly worked over by the  propaganda machine in an effort to shut them up or, failing that, ensure no one listens to them.

     Yet it is a matter of common sense, assuming we have a government that thinks it a really bad idea to poison or permit the poisoning of it own people whatever the pretext, to investigate THOROUGHLY and IMPARTIALLY the entire issue of vaccines, their validity, their safety, workability, cost, alternatives, most optimum mode of use and so on and so forth, if only to put everyone’s mind at rest and end the bickering.

     Such a responsible examination of the issue has, incredibly, never been done. This is mainly, it seems, because the vaccine industry is against the idea and its proxies and plants in government do its bidding.

     And it would be a good thing to have a similar impartial investigation of autism. That also, incredibly, has never been done and the same entrenched reluctance or antipathy has the same apparent source.

     One wonders who is running the country? The government or the pharmaceutical industry?

     It is odd that Big Pharma is not keen for such investigations that would, if its claims of innocence are valid, clear it name and by clearing its name open the door to even greater profits than it is already making.

     There can be only one reason for such a reluctance: the industry has something – perhaps a great deal – to hide.


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