The banning of QAnon – a recruitment drive for the dissident movement?

Why does the Elite keep shooting itself in the foot?

by Kieron McFadden

Take a look at this article in the NY Times.

It is always an education reading the MSM and studying it. You learn a lot about what its puppet masters and sponsors are scared of. And right now, so far as I can tell, they are SCARED and getting more than a little desperate.This latest development is fascinating on so many levels. If you read the article you will see that FB have banned a large number of groups of the QAnon persuasion.

In case anyone is wondering what QAnon is all about, the article explains it thus:

“The actions, less than three months before November’s presidential election, underline how QAnon is increasingly causing alarm. Founded four years ago, QAnon was once a fringe phenomenon with believers who alleged, falsely, that the world was run by a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles who were plotting against President Trump while operating a global child sex-trafficking ring.”

You will notice (and it is always with reading press articles VERY closely), the explanation hastily adds the word “falsely”. Well, they would wouldn’t they?

A close read of the article shows up another interesting thing: the justifications for banning 790 such groups are very thin, essentially that although these groups are not violent, they might probably maybe perhaps be so in the future in some way. What it boils down to is that the main crime these groups have committed is being there and accumulating a lot of support.

And I mean a LOT of support – just look at how hugely the movement has expanded in s very short space of time!

So are these people onto something? Is there some sort of cultish cabal operating at the highest levels up to its grubby arm pits in all manner of crimes and the vilest sleaze?

Well, if one begins to connect the dots one wonders, one wonders. I say this for several reasons:

1.Regardless of one’s opinions about President Trump, it is a known that the President has made it a personal crusade to end human/child trafficking and we know that this evil has, under the watch of governments the world over, been allowed to become a massive operation.

2.It is known that all manner of VIPs are tied in to pedo Epstein’s sex and blackmail operation. With Ghislane Maxwell now singing like a canary to the FBI, a lot of nobs and toffs must be getting very worried indeed.

3. We know that at the top of the pyramid there is a virtual aristocracy interconnected and interwoven by money, familial ties and alliances and mutual vested interests and which, thanks to the subversion into ineptitude of our governments, has considered itself -until now – above the laws that apply to the rest of us

4. The decay of ruling classes or elite groups into criminality and decadence is nothing new and historically is pretty common. Examples are legion: the descent of the once wise druid religion into human sacrifice, the decay of the Roman elite that forsook the values of the Temple of Mithras (in its day very similar to Christianity ) in favour of orgies and the blood-soaked “entertainment” of the Arenas; the French aristocracy; the decline of what was once the world’s most powerful civilising spiritual movement, Buddhism, due to sexual misconduct in its monasteries; the similar descent of Christianity from the teachings of Christ to the corruption and violence of the Borgias and the Vatican. Can we really assume that our modern aristocracy, operating now for so long as an unaccountable echelon senior to governments that eschews spiritual values in favour of the materialistic value-less control cult of psychiatry has not similarly sunk into similar dramatisations?

It may be hard to believe they they have – but to my mind it is harder to believe that by some miracle and for no apparent reason they have not followed the same downward spiral to which are prone all groups that become immune to our laws, moral codes and civilising values.

And when you look at history, such decaying power echelons have dragged the rest of the civilisation down with them.

Look at what happened to Rome. A once mighty civilisation wound up being conquered and torn up by refugees themselves being driven West by more virile tribes in the East. In the end, the “Elites” of Rome had brought too many injustices, crimes and shames to the affairs of its people and there was no-one with the wisdom or gumption to restore ethical conduct and pride. No one took pride in it at the end and no-one would fight for it.

The explosion in numbers of groups fighting against this modern corruption suggests that our own civilisation DOES still have the necessary pride and gumption to survive. And they may be onto something. Certainly their hypothesis would, if true, explain and make sense of much that is happening on this planet. The truth will always tend to clarify and explain other data.

After all if their contentions are without foundation, the accusing groups will wither and die.

A full investigation, a full open impartial scrutiny of the matter would soon show the accused to be innocent if those such as the NY  Times are correct.

If the “Elite” of this planet are innocent of charges of depravity and corruption, then a full investigation is necessary for their protection.

The worst thing they could do right now is to try to shut up their accusers because that simply makes them look more guilty. And that effort inevitably swells the ranks of their accusers. QAnon and other dissident groups are probably flourishing BECAUSE of the idiot strategies of trying to shut them up. One can guarantee this latest effort is going to swell the ranks of such groups even more. It is almost as if the Elite are TRYING to commit suicide or hoping that someone will stop them because they cannot stop themselves committing one crime against humanity after another.

For all I know, the apparently idiotic strategy, operating as it does as a recruitment drive for dissent movements may be a deliberate ploy by dissident sympathisers within Facebook and similar entities. After all, there must be people at all levels within those organisations who disagree with child trafficking and other perverted practices that are dragging us all into the gutter.
The best thing then for those elite groups accused of child trafficking, pedophilia, Satanic cults, corruption and all the myriad other is to stop trying to make themselves look guilty and actually address the accusations instead of silencing them, IF they are innocent.

So let’s have this whole thing out in the open and thoroughly investigated so these accusations can be laid to rest once and for all and the innocent among the planet’s “elite” can have the protection that true justice affords. It is safer than waiting to be torn apart by an angry mob.

This article was first published  on  UK Reloaded


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